A Wearable for Feels


AURA is a twist on wearable tech that isn’t focused on your steps or trying to help you build muscle, rather, it’s aim is to help you master your mental fitness! Designed for anyone struggling with mental illness, depression or distress, it uses biometric sensors to detect stress, anger, sadness and happiness.

You can gain perspective of your current mental state by looking at the e-ink display that looks much like a simple watch face. Your overall data history can then be reviewed over time to track the moments you were experiencing different emotions in order to make informed behavioral or situational changes.

Designer: Pritika Sekar








Under Armour’s HOVR smart running shoes are more than just a gimmick

As fascinating as shoes like Nike's "PlayStation" PG2s or Adidas' "4D" Futurecrafts are, those particular models don't offer many (if any) benefits to avid runners. They're more geared toward sneakerheads than anyone else. But, that doesn't mean ther...

Nike Wants to Reward You for Doing Your Workouts

Sports wearables maker Nike wants to inspire you. Maybe bribe is a better word. It’s offering a new reward system for the Nike Plus app that it hopes will encourage you to work out more. You can unlock curated playlists on Apple Music, guided meditation exercises on Headspace, Class Pass credits or maybe even a custom t-shirt. Want to earn free stuff? Better start working out.

“The premise is simple: The more active you are, the more you get rewarded,” Nike says. “Whether you run more miles through the Nike Run Club app or do five new strength routines in the Nike Training Club app this month, every time you stride or rep, your physical achievements trigger rewards.”

There is also a Birth Month promo, where, during your birthday month, you can get discounts that last all month long, and also earn gifts like a free pair of tickets to a sports game when you buy certain items.

You can also get access to exclusive shoes, like a special-release Nike Zoom KDX, the Kyrie 4 iD, and Epic React Flyknit in White Fusion. Nike is making it enticing to workout, that’s for sure. These unlocks will start rolling out in its main app immediately. They are aiming for “a personalized experience for members that seamlessly combines digital and physical intersections with Nike.”

It seems they are off to a good start.

[via Engadget]

Every NFL player can get a smart bed to track their sleep

The Super Bowl is almost here, and that means one thing in the tech world besides new ads: conveniently timed sports partnerships. The NFL and Sleep Number have unveiled an agreement that will offer every league player a Sleep Number 360 smart bed....