Engadget UK giveaway: Win a ‘Diablo III’ edition Switch courtesy of Blizzard

'Tis the season to wear silly jumpers, consume too much of everything and spend cold weekends catching up on all the games you didn't play over summer. And this week, to stave off boredom during the long nights, we're giving away a limited edition Di...

‘Diablo III’ sends your Switch to Hell on November 2nd

You'll have to wait several weeks to slay the minions of Hell on your Switch. Blizzard has announced that Diablo III: Eternal Collection will launch on Nintendo's hybrid console November 2nd for $60. As promised, the isometric slasher includes the Re...

‘StarCraft’ 20th anniversary brings freebies and a short film

Blizzard is keeping up its habit of marking the anniversaries of major games. The original StarCraft is turning 20 on March 31st, and the studio is promising a slew of extras across its games to mark the occasion, including the classic real-time str...

Three years later, ‘Diablo III’ Seasons mode heads to consoles

It might be time to rekindle your love for the loot-fest of Diablo III. A big new patch with a ton of tweaks for the hack and slash dungeon crawler will land on March 31st. The update finally brings the popular Seasons mode to Xbox One and PlayStatio...

Blizzard deal lets you stream its games on Facebook Live

Blizzard is about to make it much, much easier to share your gaming exploits with the world. The developer has unveiled a deal with Facebook that will let you stream its games directly through Facebook Live -- you won't have to do much to broadcast y...

Deadmau5 is on Twitch

If it weren't for Deadmau5's terrible broadband speeds, he wouldn't be on Twitch, the live video-streaming site favored by gamers. Prior to moving to the Canadian countryside just outside of Toronto and building "a goddamned death ray" in his back...

Blizzard foreclosing on Diablo III real-money auction house in March 2014

DNP Blizzard shuttering Diablo 3's realmoney auction house March 2014

One of the major points of contention when Diablo III released on PC and Mac last year was an auction house where you could use real money to buy high-level gear. That's changing next March 18th when developer Blizzard closes the doors on the controversial feature, as well as the in-game currency auction house. In a post on Battle.net, Blizzard's John Hight writes that, despite the auction house's benefits, it "ultimately undermines Diablo's core game play: kill monsters to get cool loot" -- a problem that he and game director Josh Mosquiera explain further in the video after the break. If you want a preview of what an auction house-free Diablo III looks like right now, check out the recent PS3 and Xbox 360 ports -- they're super good!

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Via: Joystiq

Source: Battle.net

Diablo 3 bedevils consoles on September 3rd, heading to Xbox 360 as well

Diablo 3 isn't a Sony console exclusive anymore, it seems, with Blizzard Entertainment today announcing it's heading to Xbox 360 as well on September 3rd. The game will arrive for the PlayStation 3 on the same day as the 360 version, with the PlayStation 4 version arriving at an unknown point afterward. It's unknown if the game is also headed to Microsoft's next-gen console, Xbox One, though Blizzard told our friends at Joystiq, "We don't have any further platform announcements to share at this time." Not exactly a straight up "no!" The console version of the game is said to contain all the updates that PC / Mac users have enjoyed thus far, not to mention much needed relief for your clicking finger.

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Source: Blizzard Entertainment, Joystiq