Keep Your Cryptocurrencies, Cash, and Credit Cards Safe with This Modern Wallet

Cryptocurrencies may not be physical money, but they still have value. If you’ve made money in the cryptocurrency markets lately, store it in the slimTECH Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallet.

With this high tech modern wallet, you can keep banknotes, bank cards, and cryptocurrencies in one convenient place. It can store access to your your cryptocurrencies via your public key, and aircraft-grade aluminum keeps all your sensitive information secure from the outside world. It’s just like a traditional wallet, really – only with an NFC-embedded chip and RFID-blocking that keep data safe on both your virtual currencies and credit cards.

Your cryptocurrency is money, too, so why shouldn’t you keep it safe in a secure wallet? Try the slimTECH Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallet for $89.99 in the Technabob Shop.

UNICEF recruits gamers to mine cryptocurrency for Syrian kids

UNICEF has launched a new fund-raising project in the same vein as SETI@Home and Einstein@home, but with a cryptocurrency spin. In an effort to raise money for the children in war-torn Syria, the organization is asking gamers, eSports fans and anybod...

South Korea to ban cryptocurrency trading amid fears of tax evasion

In a move that's sent bitcoin spiralling, officials in South Korea have announced plans to ban cryptocurrency trading in the country. The plans come against a backdrop of concerns regarding tax evasion, as cryptocurrency trading in the country is hig...