‘Battlefield V’ gameplay trailer shows its take on battle royale

In the wake of seemingly endless teases and leaks, DICE and EA are ready to show gameplay from Battlefield V's imminent Firestorm battle royale mode. True to the scoops, it's not quite a cookie-cutter BR experience. While you'll have familiar mecha...

‘Battlefield V’ 64-player battle royale arrives March 25th

After months of waiting, Battlefield V's long-promised (but conspicuously absent) battle royale mode is nearly here. DICE and EA plan to make Firestorm available on March 25th to all players, and they've shed more light on what the mode will involve...

‘Battlefield V’ didn’t sell as well as EA hoped it would

Video game sales were particularly cutthroat last holiday, and it appears EA's Battlefield V was one of the casualties. The publisher lowered the outlook for its revenue this quarter after revealing that its sales in the last quarter of 2018 "did no...

Braille Gaming Dice: Feel the Pips

If you’ve ever wondered how blind people play tabletop and RPG games, here’s your answer. Braille dice. A lack of sight doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying a good game of D & D. These cool dice were created by Jack Berberette as part of his Dots RPG project, which is all about making tabletop gaming more inclusive to the blind.

You can find the 3-D printing shapefiles for free HERE, or you can purchase finished dice several colors and sides from his Shapeways shop. Dice collectors will want to get their hands on these too. They come in all of the dice varieties that you need to play your games: D6, D10, D20 and everything in-between.

They look pretty sci-fi to me. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be able to fool your blind friends anymore by telling them they rolled a different number. You’re terrible for doing that by the way. Now they are going to wonder why their game is getting so much better, and it was all your fault. Jack really did a good job on these. They are very easy for blind gamers to use, and with a bit of learning the rest of us can figure it out too.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

‘Battlefield V’ does a better job of explaining why you died

The latest Battlefield V update might not include a truckload of content, but it could still have a dramatic impact on how you play the game. The initial Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes update has arrived, and it makes significant changes to the "death...

The first major ‘Battlefield V’ update arrives December 4th

EA DICE is about to release the first of Battlefield V's numerous major updates, and it's clear that the studio wants to start off on a strong note. "Overture" is launching December 4th with an intriguing (and apparently "emotional") single-player s...

This 3D-Printed Dice Tower Features a Spiral Staircase

I’ve always been against using dice towers. I just never saw the point since I am perfectly capable of rolling the dice myself. But having said that, occasionally you roll really horribly and embarrass yourself. You have only yourself to blame. But I just realized that if you use a dice tower, you can blame it on the dice tower. So I may just start using one. This 3D-printed dice tower is one of the loveliest I have ever seen.

It’s called the Spiral Dice Tower from The3DForgeShop. It will look cool in your home and compliments your Dungeons and Dragons or other medieval-themed games. It lets you witness the dice tumbling down a twisty spiral staircase, and uses the plastic from a 1.5-liter soda bottle as the outer wall to prevent dice from spraying out everywhere.

I love the amount of detail in this thing. It even has a knight statue embedded on the wall, next to the exit.

It’s actually based on Thingiverse contributor Lau85’s design so you can make for one yourself if you have a 3D printer, or you can pay about $32, and get one pre-made. All dice towers should look this good.

[via Yanko Design via Mike Shouts]

‘Battlefield V’ won’t have battle royale until spring 2019

You'll have to wait a while if you want to see Battlefield V's much-touted battle royale mode. EA DICE has detailed the post-launch roadmap for its WWII shooter, and the vaunted "Firestorm" battle royale experience will arrive as part of a "Trial by...

Critical Failure D20 Dice Drop the F Bomb

In games like Dungeons and Dragons, rolling a 1 is the worst news you can get. It means that you have critically failed at whatever task you are attempting. It often elicits the F word from the mouths of those rolling the die. Well, the good news is that these dice say it for you.

These Critical Failure D20 dice are made by Etsy seller MarsDice. The 25mm dice have ‘F*CK’ printed on one of their sides instead of a ‘1’. So now you don’t even have to open your mouth. These dice say it for all to see. They are available with a silver or gold finish, and cost $18 each. That price doesn’t really make sense because I had to use the swear jar like 100 times before I had $18. How does that convert to 1 single F word on a die?

My advice to nerds is not to look at rolling an F-bomb as a failure, but rather that you had a 1-in-20 chance of getting one. You know, always look on the bright side of life.

[via Geeks Are Sexy via Geekologie]