The bench with a hidden secret

Gravità is quite possibly the perfect example of highly flexible outdoor furniture. Whilst its aesthetic doesn’t scream out for attention, its design holds a beautiful method of construction that creates a humble feature! The uniquely engineered mechanism eliminates the need for screws, leading to an undeniably clean aesthetic that we can’t help but love!

Designer: Alexander Knorr

Nissan Designs the Ultimate Gaming Chairs, Inspired by Car Seats

If you love to play video games at your desk for hours on end, then you need a good chair with lots of support. Since Nissan knows a thing or two about engineering seats for long road trips behind the wheel, they decided to give it a shot, and came up with three awesome concept designs, each inspired by one of their vehicles.

First up is the GT-R NISMO seat, which has sharp and aggressive style, inspired by the $200,000+ track-ready sports car. The design envisions a seat made from carbon fiber and aluminum, which are both strong and lightweight materials. With angular cushions made from red leather and microsuede, and a sweet headrest audio system to surround your ears, this looks like the perfect seat for testing your track skills in Gran Turismo or Project CARS.

The second design is based on the rugged and sophisticated Armada SUV, styled to look like a captain’s chair, and ready to offer up comfort for the longest gaming sessions. It’s got Platinum Reserve black and brown leather, and like the seats in the full-size SUV, has integrated heating and cooling to ensure your back and butt stay climate controlled. I’m thinking this would be a comfy place to sit when building out extensive worlds in Minecraft.

Last, but not least is a seat inspired by the Nissan LEAF. It looks quite slick in light grey leather with electric blue accents. Like the all-electric car, it’s made using eco-friendly materials, and packs modern technology like USB charging ports so you can keep your gadgets juiced up while gaming. Out of the three designs, I think it’s the most conventionally-styled, but also the most practical, especially with its built in leg rest.

Nissan isn’t planning on producing these chairs at this point, but maybe if they get enough positive buzz, they’ll consider making them, especially now that they’ve partnered up with the Faze Clan and OpTic Gaming teams. Like the real deal, I’d like to sit my butt in the GT-R NISMO the most.

The perfect way to nap!

LULA has been designed with the avid napper firmly in mind! It aims to revolutionize how we go about having our daily siestas! This intriguing piece of furniture is a perfect example of biomorphic design; as one sits on the piece of furniture, its shape changes and adapts to best support the user.

The foam construction gives the impression of sleeping on a cloud; its form embraces the human body, leading to a safe, secure and ultimately comfortable sleeping experience! The soft, organic shape gives this unique item of furniture an almost sculptural presence. This, combined with its imposing size, makes LULA a statement piece within any room!

Designer: Gaudutė Žilytė

Sofa designs so good, they’re impossible to resist: Part 2

Rather than a statement piece, sofa designs have become a piece of comfort. Many of us (consider me guilty too) have surely ended up eating, sleeping, crashing and basically just living out on our sofa. But the designs we have collected here will ensure you treat your sofa as the beautiful and central part to your home that it should be. Scroll down to see designs that will inspire you to innovate, reimagine and create some truly unique sofa designs.

Lawless Sofa by Evan Fay.

The Shell Sofa comes with two small openings at the beginning and end of its structure, making it perhaps the most entertaining play area for a domestic cat by Natalia Komarova.

Felix is a miniature sofa with a mesmerizing canopy that takes inspiration from Mexican architectural designs of the 1950s by Christian Vivanco.

The Brick Sofa by Copenhagen designers KiBiSi consists of stacked pillows with fiber concrete buttons!

Beatle’s versatile construction makes it possible to easily switch things up depending on both your spatial and comfort needs. The flexible back can slide all the way around on a built-in rail system, instantly transforming it from sofa to lounge. You can adjust it in a number of comfortable positions and choose the side that works best for your space, as designed by Burak Aykan & Nur Eryılmaz.

The Borghese table, also known as the eponymous sofa, is inspired by the umbrella pines at the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome by La Chance.

In just a couple of simple steps, SHO transforms from sofa to sofabed in seconds by taking control of the cushion! The design utilizes a unique metal frame that snaps together to hold a twin-size latex mattress in an upright position that’s perfect for sitting and reading by Biwei Pan.

The furniture collection of Dutch photographer Fien Muller and artist Hannes Van Severen is simple, minimal and beautiful in its use of leather.

MERRICK Sofa takes a new and interesting approach, playing with lines to create a focal point that is bound to hold your attention, designed by architect Micheal K Chen.

An expression of sea waves perception, this piece explores the balance of being quietly alone and shaking with the sea, being isolated from the world while noises still there around you by Artur de Menezes.

The minimally elegant sofa-armchair by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.

Wall-mounted shelf/chair looks like a waffle maker

It will be very easy to confuse the Folding Wall Chair by designers Ahmad Ahmadian and Reyhaneh Rajabzadeh Samani as a waffle making machine that is placed at an odd height! Open the contraption, and you have a seat for yourself. Close it, and the bottom cushion part has an exclusive niche for holding magazines and books.

I can see great use of this in cramped offices and public spaces, where you can keep some mags for entertainment and then offer a seat when required.

Designers: Ahmad Ahmadian & Reyhaneh Rajabzadeh Samani

If the Eames Lounge Chair were a baby-crib, this would be it…

Looking absolutely divine in its wood and veneer construction, the Argo is easily the bassinet-equivalent of the Eames Lounge Chair. Named after the mythical vessel that protected Jason and the Argonauts, it gently cradles, shields and reassures, while easily being the centerpiece of any room. Making quite the statement its classic-meets-futuristic design, Argo doesn’t use an ounce of plastic in its build, sticking to materials that give it its premium appeal… and its ability to shield your baby from electromagnetic waves.

Fashioned from French walnut, the crib’s construction employs animal glues, wool cloth for the interior trim, and an oiled finish to give it its spectacular sheen. A foldable shade-fabric allows you keep the baby safe from mosquitoes and the harsh glare of bright lights, while a copper artwork on the bassinet’s hood helps absorb electromagnetic waves that linger around the child, through the presence of smartphones, smart-home devices, televisions, computers, tablets, etc.

Designer: Ludwig & Dominique

Multifunctional Product Designs that combine your love of plants with the modern lifestyle!

I love having plants at my home! Agreed, I have had some troubles and mishaps, and quite a few succulents have sacrificed themselves to my cause, but I can’t help trying to make my surroundings greener. What I would love to own though, is all of these designs that beautifully marry everyday products with plants. This unique list includes everything from lamps that create a self-sustaining environment, which means the plants are safe from my busy hands to a coffee table, indoor farms and even a terrarium where the plants and fish live off each other’s ecosystem! However green your thumb is, there is surely a design that can match your gardening skills.

Mygdal Plant Light by Nui Studio is a revolutionary lighting solution not just because the luminaire is a completely self-sustaining ecosystem where the plants can grow undisturbed, but also because of its one-of-a-kind electrically conductive glass coating

The Oasis Multifunctional Table brings together a planter at the base of a table, which keeps green thanks to the integrated LED lights, and stays hydrated via the clever funnel found at the center of the table top. Excess water simply drips down to the collection tray and evaporates back into the air, as designed by Pei-Ju Wu

The Brot is a lamp and planter combined into one slick, terracotta package. The lamp provides nourishment to a tiny kitchen-garden that you can literally pick from and use in your meals by Benditas Studio

Spanning four floors, House Patrocinio is located in Lisbon, Portugal and it’s a house like no other, with its lush vertical garden exterior.  Underneath all of the green is a rectangular tower of a building but the facade, and the approximately 4,500 plants that cover it make it a standout by Rebelo Andrade

The Home Aquaponics Fish Tank creates a wonderful self-sustaining ecosystem where an aquarium and terrarium live off each other’s waste, beautifully displaying the relationship between flora and fauna by Daylight Design & Back to the Roots

Designed to blend in with your existing home atmosphere, Aeva is what happens when Scandinavian design values meet modern hydroponics by  Conner Tidd & Kevin Jakiela for Inertia

Etta is a wooden room divider composed of a base and of reconfigurable elements. The little bench acts as a seat and as a platform where it is possible to arrange at will the mobile elements: a little table/shelf, an upholstered backrest, and two grids, one vertical and the other horizontal, conceived to support different typologies of houseplants by Dossofiorito

Mirror Halo and Coffee Table Ovio, are designs that incorporate plants by Poland based Bujnie

Botanical Planter Screens by Helen Koutoris provides a sense of natural visual separation to indoor and outdoor spaces alike

The AU_34 plant Halo Lamp by Massimo Cappella Studio

Clairy is an award-winning planter/purifier hybrid that adds a touch of aesthetic beauty and greenery to your space. With a purifier integrated into the planter itself, Clairy pulls polluted air through its top, allowing to pass through and around the plant and soil, getting the plant to absorb microorganisms, gases, and dust particles by Vitesy

Plantable by JAILmake has the legs that double as supporting trestles while the pots fit snugly at the foot of each leg

Sunny tables and wall mounts brings shadow work into play

Only when you are looking to upgrade your furniture, that you come to appreciate the hard work that independent designers and design studios put in. You could go for mass-produced IKEA (and the likes), or exclusive, thought-provoking designs like the ‘Sunny’ metal furniture collection.

What the designer Dmitry Kozinenko has attempted to do here, is to give us a collection that has elements that mimic the ‘sharp shadows on a bright sunny day’, and hence the extended metal shadows to the collection. Clever!

Designer: Dmitry Kozinenko

This desk has an assistant desk stacked on top, to hold more stuff for you

I love the cheeky design of the DUOO 2.0 Desk, as it efficiently adds a tier of holding space, for you to utilize well. It’s like having a tray or box on top of your desk, to hold smaller items like your phone, pens, watch… the ‘not very critical’ items, and then elevating it a little, so that you can keep additional gear under it.

Aesthetically, it looks very classy and complements the overall look of the desk. The mix of dark wood and black metal frame, just adds to the chic feel of the desk. Aside from the elevated tray, the design also includes a convenient cubby built into the table top, to hold your cables and wires, and keep the desk clutter-free.

Designer: Andrey Mohila for Zegen

Nature inspired product designs that add a twist to ordinary objects

Biomimicry, this is the term that came across my screen when looking for nature-inspired designs, enlightening me to the reality, that boy, have we inspired a lot from nature’s forms, behavior, and structures. While biomimicry finds it’s applications across multiple walks of our lives, the collection curated here today is much simpler. To explain it better, these designs use nature-inspired forms and actual animal and plants, envisioning them into everyday products that are a staple in most of our homes. An eclectic mix of objects, these designs are sure to make you smile by the clever use of space and form!

New Zealand designer and sculptor Ben Young’s forte is hand sculpting clear sheets of float glass and different solid materials like concrete and steel inspired by oceans and seas 

Dragon LEGO Table by Ogilvy⁠ 

Take a look at what Rides of the Wild by Frédéric Müller imagined on your behalf, putting together a series of eight images depicting Custom-Designed-Classic-Cars and their wild drivers. L10N and P4ND4!

Never lack conversation starters with these shark wine glasses by BTS Design 

Saguaro, cactus-inspired coffee glasses by Doiy Design 

Quirky little Sheep Toilet Paper Holder by Art&Artifact 

Cute sloth-inspired Incense Holder 

Banana Lamp by Seletti 

A wooden bird pencil holder called Tropical Bird by Industrial design studio BKID 

Giant Birdsnest for breeding new ideas by OGE Group