Let’s forget about folding displays for a bit and admire Insta360’s folding camera!

The idea behind the Evo’s design is a simple, but unique one. 3D cameras and 360° cameras have one thing in common… the presence of at least two lenses. Where those lenses face in relation with each other, and the type of lens determines the kind of media you capture. Lenses that sit side by side (with a rough distance of 2.5 inches between them) can capture two different channels corresponding to the left and right eye, creating a sense of depth, and therefore a 3-dimensional video or image. Lenses (usually at least 180° fisheye) that face in opposite directions can capture an entire scene in 360 degrees, allowing you to create videos or images you can look around in and immerse yourself into. The Insta360 Evo simply creates a mechanism in which these two lenses can fold to either face in the same direction or the opposite, allowing the camera to alternate between shooting in 3D and in 360°.

The Evo can record 3D 5K/30fps video (or 18-megapixel stills) with a 180-degree field of view, viewable using a VR headset that comes in the box, or an innovative HoloFrame case that sits on your phone, turning your phone’s screen into a 3D display. Fold the cameras to face opposite each other and the camera captures 360° videos and stills that you can view in your VR headset, even looking around to see things behind, beside, above or below you.

What’s even more remarkable about the Evo is its ability to not just record, but also stabilize video. Using its 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization system, Evo’s videos are immersive, crisp, and jitter free. The FlowState stabilization system even allows the Evo to capture time-lapses that are incredibly smooth. Whether you’re walking on the footpath or on a bumpy trail, the Evo can capture videos without needing an external gimbal or stabilizer (the gimbal would end up getting captured in 360° videos too). A simple flip/fold mechanism allows you to transition between shooting in 3D and shooting in VR, allowing you to create fully immersive video content, and the Evo even packs kits, headsets, and cases that let you and your audience properly view the content you’ve created!

Designer: Insta360

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Image Credits: TuttoAndroid

Huawei Mate X: A first look at Samsung’s biggest foldable rival

Foldable phone fever meets 5G mania in Huawei's latest flagship. At MWC, the company unveiled the new Mate X, joining the likes of Samsung and Royole in offering smartphones with folding screens. Huawei's Mate X also claims to be the fastest 5G...

TCL’s folding phone projects include a watch-like bracelet

Multiple companies have ideas as to how they'll develop folding smartphones. TCL, however, isn't content to settle on one -- it's seemingly tackling them all. CNET has obtained images and patent filings that show TCL exploring five foldable designs...

The bi-fold wallet that has tricks up its sleeve!

I’d have loved to make a joke about card tricks (because the wallet holds cards), but I guess you just have to work with the cards you’re dealt (booyah). The Flip Flop Wallet by Bodega is probably the most interesting bifold wallet I’ve seen in quite a long time (comparable to Garzini Cavare’s Magic Wallet). It comes with two folding lines… one running vertically down the middle, giving it the characteristic of a bifold and allowing it to open and close like a book, and one running diagonally, letting you fold the open wallet from one corner to the other, to create a W-shaped wallet that neatly displays your cards and lets you pick the ones you want to use.

The Flip-Flop’s interaction is fun and does provide enough functionality so that it’s not a gimmick… it’s just a really cool wallet! The wallet’s slim and compact, fitting easily into your front or back pockets, and comes with a molded leather exterior and stitch-less construction, so it lasts long and doesn’t fall apart. It comes with a leather exterior, for the style, and a suede interior that gives the inside a velvety touch. The wallet stores up to 8 cards, and can also store banknotes if folded. It even packs RFID Blocking, protecting your cards and money from unwarranted scans or cyber hacks.

The Flip Flop just makes owning a wallet interesting! Unfold it to open it out into a rectangular shape and you’ve got yourself a regular bifold. Fold it down its diagonal spine and you’ve got a wallet that puts your cards out on display, wowing everyone around! Just be safe because your friends may expect you to foot the bill after seeing your magical little wallet!

Designer: Bodega










The folding treadmill that fits under your sofa

The WalkingPad is a winner product because it realizes that A. People are too lazy to go to the gym, and B. Houses and flats are too small to accommodate a home-gym into them. It, therefore, ticks the appropriate boxes with its innovative design and brings the gym to your home in a way that’s unintrusive yet feature-laden. This full-size treadmill folds up and slides right under your sofa or bed, occupying a space that is insignificant, only to be pulled out, unfolded, and used as a full-size treadmill.

The WalkingPad opens up into a full-size treadmill, sans the side rails. Two wheels at the front end allow you to easily roll the folded WalkingPad to and from under your sofa or bed, and setting up the treadmill is as easy as unfolding it open with a single lifting action. Once unfolded, the belt immediately tightens around the treadmill, and on switching it on, a display at the front of the product comes to life. The WalkingPad can be used in two modes. A manual mode allows you to set a pre-determined speed that your feet follow, while an automatic mode allows you to walk fast or slow, while the traction belt below your feet adjusts its speed to your gait. You’ve even got the additional handheld remote that you can use to work the WalkingPad, while a mobile app allows you to keep track of your walk and subsequently your workout… and when you’re done, just fold the WalkingPad and slide it conveniently under your couch! Having a proper, functional home-gym was never this convenient!

Designer: WalkingPad








This IKEA packaging concept turns into a stool

Designer Xiang Guan redesigned the packaging for IKEA’s Hilver table to serve more of a purpose than packaging. With a pattern printed on it serving as a folding guide, the packaging for IKEA’s table turns into a stool that you can use with said table.

“Around 30.5 million tonnes of household waste are generated in the United Kingdom every year. With this in mind, FOLD is a packaging designed for IKEA’s “HILVER” table that encourages upcycling”, said Guan, who secured a Red Dot Award and Core77 Award for his innovative solution. Unlike most upcycled furniture, the Fold stool comes with a faceted design that looks good in most homes, and the print on it breaks the monotony of the brown cardboard color. The stool uses the corrugated board that comprised the packaging, with just an extra rubber band to hold it in place, making it not only convenient to assemble, but also easy to disassemble and recycle after it finishes serving its purpose.

Designer: Xiang Guan