A Different Approach to The Ergonomic Computer Mouse


There is no standard shape for a computer mouse, they come in all sorts of unusual configurations; from the conventionally simple to the wildly ergonomic, there is a mouse for everyone. But, the Tube mouse goes one step further than this, as it aims to be THE mouse for everyone!

Made of a soft Silica Gel, the body of Tube is soft and malleable, making the mouse far more adjustable than its hard-bodied competitors. This, combined with its symmetrical design ensures that is can be used by both right and left-handed individuals, this is something that ergonomic computer mice often cannot cater for.

Packed into the squishy exterior is a light that, much like the night light it was inspired by, gently glows, giving Tube a second use!

Designer: Tim Chen








‘Pokemon Go’ gets a little bigger with ‘Diamond’ and ‘Pearl’ monsters

The Pokémon company has announced that monsters from the Sinnoh region -- the Diamond and Pearl games -- are now available in Pokémon Go. Players will now be able to capture favorites like Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup as they make thei...

The Bosch Kiox adds an instant dashboard to your bicycle


You may know Bosch from its power tools, but that isn’t all the company is famous for. A pioneer of engineering and electronics, Bosch makes its share of ground-breaking products… or in this case, road-blazing ones too. The Kiox is an onboard computer for your e-bike that lets you visualize data such as your speed, cadence, distance, battery level, and even access more niche features like indicating when your bike needs servicing, as well as rider’s health stats like heart rate, etc.

Kiox’s main device sits right between your handlebars, while its control (a separate unit) can be mounted near your left or right hand for ease-of-use. A 1.9-inch screen comes with vivid colors that can display data in all weather and daytime conditions, and it even comes with a GorillaGlass cover to protect it from scratches, bumps, or even grit that may get on it as you cycle through demanding conditions. The Kiox pairs with heart-rate monitors too, using Bluetooth to pull heart-rate data from the monitor and display it on the screen, allowing you to measure your stats as well as performance as you go. Clearly made for a bicycling power-user, I guess you could call the Kiox a different sort of ‘power tool’!

Designer: Bosch






Twinkly 2.0 Digital Christmas Lights Review: Deck the Halls with RGB LEDs

Looking to take your Christmas tree lights to the next level this holiday season? While there are already plenty of LED light strings on the market, the ones I’ve seen in stores generally offer very basic color selections. Twinkly’s LED lights are designed to give their owner the ultimate in flexibility to make their Christmas light display truly their own.

I got my hands on a set of Twinkly’s latest generation lights to see what they could do. Each Twinkly light string is strung with dozens of bright RGB LEDs, and is fully-programmable using a companion smartphone app, letting you create your own color palettes and animated chase sequences with ease.

Setting up Twinkly lights starts out the same as other Christmas lights, but you have to be a little more fastidious in the way you string them for maximum control. It’s recommended that you wrap them from bottom to top, left to right for best results, though the app is smart enough to handle sloppy stringing as well. Once you plug them in, install the app on your smartphone then connect to the Twinkly via a direct Wi-Fi connection. Then you can tell Twinkly which home network you want them to join. I could only get the Twinkly to see 2GHz networks, but the amount of data being transferred to them doesn’t really demand a higher speed connection anyhow.

After the Twinkly string is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you go through a slick visual calibration process, which uses your phone’s camera and AI smarts to help the identify EXACTLY where each LED is placed on your tree. This gives you precision control over each and every light.

Out of the box, the Twinkly app comes preloaded with a variety of light patterns, including twinkling, chase sequences, firework-style bursts, and color fades. To load a pattern, simply tap on it and swipe left or right to preview it on the tree. But the real beauty is how you can go into any of the existing patterns and make it your own.

Create custom color schemes, change brightness, or speed to tweak the look of an existing animation, or go into the custom animation mode to draw your own light sequence. And when I say draw, I really mean it. Basically, you finger paint onto a map of your tree the exact pattern you want the lights to appear in. Choose a color, then paint. Assuming you followed the calibration step above, the lights will follow your finger like magic.

Once you design and preview a pattern you like, you need to save it to the Twinkly itself so the pattern can continue without your smartphone connected. You can also program the lights to automatically turn on and off at specific times, though the scheduler is very rudimentary, with only one on and one off time, and no ability to set daily schedules. You can also create groups of multiple strings in the app if you want to control multiple trees or a single tree with multiple strings.

The overall whiz-bang appeal and brilliant colors of the latest Twinkly light string are great, though the tester package I tested with only came with 105 lights, which was only enough to light up a 4 foot tabletop tree. To cover taller trees, they’re available in either 175 or 225 LED lengths, priced at $129.95 and $159.95, respectively, so the cost of having the highest-tech Christmas lights on the block can add up quickly. But if you’re a true Christmas junkie and a true gadget junkie, you’ll want a set or two on your tree this holiday season.