Ford will keep GT supercar from catching fire with a software update

If you're driving in your fancy Ford GT supercar on Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca you definitely don't want to see is fire erupting from the engine behind you. Turns out, neither does Ford, especially after one burst into flames earlier this year in Germ...

FL Studio gets its own dedicated music-making hardware

The favorite DAW (digital audio workstation) of producers like Metro Boomin and Mike Will Made It finally has a piece of hardware to call its own. Ableton got its first dedicated hardware controller way back in 2009. And Pro Tools has had them since....

Researchers create safer lithium-ion batteries that harden on impact

Lithium-ion batteries have a world of important applications (smartphones, electric vehicles and the Mars Curiosity Rover, to name a few), but they're also notoriously unstable, and if damaged can result in burns, house fires and even plane crashes....

These Flaming Demon Fireplace Skulls Will Terrify Your Neighbors

If you want to make your fires look badass, there’s only one way to do it. Throw in a demon skull or two. You can toss them in your fire right next to those human skull logs that the same company was selling a while back. They must have been a big hit.

Just fill your fire pit with a huge mountain of these demonic looking skulls and watch your neighbors live in fear of you after. Especially if you act weird and start chanting and circling around the fire pit… while wearing robes. One of you should be holding a knife, and maybe should shout something about “the prophecy” too. That should do it. They will never talk to you again, which is probably a good thing. Yeah. Most neighbors suck.

These demon versions of the popular ceramic fireproof skulls are for use in gas fireplaces and in regular fire pits. These have hollow eye sockets so that the flames can go through them and look awesome. They aren’t cheap though, at around $60 per skull over on Amazon.

It’s worth the investment because a pile of burning demon skulls is something that every home needs – and you can get some just in time for Halloween too.

[via The Green Head via Geekologie]

Firefighting PyroLance Can Cut Through Steel to Extinguish Blazes

Firefighters are always looking for better and safer ways to put out fires, and these days some of the things that they come up with are seriously impressive. PyroLance is a new firefighting tool that is all about putting out fires in enclosed or inaccessible spaces.

Now, normally when you open a door, a window or even make a small hole in a wall that has an enclosed fire on the other side, the oxygen rushes in and you get a backdraft. The PyroLance solves this problem. This baby can cut through steel with an ultra-high pressure stream of water and extinguish an enclosed fire through the small hole it creates, and it does this without providing the fire with any more oxygen for fuel. It gets bonus points for looking like an assault rifle.

PyroLance uses less than 20 gallons of water to do its job and takes less than 15 seconds to use. All it took to put this fire out was to make a 3 mm hole in the steel plate from the outside. This is a very impressive tool that is no doubt going to keep many firefighters alive in tough situations.

[via Geekologie]