Adidas’ NYC-inspired shoe was designed using data from runners

When I woke up this morning, I didn't imagine I'd spend part of my day inside a massive shipping container on a parking lot right under the Brooklyn Bridge. But that's exactly what happened earlier today. The occasion? Adidas invited members of the m...

The screen protector that adds 2 extra buttons to your iPhone

One of the biggest differences between the iOS and the Android/Windows Phone experience is its layout of elements. While the Android experience gives you three core controls at the bottom (back, home, task manager), the iOS experience doesn’t. For an iOS user to go backward, they need to reach all the way to the top left corner of the screen… something no thumb is capable of reaching while you grip the phone from its base. Operating an iPhone therefore with one hand isn’t as easy as an Android or a Windows phone. (here’s an image that maps your thumb’s reach on an iPhone screen)

That’s where Nombiss does a bit of magic with its tempered glass screen protector. Built with invisible circuitry, the Intelli+ screen protector turns the areas to the left and right side of your iPhone home button into touch-sensitive zones, letting you tap places at the top corners of your iPhone screen by simply touching the base of the phone. It’s rather magical to look at, and may require getting the hang of (given it’s such a UX overhaul), but the Intelli+ does promise to put less strain on your thumb, and work your phone without having to access those hard-to-reach corners. It also gives your phone’s screen complete protection letting it sit under a layer of tempered glass (while absolutely keeping its capacitive circuitry invisible). The only disadvantage? It doesn’t work while your phone is in landscape mode.

Designer: Nombiss

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Firestarter Matches Burn for up to 10 Minutes

You’ve all seen this in movies and maybe even had it happen to you in real life. You’re in a dark cave or trapped in a dark room. So you light a match. It lasts for about 5 seconds and then burns your finger and the light goes out. Now you have burnt fingers and you are still in the dark. Your matches have done you no good at all.

These Trailblazer Fire Starter Sticks light like a regular match, but they can burn for up to 10 minutes since they’re made from compressed wood. This could be handy in the situation that I just outlined, but really they’re designed to give you time to get a fire started for one thing because we are not all Cub Scouts with all of our badges earned.

These are perfect for camping or to keep stowed away somewhere in case of an emergency. They are much more dependable than regular matches and you don’t have to rush to get the job done. They’re just $6 for a box of 40 over at Budk.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]

Xbox One update can automatically put your TV in game mode

Starting today, Microsoft is rolling out its"Spring Update" for the Xbox One, but it isn't done adding new features for the season. The update that all users will get over the next few days adds "auto low latency mode" which works with compatible TVs...

BMW’s Concept iX3 dials back the futuristic styling

As we enter the BMW Group Research and Innovation Centre (also known as FIZ) in Munich Germany, I'm asked to give up my ID. Guests are rarely admitted and journalists are almost never allowed inside. The automaker is about to show me its latest conce...

Logitech M187 Ultra-Compact Wireless Mouse

Logitech M187

Logitech has showed off another one of its upcoming wireless mouse, the M187. Coming in a 3-button design, this ultra-compact wireless mouse (can be stored in your pocket) makes use of 2.4GHz radio frequency (works up to 10 meters) and features an advanced optical tracking sensor, and a 1000dpi resolution.

Powered by 1x AAA battery (up to 6 months of battery life), the M187 comes with a tiny USB receiver and supports for Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.10 or later and Chrome OS operating systems.

Measuring 31.8mm x 49.4mm x 81.9mm and weighing 51.9g (w/ battery), the Logitech M187 (Black, White & Red color options) will hit the market from April 26th for 1,380 Yen (about $13). [Product Page]

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Magic of Mag Cable

If the future of charging cables has to be defined, then the Mag Cable is a good benchmark to begin with. We all have had our fair share of cable snaps, USB connection issues and the works, it’s annoying and destroys a piece of your device. With this piece of innovation, the future foresees magnets and Qi connectivity having more power.

The novel Mag Cable connects via magnets and is designed in a way that the metal terminal is not exposed and sports an intuitive look. The connector simply ‘touches’ your device and juices it up in a jiffy. The super cool part is that it hooks up any angle, making it convenient for you to interact with your device while charging it.

Getting into the specifics, as described by designer Kizuku Kitada, the data is transferred through a coil placed inside the terminal while it charges the device via induction simultaneously. The cable works seamlessly with a keyboard and mouse as well as portable storage devices and smartphones.

Although quite far from being in-market, this unique cable brings in a fresh approach to charging cables.

Designer: Kizuku Kitada of SPECT DESIGN