‘Fortnite’ Tournaments pit controller against keyboard and mouse

Fortnite's 6.10 update arrived today, and with it, a new Tournaments feature gives everyone what developer Epic says is the chance to "compete directly alongside the pros for prizes and glory." Each tournament session lasts several hours, and everyon...

Fortnite Holiday Sweaters Bring a Battle Royale to Your Office Xmas Party

It seems like Fortnite is taking over the universe. The game is the most popular shooter on the planet, and now Epic Games is pushing Fortnite into the real world. It’s not going to make you kill everyone for a chicken dinner mind you. However, just in time for Christmas and that holiday work party, they’re putting out a series of Fortnite sweaters.

The collection includes knit sweaters inspired by the game, with cheeky names like “Merry Marauder,”Flossin’ Around the Xmas Tree,” “And A Llama In A Pear Tree,” and “Have A Bear-y, Merry Xmas Brite Gunner.”

The Fortnite knit sweaters sell for $54.99 each. For a sweater you’ll probably only wear once a year, that’s not exactly cheap. They will ship in November, just in time for your office party. These things are limited in numbers so pre-order yours now via Merchoid – they’re about midway down the page, as you scroll past a variety of other ugly and geeky sweaters.

[via Comicbook.com]

‘Fortnite’ creator Epic Games sues YouTuber for selling cheats

Epic Games is no stranger to suing Fortnite cheaters, but now it's aiming at a particularly high-profile target. The developer has filed a lawsuit against YouTube personality Brandon Lucas (aka "Golden Modz") and his frequent partner Colton Conter (...