One of the UK’s largest electronics retailers is broke

Many years ago, Maplin was the place to go if you needed a VGA to Scart cable, a weird battery or a new charger for your Samsung flip phone before there were industry standards for that kind of thing. It's the UK equivalent of RadioShack, and the onl...

Kids play mechanics for Marvel heroes with the Electro Hero Kit

Not every child wants to be a coder or an engineer, which can make it hard to get them playing with STEM toys if they don't really care about making their own video games or building a cool robot. However, many kids are into role playing and telling...

The ‘Spire’ portable recording studio is all about spontaneity

Inspiration hits you at weird times -- usually when you're in the shower or about to fall asleep. Basically, moments when you have very little chance of putting it down on paper or recording it. The $350 portable Spire Studio from iZotope probably wo...

This Book Lets You Build Your Own Human Skeleton

Just because you want a life-size skeleton in your room, that doesn’t automatically make you a weirdo. Maybe you’re a medical student, maybe a bone doctor, maybe it’s Halloween, or maybe you are just a weirdo, which is fine too. Whatever the case, this Build Your Own Human Skeleton book is all you need to build yourself a human sized bone-buddy.

This book is a kit that lets you build a life-size (5′ 9″ tall) skeleton out of quality and durable paper. When you’re all finished, you’ll have a new bony friend to display anywhere you want. No glue or scissors needed. It is said to be a surprisingly sturdy skeleton, and the joints even bend and straighten. You can even put clothes on it if you want.

The book gives you detailed step-by-step instructions. The “bones” even have anatomical labels in both English and Latin. No bones about it, this is one awesome skeleton-making kit. You can pre-order it right now from Amazon.

It makes a great gift for medical students and also a great Halloween decoration. And like I said, weirdos are welcome too. What are you waiting for? Pre-order this thing so you can start making your scary skeleton ASAP.

[via Creepbay]