Get A Computer Science Education Without the Student Loans

If you’ve been kicking yourself for not taking Computer Science courses in school when you continually see tech and coding jobs at the top of “Most Desirable Careers” lists, it’s not too late. You don’t have to spend thousands to go back and get a C.S. education. To get your tech learning rolling, simply check out The 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle.

This 11-course bundle covers essential coding languages and tools you’d learn in a typical university Computer Science track, and it does it for just $39. You’ll get training in basics like Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, more advanced topics like Scala and jQuery, and even get hands-on practice building voice apps and chatbots. Across more than 113 hours of training, you’ll build the kind of foundation you can use to start pursuing a career in software development.

Sold separately, these courses run up to $1,450. However, you can get The 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle for just $39 in the Technabob Shop today. Plus, you can save an additional 30% when you use coupon code LABORDAY30 at checkout through Labor Day only.

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Learn DevOps Skills for Not a Lot of Money

Learn the skills of highly sought-after DevOps engineers, and a whole lucrative career could be at your fingertips. Discover the tricks of the trade with The Pay What You Want DevOps Bundle. This series of 7 online courses helps you learn tools for deploying application builds, managing virtual server environments, writing shell scripts, and more.

First, you’ll learn about Jenkins, which helps you automate continuous integration pipelines. You’ll learn how to use Kubernetes to scale applications, practicing your new skills on real-world scenarios. You’ll discover how to manage AWS servers, and use Docker to deploy packages with project-based training that gives you valuable hands-on experience.

Best of all, you pay whatever price you want for all this knowledge. That’s amazing, considering there’s more than $800 worth of training here. Get The Pay What You Want DevOps Bundle in the Technabob Shop now.