Big Trouble in Little China the Game: Never Roll the Dice Faster Than You Can See

When I think of 1980s movies, one that always comes to mind – and one of my all-time favorites – is the Kurt Russell flick, Big Trouble in Little China. I nearly wore out the lone VHS copy my local video store had. If you like the movie as much as I do, you’ll want this new board game.

The Big Trouble in Little China board game sends players on adventures as they must survive against the baddies in the alleys of Chinatown. Each game takes 120 minutes and has lots of dice rolling, role playing, and storytelling in the mix. Players can customize their tokens, and the main quests have companions and minion difficulty based on the number of players.

The coolest part is that you can play this board game solo, that is a rarity in board games. Adjustable difficulty means even solo players might beat Lo Pan. Considering today is April Fool’s Day, and this is ThinkGeek listing, you’ll be happy to know this thing is real. Though you might want to check Amazon for a better price, or you will be a fool.


Someone made an actual toy-diorama of Google’s offline browser game!

Now isn’t this the coolest thing ever! Designed to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Google Chrome, New York-based artist Andrew Bell created this absolutely adorable box-set of Chrome’s most amazing Easter egg… the offline browser game.

For the people who don’t know what this game is about (basically Safari users), the game starts as a webpage that tells you that your browser is offline. Press any key, and the game initiates, and you’re tasked with getting the dinosaur to jump over cacti, and under flying pterodactyls. Your high score gets recorded on the top corner.

Bell’s toy set captures the key elements of the game. While there are no pterodactyls in the box set (also because they make their appearance later on in the game), the set actually stays incredibly true to its inspiration. You’ve got the dinosaur, four different cacti, and the box is designed to serve as the backdrop too! The box comes with a reversible design, with the starting message on the face, and the game-over message on the back… and the jumping Dino is reversible too! Turn it over and the Dino comes with the familiar wide-eyed expression its digital avatar has when it lands on a cactus, triggering the end of the game!

Designer: Andrew Bell for Dead Zebra Inc.

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This Game Is Crap: Flushin’ Frenzy Toilet Plunging Game

Man, what the hell is wrong is people today? The poop games for kids phenomenon just keeps right on trucking with Flushin’ Frenzy. Seriously, what toy exec says, “Just let them play with poop!”? I mean, I guess I would say that, but still.

The objective of the game is simple. Just push the flush lever to roll the die and that will determine how many times you have to plunge the toilet. After that, you try to catch the anthropomorphic turd as it launches out the back of the tank. Yes, for real. This is a thing that is in the world. The player to catch the poop wins a token, or two tokens if they catch it in mid-air. Yep, so we are rewarding kids for touching poop with their bare hands. This game should have been called Fecal Frenzy.


No kidding. Don’t let your kid choke on a piece of poop with a smile on it. Don’t be that guy. Don’t let your kid play with this degenerate nonsense. The Flushin’ Frenzy game will cost you $13 on Amazon if you want your child to be the weird kid on the block.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

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