The World’s First All-Terrain Drone!

The X-Tankcopter may just be the ultimate toy for all of us big-kids! As the name would suggest, this device is more than just a drone… it’s the highly capable combination of both a drone and a tank. This unusual hybrid gives it seemingly limitless capabilities when it comes to negotiating obstacles; whether you choose to scamper along rough terrain or gracefully fly over it, the X-TANKCOPTER has you covered!

You can capture your action-packed mission via the onboard HD camera, allowing you to re-live your adventure and track your progress. This camera also allows you to become immersed within the experience through the VR goggles that accompany the device!

How you choose to control the device is up to you, whether it be by using the mobile app, gesture control or the controller, you are bound to become completely engrossed by its capabilities. This agile, durable and undoubtedly unique device is certainly a going to get onlookers talking!

Designer: Witold Mielniczek

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The X-Tankcopter can easily cruise through hard terrain, narrow gaps, drift and get to speed on straights, take off and fly fast.


Drive with ease in most of the terrains, drift and drive fast on straights.


Seamlessly drive over obstacles in difficult terrain.


An agile drone, simple to control even for a beginner.


Drift around the corners on flat surfaces.

Flight Endurance

The tracks and arms do not weigh more than the standard drone propeller guards. Moreover, they provide both driving and guarding functions. Therefore the X-tankcopter features good endurance and agility in flight.


– Auto Take Off/Landing
– Custom Route
– Gesture Control
– HD Camera live/recording
– 2.4 GHz Remote Controller
– VR Goggles
– Smartphone application

Click Here To Buy Now: $99 $149 (33% off). Hurry, only 15 left!

This drone-deploying blimp could be Amazon’s next aerial fulfillment center

While the origin of this video has something, in part, to do with April Fool’s day, there’s some truth to this concept too. Amazon has, for long, been experimenting with aerial deliveries, sending unmanned drones to fulfill package deliveries. In fact, the blimp idea isn’t completely far-fetched, either. A quick look at a patent file from 2014 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows Amazon’s intentions to ‘take to the air’.

The idea is to shift their fulfillment center to the skies, unofficially dubbed as ‘Prime Air’. The warehouse would float in the skies, occasionally deploying drones to drop off and pick up packages. It eliminates possibly every point of friction, from the need for human delivery partners, to traffic/connectivity problems.

The video above was created by Japan-based artist Zozi, and was shared a whopping 17000 times and liked by over 52000 users… and while the general response to the video has been to call it horrifyingly dystopic, who can say what Amazon has in store for us in the future??

Credits: Zozi009

This drone-deploying blimp could be Amazon's next aerial fulfillment center

This drone-deploying blimp could be Amazon's next aerial fulfillment center

This drone-deploying blimp could be Amazon's next aerial fulfillment center

This drone-deploying blimp could be Amazon's next aerial fulfillment center

This drone-deploying blimp could be Amazon's next aerial fulfillment center

Rifle-wielding Drones Are a Real Thing

Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Ante has a quirky looking flying machine that can actually fire rounds. The “experimental prototype combat drones violator” is a drone, a rifle, offering up its brand of death from above.

The style of this drone looks like some kind of miniature WWII plane. Apparently, the rifle is an “autoloading smooth-bore” Carbine Vepr-12 Hummer, a Kalashnikov machine gun-based weapon.

As if that isn’t scary enough, its wings can be removed so it can be used as a hand-held weapon. This changes the battlefield. Imagine running out of ammo in a firefight. No problem. Call the drone in to kill the enemy from the sky or land it beside you so you can have a new rifle.

It’s pretty scary to think that this thing even exists, but imagine thousands of them in the sky being used as a sneak attack on an unsuspecting target. After they make their initial strafing run they can arm a large group of ground-pounders who can finish the job. That’s terrifying.

[via Defense Blog via Mike Shouts]

The UK is expanding drone no-fly zones around major airports

Just a couple of months after drone sightings grounded flights at one of the UK's busiest travel hubs, the nation is expanding drone no-fly zones around airports. As of Wednesday, the no-fly radius is widening from one kilometer to five kilometers (a...

The Cleo ‘indoor-friendly’ drone flies using a single propeller unit

A crossover between a drone and a donut (I wonder why the word why they missed on the opportunity of calling it a dronut), the Cleo is a drone that’s designed specifically for indoor use. Unlike most drones that require to be flown in an open, empty space, preferably away from obstacles, the Cleo has no such problem. The dronut (I’m just going ahead and using the term) boasts of an indoor-friendly design, featuring a thick, protective outer rim, and a single propeller unit with two propellers spinning in opposite directions. Cleo’s relatively monolithic design fits in a pocket without needing to be disassembled or folded, and there’s nothing externally fragile that you have to protect, like a propeller arm. The Cleo is easy and safe to grip, and can literally be grabbed in mid-air. Its small size also makes it an incredibly portable drone that quite literally fits in most jacket pockets.

Cleo comes with an in-built HD camera, and a battery life of 12-15 minutes, a pretty impressive feat for a drone its size. Made to be used indoors, Cleo definitely has consumer applications, but the designers and developers also see Cleo being used for security, surveillance, and 3D mapping indoors too. Future iterations of Cleo may even feature obstacle avoidance and indoor navigation systems, making it perfect for the security industry.

Designer: Cleo Robotics