Fenix PD36R Flashlight Review: A Pocket Powerhouse

If you’re looking for a super-bright and well built flashlight that’s up to about any task, look no further. Measuring in at just 5.4″ long, the Fenix PD36R may be small, but it is also mighty. This compact flashlight is capable of pushing out an insane amount of brightness despite its size, and manages to offer impressive runtimes as well.

Its incredibly powerful LED is capable of cranking out 1600 lumens, with a reach of up to 928 feet. Plus, it can run for significantly longer than other compact flashlights thanks to its 21700 lithium-ion battery.

Everything about this little flashlight exudes quality. It’s built from high-strength, oxidation-resistant aluminum, and its case has been hard-anodized in an abrasion-resistant black finish. It feels great in the hand, and is just the right size for carrying in your backpack, on a belt loop or molle strap, and even fits in your pocket. Plus, its case is designed to prevent rolling if you set it down on a tabletop. It’s also IPX 68 waterproof and dustproof.

Flipping on the flashlight simply requires the press of a rubber-covered button on its tail end. Changing modes is achieved with a gentle push on the copper thumb button on the side. While I don’t have a way of measuring actual light output levels, I can attest to the fact that this flashlight is one of the brightest I’ve ever seen in person. In its highest output mode, I was able to light up an entire room in my darkened basement, and in the outdoors, it was able to provide visibility for hundreds of feet.

The PD36R offers five different brightness levels: 30, 150, 350, 800, and 1600 lumens, with runtimes of 115 hours, 26 hours, 8 hours 24 minutes, 5 hours 49 minutes, and 2 hours 50 minutes, respectively. Yes, even in at maximum brightness, this bad boy will run for nearly 3 hours! In addition to its static light modes, it has a strobe mode which operates at the highest brightness. This is great for signaling in emergencies, and drawing attention from quite a distance.

Its voluminous 5000 mAh battery is quite impressive in its ability to not only run for a long time, but it charges quickly too. A full charge takes just 4 hours, while 10 minutes of charge via its USB-C port will give you up to 5 hours of runtime at the 150 lumen setting. One thing I did notice while charging is that the flashlight does get quite warm, so be sure not to set it on anything flammable or that can be damaged from heat while charging.

I’m really impressed with this little flashlight, and it’s going straight into my everyday carry bag. It blasts out an amazing amount of light for something so small, plus, it can run for enough time to make it truly useful, regardless of the brightness setting you use. Currently priced at $99.95, it’s not exactly the cheapest flashlight, but you get what you pay for, and the Fenix PD36R won’t let you down.

Drool-worthy stationery designs that leave you wanting more!

As a product designer, you always have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to get the job done. Let’s take up the example of an eraser, we have the basic and humble eraser we have been using since childhood to new-fangled electric erasers that rotate and rub the paper on your behalf! Choosing the tool you use comes down to your need, and how you like to do your work. Keeping in mind that all of us also partially addicted to collecting stationery (don’t even get me started about my personal collection of pens) we bring to you a collection of everyday tools that will add functionality to your workspace along with a unique and quirky design element! Check out our collection of design tools for the love of all things stationery!

The Logifaces puzzle comprises a series of triangles of the same size, but different heights (at each vertex), and the only rule is, “Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to build a continuous surface”.

The Clip Art series by Present & Correct features ten different paper clips from 1860 to 1934, recreated from ancient patent records.

The Clamp Basket by Seungwan Kan attaches to the side of the desk and allows the user to collect the rubber residue that is strewn across the work surface.

Knife and ruler combo by Marion Lenne combines surgical steel with natural cork. The tactile cork provides greater grip and is faceted to prevent rolling.

The Ostrich magnetic paperclip holder by Arthur Xin takes on the familiar form of the world’s biggest bird.

The Writer by Jaquet-Droz replicates its owner’s signature by using historic cam technology and a complex series of 585 parts, assembled and finished by hand.

Iris by Odin Ardagh is designed to make drawing circles more intuitive and fun, without piercing the paper as you would with a compass.

The Sidekick by Tan Mavitan Studio opens into an ‘L’ shaped notebook that can easily sit at the corner of your keyboard, or your mousepad, or even tablet.

The Flip Scale by Kalyani Tupkary’s clever design allows it to flip over and be used multiple times, allowing you to measure much more than a foot ruler or a measuring tape is capable of!

The Fume by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis doesn’t just lay out the markers in an interesting format, it even allows you to segregate them by hue into three zones.

Magcon by Ddiin packs a pen-stand, rounder/compass, wrench, scale, bottle opener, and drawing guide all in one.

This pencil sharpener by Di Lu serves as an extra hand to catch and collect shavings so they can be easily discarded.

Indigraph Fountain Pen constantly keeping the pen’s tip in contact with water, so the ink never dries out by Iñigo Echeverria, Unai Rollan, Izar Carazo & Sergio Errandonea.

Love these designs? Check out these must-have design tools for more inspirational stationery!

EDC designs that will become your every day essentials

The thing about EDC’s is that you never really know how useful they are until you are stuck without them! EDC’s shine for their brilliant usability, these extremely functional designs have been created to anticipate and resolve any trouble you may have ever. And problem-solving is what we have here. With key-rings that ease your life, pens that hold an entire sewing kit to a complete non-electric trimmer, we have an EDC that will be your super-hero in any of life’s stuck up situations!

MSTR Linx relies on a system that uses positive and negative shapes allowing you to simply slide the keyring in and out of its holder by matching shapes by Justin Heister and Jonah King 

The Fold wallet by Lemur Design 

The Puna Knife, the world’s smallest folding scalpel blade multi-tool by 3Coil Design

Eclipse, the morphing coin shaped everyday carry knife by Horizon Knives

Ti EDC Wrench, a pocket-friendly adjustable wrench that works with both standard (SAE) & Metric bolts by Chadwick Parker & Joe Huang

Manmower can be pulled out of your pocket and roll it across your jawline to cut away at your beard, giving you a uniform stubble in no time by Timothy Mount 

DualFuel combines a compact 1250mAh charger with a flameless coil so you can charge or light up at any time by Risolves

The Magcon packs a pen-stand, rounder/compass, wrench, scale, bottle opener, and drawing guide all in one by Sofia Lee Pik Shan 

Fidget Pen integrates into the end of the pen a finger-fidget mechanism allowing users to turn the wheels, press buttons and feel the intaglio to their subconscious heart’s content by Inyeop Baek 

The Ferris system comprises a series of magnet-embedded keychains and wallets, along with a docking platform that holds your belongings by Nate Justiss & Lindsay Windham 

Klip, a convenient little blade housed inside a compact pocket clip, allowing you to fasten it to your pocket or your belt by Dapper Design, LLC  

Quickie Karambit by TOPS Knives

The Darter Pen is the world’s smallest sewing kit and a handy EDC by Noval Bell 

The Chargerito is the smallest phone charger in the world by Alex Andon, Nick Velander & Drew Hauck

The Flexo are portable wireless chargers that you can carry around with you!

Designed to be as portable as the gadgets you carry around with you, Flexo provides juice to all your wirelessly charging smart-equipment. Fitting within the venn-intersection between EDC and Consumer Electronic Accessories, the Flexo come in three styles, and can charge anywhere from one to three separate devices.

The smallest Flexo comes with a single-charger setup, and is roughly the size of an earpods case. Designed to be pocket-friendly, the small Flexo is perfect for juicing your earpods, watch, or smartphone up for a few hours, extending your battery life and productivity just enough to get you through the day with no problems. Step its size up and you’ve got a regular Flexo, that can simultaneously charge two gadgets at a time. Its size increment makes it less pocket friendly no doubt, but it also gives you more battery capacity (split between two modules) to work with. By far the most functional Flexo however, is the three-part charger, that not only works when laid down like a mat (letting you charge three gadgets simultaneously), but also folds up like a prop-stand, thanks to magnets that hold it in place, allowing you to charge your phone standing up diagonally like most traditional chargers. Perfect for carrying around in a bag, the large Flexo gives you the convenience of three separate wireless power-banks that come together to form a charging-dock that you can practically carry around with you! Which one would you pick?

Designer: Michał Szczególski

The Jibbon keyring allows you to make your own army-knife-style EDC multitool

Imagine having an army-knife-style multitool, but instead of a corkscrew, it has your car-keys. Instead of a fish-scaler, you’ve got your house-keys, and in the place of a butter knife lies your work USB drive. Imagine a multi-tool that’s pocket-friendly, and just like a Swiss-army-knife, it has all the essentials… but they’re YOUR essentials.

Developed in Australia, this is the Jibbon, a customizable key-organizer that uses a specially designed enclosure that snaps open and closed to hold all your keys and other EDC. Designed to hold anywhere from one to 9 keys, the Jibbon comes with a swivel-to-reveal design that’s reminiscent of a Swiss army knife. When you need a specific key, swivel it open… when you’re done, swivel it back into its safe, leather-clad enclosure that gives the Jibbon a touch of class, while preventing your metal keys from accidentally scratching your phone’s display or periodically poking against your thigh through your pocket lining (honestly the real problem here!)

The Jibbon doesn’t just hold keys, it works with other pocket-friendly tools too. Available as separate accessories, you can even store Jibbon’s USB drive and metal multitool along with your keys, giving all your important pocketables one true home. You can choose between adding a 16gb or a 32gb pen-drive to the mix, while the multitool gives you a knife, flathead screwdriver, nail-file, and bottle opener, all in one, compact form-factor that practically occupies as much space as one of your keys. Just like your keys, the attachments snap right into Jibbon’s enclosure thanks to their proprietary mechanism that allows you to swap keys, drives and multitools with incredible ease, eliminating the need for any screwdrivers, coins, or fingernails to access individual elements.

Jibbon may have the soul of a multi-key multitool device, but it comes clad in premium Italian leather… a material choice that not only gives it a touch of finesse and class, but protects your phone’s display from the pointed keys stored within the Jibbon. Sourced from the most revered tanneries in Italy, the Jibbon comes in 4 tanned color options, and organizes all your highly functional keys, tools, and drives within a form that’s truly flawless… and even backed by a 3 year warranty!

Designers: Jack Graham & Matthew Sherwen

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $43 (28% off). Hurry, 4/35 left!

About Jibbon

A minimalist, anti-scratch key organizer made from genuine Italian leather and marine grade stainless steel.

What’s Different with the Jibbon?

The patented locking mechanism allows for easy micro-adjustment. No tools or coins are required to change the keys.

Adjust On The Go & Guaranteed Not to Loosen

They wanted to put an end to the noisy, sharp key bundle. Most people carrying keys find it uncomfortable in their pockets. It scratches their phone and wears holes.

Protect Your Gear and Devices

Can’t stand having your keys and phone in the same pocket? Your phone screen will love the genuine Italian leather covering the metal parts. Your phone and other belongings will stay protected.

No Loose Parts

Unlike other key organizers, Jibbon doesn’t include any loose wave washers, springs or spacers.

Made With 316 Stainless Steel

High quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel is used for all metal parts. We have strength tested each element to meet the needs of the user. Every part of the design has been refined to eliminate unnecessary parts, ensuring reliability.

Customize Multi-tool & USB Options

Each key organizer includes an extension, allowing you to fit between 3 to 9 keys.

Add in the multi-tool when traveling – TSA safe.

Include the 16GB USB when you need files on the go.

Removable D-ring with a matte PVD finish.

Monogramming – up to 3 uppercase characters.

Italian Leather Sourced Direct

Sourced directly from tanneries in Italy, the leather is top grain, dyed by skilled artisans. Traditional processes are used to enhance the rich color and soft texture.

Available in 4 distinct colors, choose the perfect match for you, your loved one or friends.

The Design Process

Each element of the Jibbon Key organiser is designed by them. There are no “off the shelf” parts.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $43 (28% off). Hurry, 4/35 left!

Ferris aims to revolutionize our EDC with a unique magnetic system

Problem solving is a skill set that can, for the most part, be taught. Problem spotting, however, isn’t something you teach. It’s an innate ability to be able to detect an area of intervention upon which you can exercise your design-thinking skills to make life easier. The Ferris system, designed by Distil Union, takes on a persistent problem of constantly misplacing your personal belongings and EDC, and comes up with a streamlined, elegant solution that, simply put, just works to perfection.

The thing with forgetting your keys or glasses or smartphone is that it isn’t a product design problem, it’s a psychology/personal-trait problem. However, Distil Union has a product-design-centric solution. Magnets! The Ferris system builds on a product that Distil Union designed in 2017… a magnet-embedded pair of sunglasses that could be secured around your shirt collar firmly, preventing them from falling off by accident. The magnets now find themselves in a wide variety of specially designed everyday products, integrated in a way that allows you to constantly be in control of your life and your belongings.

The Ferris system comprises a series of magnet-embedded keychains and wallets, along with a docking platform that holds your belongings (so you never have to go searching for them again). The ModStation lets you simply snap your wallet, keychain, keys, and even things like the Apple Airpods or Distil Union’s sunglasses to its magnetic surface, while also giving you a place to rest your phone, and even store your mail. The ModStation forms the epicenter of the Ferris experience, making sure you have a singular place to store and stash all your important stuff… while Distil Union’s KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet, become, in fact, the important stuff.

Layered with the patent-pending MagLock magnets, the KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet are an all-accommodating, easy-to-organize set of EDC that let you carry your essentials whenever and however you feel. They feature a leather construction, and come with strong magnets that let you attach keys, thumb-drives, key-fobs, multitools, to them. Based on your needs, you can add or remove keys/components, even swapping them out with other stuff (or exchanging them with your roommate) whenever needed. The magnets bring about an undeniable convenience to carrying your items around with class. Together, the products form Ferris, a system that lets your wallet and keychain adapt to what you need to carry, and eventually rest in a singular docking space in your house, so you never misplace your essentials again.

Ferris gives you an unprecedented level of control over your belongings. If you’re likely to forget your keys, how about you snap them to your wallet? If you REALLY need to carry that USB thumb drive to work tomorrow? Just attach it to your keychain today so you don’t forget them… and most importantly, if you have a tendency to leave your wallet, keys, phone, and other stuff lying around, the ModStation should easily help by holding onto all your stuff for you, so you never find yourself worrying where you left those damned car keys again!

Designers: Nate Justiss & Lindsay Windham

Click Here to Buy Now: $34 $49 (30% off) for the Ferris KeyLoop

Shown: Ferris KeyLoop, KeyFolio, ModWallet & ModStation

What is Ferris

Ferris is a series of secure magnetic components that easily come together and quickly reconfigure as needed. Powered by MagLock, you can slim down and carry only what you need in an instant – no more, no less, and no tools required.

Ferris KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet in action.

Built for those of us always on the go, Ferris makes life a little bit easier by improving the things you carry and how you store them.

Streamline your routine. Walk out the door with lighter pockets, and leave the rest neatly organized on the Ferris ModStation– a modern catch-all for your most common out-the-door items.

Ferris lets your wallet and keychain adapt to what you need to carry– eliminating clutter and increasing peace of mind.

Ferris is all about customization– there’s no longer a need to carry different solutions. Instead, make what you carry work for you.

Ferris KeyLoop

Carry up to 6 keys + included FobRing holds your car fob, tracker, etc.

Scale up or down. Carry only what you need– no more, no less, and no tools required!

Ferris KeyFolio

Carry up to 10 keys + included FobRing holds your car fob, tracker, etc.

Ferris ModWallet

Comes with one CardSleeve to carry up to 12 cards, and a MoneyClip for your cash. Also carries add-ons like additional CardSleeves, KeyMods, USB and MultiTool.

Grab a cover that suits your style and accommodates your carry, or pick a combination that adapts to meet your specific needs from day to day (this is the ideal solution for those of you who have multiple sets of keys, but you don’t need to have them all on you all the time).

The Ferris ModStation

It all comes together with the Ferris ModStation: A sleek and modern catch-all that gives everything a proper place. Cutting visual clutter not only saves your sanity, it helps you stay organized, reduces the likelihood of lost items, and makes your out-the-door routine much quicker and easier.

Ferris ModStation is so much more than a mail-catch. They call it a “catch-all” because the slim tray is designed to accommodate your phone, a Kindle, a notebook, and anything similar. ModStation will even hold onto your phone’s charging cable so it’s always there when you need it– instead of falling behind your desk or getting lost entirely.

ModStation is made with steel, and features a smooth powder-coat finish. Easy to mount where you need it, all ModStations include a set of screws as well as a panel of 3M removable adhesive that’s also magnetic (so you can mount ModStation to any magnetic surface, like a fridge or steel door).

KeyMods shown with USB, FobRing, MultiTool, MoneyClip and a ModWallet cover.

KeyMods Powered by MagLock

Ferris leather goods work with KeyMods– the heart of the Ferris family. They are made with neodymium magnets and Cordura, a nylon well-known for its durability and abrasion resistance. Behind these small mechanisms are years of development and testing to achieve a connection that is:

– SECURE: In your pocket, your bag, dropped on the ground, taking a tumble down the stairs… Your keys will remain securely snapped together.
– FLEXIBLE: Magnets join together quickly and easily. They rotate smoothly for key access without removal, and allow for sharing without the need for a tool.

The KeyMods work like double-sided magnetic snaps: Nesting magnets with a male/female construction make a magnet-to-magnet connection that’s incredibly strong and allows for rotation. This new MagLock works differently than our MagLock Sunglasses, redesigned and optimized for keys to snap together and rotate.

Click Here to Buy Now: $34 $49 (30% off) for the Ferris KeyLoop

Why Carry a Wallet When You Can Carry a Biometric Wallet?

Like a clutch, or a purse, but designed for security beyond compare, this sleek slab of metal is the Trova Go… a carrying case for your things, but much more impenetrable and less susceptible to theft.

The Trova Go is a pretty neat way to carry your things. Housed in a sleek, anodized aluminum case, protected by a biometric lock that’s also tied to your smartphone, the Trova Go is a great way to hold your stuff. Cards, cash, valuables, medicines, pen-drives, memory cards, make-up, anything that you want to have around you. Its small form factor means it can be carried in your hand or even your bag, and its neat, simplistic styling and anodization integrates it aesthetically with your lifestyle.

A much cooler and secure alternative to having things in a pouch, wallet, or even your pocket, the Trova Go pairs with the unlock functionality on your phone, allowing you to unlock the case remotely using your fingerprint or even your face. Using authentication techniques we normally reserve for our data, Trova Go brings biometric protection to your real-life things… because just like emails, passwords, and photos, your tangible belongings need proper protecting too!

Designer: Aruliden for Trova

The Union is hands-down the most versatile pocket-toolkit I’ve seen

If your question is ‘how many tools in a multitool is too many tools?’, let me tell you, that answer changes practically every month. Each time I see a new multitool EDC, I’m convinced that there’s no such thing as too many tools as long as the device remains portable. However, I’m now convinced that we’ve reached what I call “peak multitool”, and there’s no getting better or moving forward from here. The Union by Toler Tools is a pocket-sized product that puts tools into your pocket that you didn’t previously think were possible. It has an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver with multiple heads, a pair of pliers with a built-in wirecutter, a miniature handsaw that cuts through metal, and a pocket knife… in a size that fits basically most of your toolshed right into your pocket.

Designed with unprecedented range and ability, the Union is a traveling toolshed. The patent-pending Omnilock wrench allows you to get into tough places and lets you handle a range of sizes easily and quickly. Using self-adjusting and ratcheting mechanisms, the wrench securely tightens around nuts and bolts, giving you all the grip you need to tighten loose bolts anywhere. The Union sports a two-part design that allows you to detach the pliers unit from the wrench for further precision, holding onto parts with one hand while tightening them with the other. Also built into it is a screwdriver with four interchangeable heads. The driver itself is detachable and can be attached to either piece (the wrench or the plier) depending on your needs, and even docks sideways too, giving you a T-grip for screws that are exceptionally tough to loosen or tighten. Docked inside the Union’s body are also interchangeable heads, with one flathead, two Phillips heads, and an Allen head, giving you control over a wide variety of fairly popular screws.

When all’s said and done, the Union packs two blades too, as is fairly common with multitools. A handsaw blade, made from heat-treated D2 steel, comes with a serrated edge that can cleanly slice through wood or even metal, and a 3.125″ pocket-knife blade lets you cut and slice through regular items, opening boxes, cutting cords, etc.

This unusual combination of tools (especially with the remarkable self-adjusting wrench) compressed into a product smaller than your smartphone is pretty much what gives the Union its incredible competitive edge. on the more functional, get-hands-dirty side of the EDC spectrum, the Union isn’t just a regular multitool. It’s an all-out, portable, hardware solution!

Designer: Michael Newman of Toler Tools

Click Here to Buy Now: $98 $149 (34% Off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $98 $149 (34% Off) Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

This handy piece of limited-edition EDC is made entirely from Damascus Steel!

The Boker Merlin is made entirely from Damascus steel

Barring the pivot and the two screws that hold the handle and blade together, the Boker Merlin is entirely made from the legendary marbled metal. Created as a special edition, the variant is based off one of Boker’s classic designs by Wilfried Gorski. Partnering with Chad Nichols, a trained steel-smith who’s perfected the art of making corrosion-resistant Damascus Steel, Boker spared quite literally no effort by building every component of the knife from the marbled metal, right from the blade to the handle, to even the back spacer and interlock slider.

The result is a fairly classic and light-weight pocket knife that’s completely stunning to look at and one-of-a-kind. Limited to just 398 pieces (199 for USA and 199 for Europe), each knife comes with a certificate of authenticity, a unique serial number, and a pretty hefty price tag, but where else would you find a 100% Damascus Steel knife?

Designer: Wilfried Gorski for Boker

The Boker Merlin is made entirely from Damascus steel

The Boker Merlin is made entirely from Damascus steel

The Boker Merlin is made entirely from Damascus steel

The Boker Merlin is made entirely from Damascus steel

Dango watches quick-release lugs & straps means you sport a unique watch everyday!

A lot of care and curation goes into the outfit you wear everyday. From your shirt, all the way to your shoes, everything is picked compliment one another in order to look great as a whole. The Dango Modular Watch takes on a similar approach.

Split a watch into three key details, the face, the lugs, and the band, Dango’s watch comes with interchangeable parts, allowing you to easily build a watch the way you build an outfit…with care, consideration, and a sense of style. The Dango Watch’s dial comes in three different design variants. A minimal-yet-solid Trek variant for people who want a watch face that’s bold but not overdone; a more chunky, diver-friendly variant titled the Dive, that’s armed with luminescent dials and a water resistance of up to 200 ATM; and lastly, a variant for the serious wristwatch aficionado, the Chrono, with its three subdials, also including a stopwatch.

The three visual styles broadly cater to three different personas (although it’s highly likely that you could like more than one, just like me), but boast of the same ability to switch up bands and lugs. They’re built to be inter-compatible (so that bands and lugs can be used between too), and you can even ditch the lug by attaching the band directly to the watch’s body. While visually different, the watches come with the same attention to detail and level of construction we’ve come to know and love with all of Dango’s EDC products. Each watch is powered by a Swiss Ronda Movement encased in a 316L stainless steel casing and viewed through a sapphire crystal. While a RONDA Cal. # 515-2 powers the Dive and the Trek, giving both variants a battery life of 45 months, the Chrono comes with a RONDA Cal. # 3540.D, packed with a larger battery that powers it for 54 months. All three watch styles pack a date window too, for extra measure.

At the very heart of the Dango watch is its ability to be modular. The interchangeable lugs and bands instantly allow the watch faces to take on different avatars, allowing some to go well with casual apparel, some to complement a leather jacket, and others to look great with a suit and a tie. With a choice between NATO, Stainless Steel, Silicone, and Horween leather straps, you can simply and easily change the way the watch looks on your wrist (even choosing to use or ditch the lugs to create unique styles), allowing it to be crafted with the care and diligence you’d take to choose your outfit… and it its strong, robust, long-lasting build, the Dango will see you through all your style-updates and changes through the years!

Designers: Thuan Tran, Binh Tran & Charlie Carroll

Click Here To Buy Now: $125 $200 (40% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Dango Modular Watches with Quick Release Lugs and Straps come with Swiss Movement, Fine Materials and Modular Components. The line includes: the TREK – a field watch, DIVE – a sport watch that accompanies you on every adventure, and CHRONO – an automotive inspired chronograph watch.

The TK-01 Trek, DV-01 Dive and CR-01 Chrono. Split a watch into three key details, the face, the lugs, and the band, Dango’s watch comes with interchangeable parts, allowing you to easily build a watch the way you build an outfit…with care, consideration, and a sense of style.

The Design Story – The Dango Watch’s dial comes in three different design variants. A minimal-yet-solid Trek variant for people who want a watch face that’s bold but not overdone; a more chunky, diver-friendly variant titled the Dive, that’s armed with luminescent dials and a water resistance of up to 200 ATM; and lastly, a variant for the serious wristwatch aficionado, the Chrono, with its three subdials, also including a stopwatch.

The Trek Watch

The Dive Watch

The Chrono Watch


Each watch is powered by a Swiss Ronda Movement encased in a 316L stainless steel casing and viewed through a sapphire crystal. All of the watches come equipped with interchangeable lugs & quick release straps providing comfort, versatility and character.

Interchangeable Lugs and Straps along with Quick Release Spring Bars

How to change the lugs.

How to change the watch strap.

The watch buckle.

Available Straps: Nato Strap, Ventilated Silicone Sport Band, Horween Leather Strap and Stainless Steel Bracelet with Micro Adjustment Buckle. Horween Leather offers an unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, responsiveness, and innovation. It is available on the TK-01 TREK Watch or the CR-01 Chronograph Watch.

Click Here To Buy Now: $125 $200 (40% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!