Cat Rides His Own Electric Skateboard

Kim Pimmel is an engineer who also happens to be a filmmaker. He has a cat named “MIDI”, clearly the geekiest cat name ever. His cat does something many don’t – he doesn’t flip out when something unexpected happens, such as giving him a ride on a motorized skateboard.

The cat-customized electric skateboard has a throttle lever on it, and when Kim drops a treat into a hole on the lever, MIDI paws at it. That action not only delivers the om-noms to Mr. Kitty, but it also activates the electric motor, taking tabby for a ride. Check out the video of MIDI cruising around the house on the slick contraption.

Clearly, kitty needs to hit the halfpipe. Our dog hates cats. Say the word “cat” and he has to go patrol the backyard to ensure the sanctity of his domain. I wonder how he would feel about cats tooling around on skateboards.

[via Laughing Squid]

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Texas Cowboy Moves to New Jersey and Builds an Electric Horse

Few things are less appealing to a cowboy from the rural wilds of Texas that is a real rodeo cowboy than moving to New Jersey. This is exactly what happened to Steve Bacque when he met a woman from Jersey and got married. The couple moved back to her home state, and that meant Steve had to look at life without his horse.

His answer wasn’t a new wife, a rural New Jersey home, or a new horse. He decided to build himself an awesome electric horse he named “Charger.” The horse is powered by an electric golf cart motor and is controlled using a pair of reins. This is the only horse I know with more than one horsepower.

Charger can go up to 40 mph at full gallop, which is too fast for an old cowboy, so Steve limited its speed to 15 mph. It even has a wheelie bar out back because being thrown from an electric horse just won’t do. As an added bonus, this thing won’t poop everywhere.

[via Geekologie]

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Underwear Knife: Underwear That’s Cut to Wear

You know those guys who can make anything into a knife? Plastic, paper, butter, whatever? Well, YouTuber Kiwami Japan is the mad leader of these geniuses. One of his more recent creations involved turning underwear into a kitchen knife. You wouldn’t think that this was possible, but in his hands it is.

So behold, a functional kitchen knife made out of 100 percent cotton underwear and briefs of 92 percent nylon and 8 percent polyurethane. He had to iron together several layers of the fabric to form a solid object. Then he put it through a series of sharpening processes to bring it up to slicing perfection. He then put his razor-sharp drawers to the test by slicing up several items.

This underwear slices and dices meat, paper, and a cucumber. This is crazy. It makes you wonder what else can be turned into a knife. I guess it won’t be long until serial killers start making knives like this, then we can have names on the news like, “Underwear Knife Killer” or “Wait Till He Gets His Hanes on You Johnson.” We are living in strange times, people. Very bizarre times. Please don’t kill anyone with underwear, people… in knife form or otherwise.

[via Mike Shouts]

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