Junk technology: A ridiculous history of fast-food PR stunts

Who doesn't love a good, over-the-top marketing stunt? Recently we've seen a lot of those, including Pizza Hut's Pizza Parka, a coat made out of the same insulating materials as its delivery pouches. Because why not? That ridiculous product from Pizz...

Deliveroo’s pop-up kitchens are ticking off local councils

Anyone that's ever ordered food for delivery will know your postcode is only as good as the eateries that serve it. Earlier this year, Deliveroo announced "Editions" as a new way to bring different types of restaurant-quality food to more empty belli...

Stormtrooper Cheese Board: May the Roquefort Be With You

Until now, the only things that were truly cheezy about the Star Wars universe were the prequels, especially Jar Jar Binks. But now you can have a Star Wars and cheese combo any time you desire, thanks to this fun stormtrooper cheese board set.

This cherry wood cheese board is laser engraved in the shape of a stormtrooper helmet, and when you remove the mask, you’ll find a Stilton knife, a Cheddar knife, a hard cheese knife and a cheese fork hiding underneath.

I think that’s it’s a much better idea to go with knives than laser blasters, since we all know that a stormtrooper can’t hit the broad side of a space freighter, let alone a block of gorgonzola. Perhaps they’ll do better with melee weapons like these.

You can pre-order the stormtrooper cheese board over at The Fowndry for $47(USD), and it should ship this November. Naturally, you’ll need to provide your own cheese and crackers.

7 Apps to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays (and Beyond)

Amid the holiday season where budgets feel squeezed and pinched to the max, there's help in the form of cash-inducing apps! To help make the gift giving gauntlet easier on the bank account, here...

M&S is tentatively trialling one-hour food deliveries

Marks and Spencer (M&S) is finally coming round to the idea of letting customers order food online for speedy home delivery. The upmarket retailer has confirmed it's taking some very tentative first steps with a home delivery service in the Camde...

D20 Waffle Maker Cooks up a Critical Breakfast Hit

Who doesn’t like waffles? I could eat my way out of a roomful of ’em. And what about role-playing games? Well of course, any good geek loves those. So why not combine both of these divine pursuits with a single purchase? What you’re looking at here is the world’s only D20 Waffle Maker!

This thing will crisp up and roll you a delicious Belgian waffle in no time, embossed with numeric markings which will serve to catch some butter and syrup in all their nooks and crannies. Plus, your waffles are guaranteed to always roll a 20, so how can you not buy one of these?

The grill has a non-stick cooking surface and makes waffles that measure about 5.75″ across by 6.75″ tall. It sells for just $29.99(USD), exclusively from ThinkGeek. I wonder what that works out to in silver pieces.

John Deere bought an AI company to optimize crop spraying

Want to know how pervasive AI is becoming in seemingly all facets of daily life? Just ask Deere & Company. The John Deere brand owner just acquired Blue River Technology, which uses machine learning and computer vision to target herbicide spray...

Bosch’s stain scanner knows what you spilled on your shirt last night

German technology giant Bosch is mostly known for making home appliances. And at IFA 2017, the company is showing off a concept that it hopes can add a new dimension to those products. The X-Spect is a portable device that detects fabric composition,...