Mario Boo Ghost Bean Bag Chair: Boo Bean

If you are a fan of all things Super Mario, I just found the perfect seat from which to play your favorites games. This is the officially licensed Super Mario Bros Boo beanbag chair and it’s just the right throne for Super Mario fans.

Sadly it doesn’t play dead until you look away, then come up behind you so you can sit down. That would have been cool. The technology is almost there. I’m sure of it. This comfy ghost chair will cost you around $140, and measures about 38″ wide x 28″ tall x 38″ deep. Wait. That’s not big at all. How small is that child?

I was hoping this was a boo that I could sink into and relax. Oh well. If you are a tiny person, you’ll find this ghost more comfortable I guess. Myself? I demand a giant Boo bean bag chair. And not because I have to go on a diet either. I just like big Boos and I can not lie.

Boo is one of Mario’s cutest enemies. He’s supposedly a bad guy, but really he just wants to snuggle. And he’s shy. That’s why he freezes if you’re looking at him. This ghost is totally misunderstood.

Japanese Revivalism in a Rocker


One look at the Logan bench and you’ll see that its Japanese through and through. The rocker takes inspiration from a variety of areas including the work of furniture maker George Nakashima, Japanese architecture, calligraphy, as well as design principles such as enso, balance and asymmetry.

Everything from the simplistic joineries to its upward curves edges are a nod to the signature look of Japanese structures. An aesthetic twist reminiscent of George Nakashima’s signature butterflies on the top surface of his works, the Logan bench’s dual plank seats feature laser engraved details of Japanese calligraphic strokes. A bench built for two, this elegant rocker aims to bring people together so that they might work in tandem to create their own motion.

Designers: Shwetha Iyengar, Srishti Singh and Aakanksha Gupta












Furniture With Flow


Taking inspiration from the slatted structure of the same name, the Louver Series is distinguished by the vented panels found on each piece that give it visual lightness and flow. The collection, consisting of cabinets, shelving, tables, and seating, is crafted from raw aluminum and constructed with hidden hardware instead of welds. Surfaces are polished off with clear acrylic or tempered glass. The resulting aesthetic is at once minimalistic and industrial, making the Louver Series right at home everywhere from the modern living room to the doctor’s office.

Designers: Woojin Park & Donghyun Sohn of 1/Plinth Studio


“Louver series began with an idea of utilizing existing industrial material with a different perspective, and those were an aluminum louver and an aluminum extrusion frame. We focused on their raw aesthetics, features, and refined their roughness while taking advantage of the industrial medium,” said 1/plinth studio.


A louver is the architectural element. It is each a set of angled slats or flat strips fixed or hung at regular intervals to allow air or light to pass through. This element can be found on buildings, engineering equipment, or the vehicles around us.


We selected the aluminum louver as the main theme of the project because it is manufactured in various sizes and shapes through existing molds, and it can be easily modified. We manipulated the beauty of repeating horizontal lines, which became a character of the furniture series.


The basic structure of the furniture is built with an aluminum extrusion frame system that allows versatility. The aluminum frame can be extruded through various molds and trimmed to the desired length. Furthermore, the frame does not need to be welded and can be assembled in an array of ways through the use of various hardware. Aluminum frame has been used to support or build industrial equipment and we have found it to be solid enough to build furniture. We emphasized the clean straight lines and reduced its roughness through the minimum exposure of hardware for the furniture series.


On top of the structure, surfaces are filled with three different elements: louver, tempered glass, and translucent acrylic. Louver visually blocks the plane as it connects the space, while tempered glass visually connects the space as it blocks the plane. Lastly, translucent acrylic with a logo has characteristics between the two. These elements with contrastive aesthetics are working together with their own characteristic in each piece.


Louver series consists of eight types of furniture: cabinet, shelf, desk, table, low table, chair, stool, and bench. Each furniture’s size and structure can be designed to the meet the specificities of a user’s demands because of the flexibility found within the industrial material. Moreover, we believe the project has the ability to surpass the eight types of furniture in this series by applying the same logic to numerous types of products.









The SHO is two chairs made of two parts


Practically a hallmark of simplicity and effectiveness, the Sho is made of literally two parts. A frame and a mattress. However, it can exist in three states. As a bed (with the mattress used as-is), as a comfortable chair, and as a reclining lounge chair.

The SHO works well as instant furniture, be it in low-cost apartments, or at disaster relief sites. The metal framework is foldable, and when opened out, allows you to tuck the mattress into it, turning it either into a comfortable chair with a backrest, or into a lounging recline you can lean into. Independently, the mattress serves as a bed for one, allowing you to have three pieces of furniture that use just two simple objects.

The SHO is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept: Best of Best Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Pan Biwei





This 911 Writing Desk is clearly for die-hard Porsche-lovers


The Porsche 911 Writing Desk by 3 GJB 17 gives you one more reason and opportunity to correct those commoners who pronounce it “Porsh” by telling them it is, in fact, “Por-shuh”…

Made from original Porsche 911 body parts, coated in Arctic Silver automotive paint, and finished with Custom Made American Walnut attachments that complement the car’s contours beautifully, the 911 Writing Desk takes the iconic car’s rear end, converting its boot hood into a writing surface that doubles up as a cabinet for storing your stationery (using a spring-loaded hinge that lifts the boot lid up).

There’s no reason you’d NEED the Porsche 911 Writing Desk over any other writing desk (an IKEA or Pottery Barn one, perhaps), but its design may sure leave you lusting after it anyway. Definitely the kind of furniture to be the focal point of your workspace, the Porsche 911 Writing Desk is unusual in every way, from its unlikely inspiration and material source, to the way the boot lid turns into a desk/privacy-partition, to just the surprisingly complementary combination of metal and wood styled to work together marvelously well… and when I say unusual, I mean unusual in a good way!

Designer: 3 GJB 17










A Bed That Gives You A Cuddle


For many, our beds are our happy places. They are where were start and finish most of our days and where we rewind from the daily stresses of our busy lives! When we think of a bed providing us with the ultimate relaxation and comfort, we would normally connect this directly with the mattress, but what if the bed itself could contribute to this factor?

Well that’s the objective of the Cuddle bed, which features a flexible, cushioned headboard that’s packed full of functional features! Each side of the headboard can be pivoted by the user to create a sense of privacy and secureness that conventional beds are missing. This movement is reminiscent of the gentle human interaction that is hugging, or cuddling, adding an element of comfort to the design.

The cushioned sideboard also removes the need for a bulky side table; the large pockets are perfect for storing smart devices and books in when the time comes to get some well-needed sleep!

Designers: Weichih Chen & Fuhua Wang





Wood and Wool Winsomeness


After daydreaming about the idea for over a year and even more time spent in 3D shape exploration, designer Magnus Skogsfjord has finally landed on the sleek seating design you see today. Its lines and dimensions take inspiration from a standing diamond with a ratio of 6:5 which is precisely how it has earned the namesake Adamantem (Latin for diamond).

The resulting aesthetic is at once complex and coherent, with its various elements each telling a different story while coming together as one. From the backrest framing to the arms and legs, its fluid form is contrasted by defined lines. In untreated European Oak and dark grey wool, it’s one sharp seating solution in true Scandinavian style.

Designer: Magnus Skogsfjord










Compact Living Just Got Easier

With the living population within cities ever on the rise, an ever-increasing number of individuals are living in a studio or one-bedroom apartments. One of the most significant issues that these people face is the difficulty they have when trying to refresh the interior air! Introducing a conventional air purifier into the living space is a huge compromise on the valuable floor space, and for this reason, it is out of the question for some people!

Airea may just be the solution to the problem, as it disguises itself as a stunning side table! By combining the two objects the user doesn’t have to commit to giving up more floor space to the device! It carries a carefully considered design that features subtle surface detailing, an intuitive touch interface and it takes design cues from the ever-popular movement of Scandinavian Design.

Airea also holds a hidden feature… a top that’s capable of wireless charging your phone! Could this be the ideal side table?

The Airea is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Designers: Bongjung Kim & Sohee Kang






Anxiety Vs. Aesthetics


When I’m putting together my own place, I have a few rules I tend to stick by, and one of those is to avoid any furniture designs or placements that might cause anxiety. For instance, I don’t hang any artwork above my bed because I believe it causes subconscious fear that it might fall during sleep (call me crazy, but I do live in an earthquake prone area!). Another example is no glass coffee tables because I like to avoid the stress of slamming anything down too hard or, heaven forbid, taking a tumble and falling into it. Whether you find these to be irrational fears or not, my point is… the Suction Stool by XYZ architecture probably wouldn’t make it into my collection!

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not good or even great. It’s certainly hard not to appreciate the design for its unique construction which utilizes levered suction cups that grip on to a thick glass plate. That, combined with a robust stainless steel frame make it mighty sturdy, I’m sure. You’d just better be braver than I if you’re going to keep one at home!

Designer: XYZ Integrated Architecture