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The Thirst is Real!


What do you know about water? How much should you consume? What does a lack of it cause? Considering that it makes up about 60% of our body, we should all know a lot more. More importantly, about 75% of us should be drinking more because proper hydration is necessary for our bodies to perform correctly.

Designed with this in mind, the Sixty Hydration Monitor offers several tiers of hydration level feedback. The device can be worn constantly, responding to fluctuating hydration levels in real-time and informing the user of incorrect behavior.

Of course, nobody wants to wear anything all the time, so Sixty can also be helpful when it’s not being worn. The device is attached to the strap via embedded magnets and can be detached to be left on a table-top or in a pocket, for example. In this standalone format the device will periodically prompt the user to check their hydration level by manually placing the device against the skin and tapping the surface.

Using the companion smartphone/smartwatch app, users can gain fluid intake advice and maintain awareness to potential symptoms as well as their unique hydration history.

Designers: Chris Pearce & Mark Teucher for Crux Product Design











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