BlackBerry Messenger shuts down for good today

Today, Emtek pulls the plug on BlackBerry Messenger. The company announced last month that it would shut down the consumer service, which has been steadily losing users and failing to attract new ones. As a consolation for diehard fans, BlackBerry op...

What if Google’s services could revolutionize business conference calls?

Most people know Google to be an extremely popular customer-facing company, but a large part of Google’s empire lies in its enterprise solutions. From Google’s productivity tools to its business suite that unlocks the power of the drive, the email dashboard, calendar/organizer, all to streamline your business and your meetings, Google’s services play a very integral role in fostering collaboration, increasing productivity, and enriching businesses, both large and small… however, Google’s enterprise solutions have always been limited to just software.

The Google Us is a conceptual smart assistant designed to aid teleconferencing. Made to look like a part of Google’s existing smart hardware family, the Google Us is black, and shaped like a Home Mini, with a touchscreen. It runs a stripped down version of Android, and uses Google Hangouts to enable meetings and collaborative conversations by pairing with other smartphones and Us speakers running on the Hangouts platform. You can simply make group calls and conduct structured, timely meetings through the touchscreen interface on the device, much like a smartphone, but with a better focus on maintaining daily schedules and delivering crisp audio to both parties, thanks to Google’s efforts in audio engineering and far-field microphone technology. You can carry the Us speaker around with you, thanks to its in-built battery, and it even comes with a nifty wireless charger to juice it up!

Designers: Agustin Bernaudo & Alex Nys

The Google Us is a conceptual piece of work and is in no way affiliated with the Google brand.

Rental company Enterprise tests subscription service for $1,499 a month

Enterprise Holdings is adding a new way to rent cars by offering a monthly subscription service that allows users to swap vehicles four times per month. Subscribe by Enterprise is priced at $1,499 per month, plus fees and taxes and will first be avai...

Microsoft buys chatbot company to juice its AI projects

Research company Gartner believes that by 2020, conversational AI -- or chat bots -- will be the predominant go-to for customer support in large organizations. So if you've got a question or a problem, chances are you'll be talking to a computer abou...

Star Trek Enterprise C Metal Sculpture Boldy Goes Where All Knick-knacks Go

I’m not a fan of knick-knacks. They crowd everything and collect dust. I’m more a minimalist sort of guy. Give me simple lines and less stuff and I am happy. Still, I’d make an exception for this sweet U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C die-cast sculpture.

This particular sculpture comes from Eaglemoss Collections, and is based on the rare NCC-1701-C that appeared in the 1990 episode of The Next Generation, “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” It’s pretty cool, though I’d rather have the good old NCC-1701-D.

The sculpture is 10-inches long and comes with a display base. It also comes with a collector’s magazine featuring product artwork and the history of the ship and its design. Entertainment Earth will take your pre-order right now for March 2019 shipping. The statue and magazine will set you back $74.99 and untold amounts of time dusting.