LG Shows off 65-inch OLED TV That Rolls Up Like Paper

Smartphones are reaching their limits as far as acceptable size, but TVs keep pushing the boundaries. Display resolutions get higher, the sizes of our sets get bigger and they get sharper and thinner. There’s no end in site. And to that end, LG has just revealed a unique TV that pushes the boundaries in yet another way – it’s so thin that it can be rolled up like a piece of paper. More like a poster really.

For the moment, this TV is just a concept, but it is an awesome one. It measures 65 inches with a resolution of 4K. The size and specs are perfect for most living rooms. And like I said, it is more or less just a giant electronic poster. Theoretically, you could roll it up and take it with you if you wanted to. So what’s with that clunky and chunky base? This white box is the TV’s home base. When not using the TV, you can roll it back up and store it i tat base, hidden from view.

LG is touting the portability and space saving graces of the TV, but honestly, how often would you pack it up and take it with you? On vacation maybe, but not to work or anything. Still, this could be useful for some situations, and a nice way to hide your TV when it’s not in use.

[via BGR]