Samsung inexplicably opens up its Android browser

Samsung has announced that the new version of its browser, Samsung Internet, can be used on any relatively new Android phone, which is good news if you're bored of existing mobile browsers that already do the job perfectly well. The Korean tech gian...

EFF says border control needs a warrant to search your tech

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has submitted a court filing arguing that federal agents at international airports should obtain a warrant before snooping through passenger laptops, phones and other digital devices. Warrantless border search...

Summon Batman with This Mechanical Laser Light Show Device

Lasers are always fun and this project is no exception. What you’re looking at is a hand-cranked device made from 3D printed parts, designed to project a pattern by quickly moving a laser. It was created by Los Angeles software developer Evan Stanford.

When the handle is cranked, a set of custom-cut cams move the laser slightly to create a light pattern on the wall. The faster it’s cranked, the more visible the image becomes, thanks to a persistence of vision illusion. It can even do the Batman symbol to call the Dark Knight.

If you want to make one, Evan shared his files for making the 3D printed model on Thingiverse. It looks like a pretty fun project if you have a 3D printer handy.

[via Laughing Squid via Boing Boing]