The Tuft of Grass Pet Feeder Is A Canine Gluttony Fix

Although it’s easy to make fun of, dogs eating their food too fast is somewhat of an actual problem. An article on the Internet on this topic says: “Your dog can choke, swallow so much air that they vomit or even develop bloat, which can be life threatening.” It’s not on the same level as, say, doggie cancer, but if you’ve noticed your dog pukes often after eating, this could be the reason. The Green by Northmate feeder slows him down a bit, by making him chase his dry food pellets from in between the “blades of grass.” Just scatter his portion on the feeder, and watch as he licks, pokes and prods until every last bit is devoured, only in a much longer timeframe than usual.

It’s $36, and if you’re wondering what it looks like in action, we’ve included a video after the break.

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