Create Banners, Ads, and Graphics for Your Website Using PixelModo

Looking to create eyecatching ads, banners, or social media campaigns for your business, blog, or brand? Get a little help from PixelModo. With PixelModo, you have access to millions of high-resolution pictures, patterns, and vectors that can go a long way in helping you create eye-catching designs.

The user-friendly editor system help you craft personalized visuals, and enhance them with more than 150 different fun icons and cool effects. The platform is easy to use, and it’s effective at helping bring your ideas to life without need to involve a graphic designer. Teaming up with people on a project? Add up to ten team members, and tackle the creative project together.

A lifetime subscription to PixelModo can be yours for only $49.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Build Your Own Minimal Gaming Handheld

Want something unique for your gadget collection? Look no further than SainSmart’s DIY Game Console Kit V2. This kit gives you everything you need to build your own primitive handheld gaming system, which plays simple games on a grid of LEDs.

The kit does comes with simple versions of Tetris and Snake, as well as a racing game and a shooter. But if you’re savvy enough, you can write your own custom games too. Assembly is simple and easy to do by yourself as long as you have basic soldering skills. When it’s ready to go, you can play it using either USB or battery power.

Don’t just play the games, build the system you play them on, and get the DIY Game Console Kit V2 for only $17.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Ben Heck’s Mini Pinball: Designing a test game

The team has finally finished the miniature pinball kit prototype, and they don't want to stop playing it! Originally the design was going to include three generic themes, but the team moved to one universal playfield that can have customized the...