Tech giants like Google and Alibaba are working to save endangered species

Google, eBay and other technology leaders are aiming to protect the world's animals. Why? In a widely unregulated social-media world, many tech platforms have become a haven for the wildlife black market, a $20 billion industry. The sale of illegal...

These Tiny Robots are Ready to Invade Your Neckline

If you are a fan of robots, or just want to ingratiate yourself to them before they take over the world, check out Tiny Robots. Their shop is loaded with all kinds of cool robot accessories like pendants, earrings, bracelets, hair clips and other stuff with tiny robots on them. Each one is made from old electronic parts and bits of hardware.

They add new tiny robots all the time, so there’s something for everyone. You know what’s even cooler? Each tiny robot comes with a certificate of authenticity. Actually, it’s even better. You get a certificate of adoption where you can add the robot’s name and the date of adoption. Now you are a parent! Yea!

My favorites are the robot pendants because they look like robots trapped in clear amber, perhaps dug up by some future civilization. While most of the robots they make are tiny, they do offer some bigger robots too.

There are more robots then you can shake an electric stick at between the Tiny Robots website and their Etsy shop. The robots in their shop are pretty darn adorable. You’ll pick one of these little dudes, and then find like ten in your cart. I suppose that’s fine, because you can’t have too many cute robot accessories. Do yourself a favor and check out all of their robot offerings.

If Chewbacca and Groot Had a Baby…

Chewbacca and Groot have some things in common. They’re both big, strong, brown, and men of action – not words. But neither of them is particularly cute (though Baby Groot is a different story.)  But if you combined the furry mop of Chewie with the plant-growing abilities of Groot, then shrunk them down to pint-size, the offspring would be simply adorable.

This little guy was created by Redwood Stoneworks, who based the design on the head of Chewbacca’s Funko Pop figure. But in this form, he’s just that much more adorable, with a tiny air plant sticking out of his head, springing forth with life. Each planter is cast in gypsum plaster, then sanded, cleaned, and painted by hand, and for just $15, he’s a steal.

If you like the playful style of this planter, be sure to check out the rest of Redwood Stoneworks’ Etsy shop, which is loaded with other fun and geeky plaster items, like a Han Solo in Carbonite wall hanging, and a Death Star planter.

Tumblr, Sonos among those backing another net neutrality day of action

A number of organizations and websites are planning an online day of action meant to garner more support for a Senate vote that would reverse the FCC's removal of net neutrality protections. The Senate is currently one vote away from overturning the...

Minifigure Mantle: The Perfect Display Shelf for LEGO Minifigs

Do you have a big collection of LEGO minifigs? You could leave them hanging out on a shelf where they can easily be knocked over, or you could display them on one of these shelves designed specifically to keep their feet from sliding around.

The Minifigure Mantle provides a handsome wall-mountable shelf which is just deep enough to display minifigures, and has built-in LEGO studs to keep them neatly in line. Keyhole mounts on back make them easy to hang flush to your wall too, and hanging hardware is included.

If you have a couple hundred minifigs, it would look pretty awesome to cover the entire height of a wall with these shelves.

The display shelves range in price from $29.99 to $69.99 depending on materials and length, and are available in lengths from 23.25″ (19 minifigs) to 47.25″ (38 minifigs), and materials like pine, walnut, and baltic birch. They can also be ordered in custom lengths. Check out the full selection over on the Minifigure Mantle Etsy shop.

Celebrate Your Next Birthday with 8-Bit Candles

I just moved into a new decade of life this week, and am feeling a bit long in the tooth – especially after seeing how many candles were on my birthday cake. I suppose I might not have cared so much if the candles were as cool as these ones.

These fun pixel art candles are made using fused perler beads by Burrito Princess, and are the perfect way to decorate a cake or cupcakes for any geeky birthday celebrant. Each colorful candle is topped off with a pixelated flame that’s guaranteed to never blow out. I suppose this could be a bad thing if you believe that wishes are granted by blowing out candles, but I think it’s a good thing since you can reuse these candles every year.

They’re available in a variety of festive colors, and sell for $1.75 per candle. For me, it would have cost a whopping $87.50 to decorate my cake this year, but yours will probably cost much less.

This “Fully-operational” Steampunk Dalek Is Ready to Exterminate Your Bank Account

I always wondered what it might be like if Doctor Who took place in a steampunk alternative universe. I think it would be pretty cool to have a TARDIS filled with gears and giant steam engines, and Cybermen and Daleks made from copper and brass. Well, one very talented Australian artist has created a life-size steampunk Dalek, and it’s pretty epic.

According to artist Vince Austin’s Etsy listing, this awesome Dalek is “fully-operational” – in that it can be driven by a pilot inside, and has a voice modulation circuit that can be used to communicate with the outside world in Dalekese. It’s also been rigged up with cameras and screens inside so its driver can see where it’s going, lest it exterminate the wrong person. Top speed for the Dalek is about 6 km/h (~3.7 mph).

This thing truly is an amazing work of art. However, it’s also as expensive as a really nice Porsche – with a $150,000 asking price. And that’s before the $2000 shipping fee to get it from Australia to the US. It took Austin about 6 months to build it, so it definitely was time consuming to create. As much as I’d love to have this thing in my living room, it would truly exterminate my retirement savings.

Floppy Disk Coasters: Protect Your Tabletop and Your Data

It’s been nearly two decades since I had to use a 3.5″ floppy disk for anything. I used to have boxes and boxes of the things packing everything from Microsoft Windows ridiculously bloated installers to various “warez” that I really shouldn’t have had in my possession. But those days are long gone, and pretty much all of my storage is of the solid state kind now.

After I was done using all those floppies, I thought they might make good drink coasters, but the moisture just got inside, and they scratched up my coffee table instead of protecting it. Fortunately, somebody has created floppy disk coasters with neither of those problems.

TechnoChic makes these fun retro coasters from old floppies which have been covered in vinyl, then backed with cork. Problem solved. No liquid gets inside the disk, and your tabletop is safe from scratches. I suppose you could do the same thing with a little time and hot glue, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

You can grab a set of five floppy coasters over on TechnoChic’s Etsy shop for $25. They’re also available in red if you’re looking for something a little more colorful.

Star Wars Sarlacc Pit Toddler Pillow: Fett-er Your Baby’s Nest

When you have a newborn, it’s all about safety. You have to go over the house with a fine-tooth comb and make sure that all of the dangers are gone. That means stuff like covering electrical sockets, padding sharp table corners or getting rid of them, removing small choking hazards from their reach and of course, for the love of God people, covering up any Sarlacc pits. Did you know that Sarlacc pits account for numerous infant injuries every year? The only reason we end up saving these kids at all is because it takes a thousand years for the creature that dwells within to digest those rugrats.

Anyway, here’s a safe alternative – a Sarlacc pit pillow and lounger for your newborns and toddlers.

We’ve been assured it’s totally safe, and stuffed with polyester instead of actual monsters, but you can’t help but fear for your kid when you see them sleeping among those teeth. The center ring measures about 13″ in diameter and the whole thing has a 36″ circumference. It sits 6-8″ high, and has carrying handles for easy transport and storage.

Sarlacc pits just got so much more cozy, soft and cuddly. Did you ever think that your child would be laying in one and not screaming? Grab one from Bed Hog Shop over on Etsy for $138.