HBO isn’t happy about Trump’s Game of Thrones-inspired tweets

With the Mueller report finally making its way into the hands of the public, President Donald Trump was quick to claim victory and declare an end to the collusion and obstruction of justice scandals that have loomed over his presidency over the last...

You Can’t Pay the Iron Price for These Incredible Game of Thrones Pens

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan who loves to write notes and send them by raven, then Italian writing instrument maker Montegrappa has just the perfect pen for you. It is called the Winter is Here edition.

The pen has an extremely intricate exterior that makes it a work of art, carved from pearlized great celluloid and “enveloped by a masterful study in the ancient art of lost wax casting.” It is a beauty that’s for sure.

The Night King and a White Walker are engraved on the pen’s barrel with ice-blue apatite crystals for eyes and on the pen’s cap, and the ice dragon Viserion is carved in precious metal, over a ring of blue-crystalline hand-glazed flames. The dragon wraps around the pen cap and the head with the tongue of ice is the pocket clip.

It is available in your choice of fountain or rollerball, and in sterling silver or solid 18K gold. The silver model is limited to 300 units, while the 18K gold has an ultra limited run of just 7 units.

These pens aren’t cheap, mind you. The sterling silver version is €4,500 (~$5,080 USD) a pop for the fountain and €4,050 (~$5,570 USD) for the rollerball. The gold one will cost you €48,000 (~$54,270 USD) for the fountain, or €51,000 (~$57,680 USD) for the rollerball.

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Game of Thrones Candles: The Scents of Castamere

Candles are good for some things, like killing the stench of unwashed bodies after binging years of Game of Thrones episodes in one weekend sans shower leading up to the new season’s debut. You don’t want just any scent covering up the B.O. when watching HBO’s hit drama, no, you want these Game of Thrones scented candles.

They come in scents representing House Stark and House Lannister. The gray tin is the House Stark sigil candle that smells like pine. That isn’t what you might expect house Stark to smell like. I’d wager it smells more like a combination of hay and wolf shit.

As for the House Lannister candle, it presumably smells better, as it’s cinnamon scented. That must be what gold and love for your sister smells like. Each of the candles is $12.99 at ThinkGeek and are shipping now.

This Giant Paper Game of Thrones Dragon Is Amazing

To celebrate the final season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, UK office supplies company Viking Direct worked with artist Andy Singleton to create this massive 43 foot-long dragon. It’s true, the night is dark and full of terrors. This is just one of them.

It took Andy and a team from Viking about 10 days to create this amazing paper beast. The detail on this life-sized paper dragon is just mind-blowing. It has a wingspan of more than 19 feet and took 1200 pieces of A4 paper to bring it to life.

It remained at the office for a week before they put it on display at a nearby school. It kind of makes me wish I had a giant dragon in my office. No, I mean besides my boss. Well, I mean, he’s not that bad. Aside from the breathing fire anyway.

Obviously, the folks at Viking are huge Game Of Thrones fans. Building a giant dragon is also a great marketing tool for sure. Awesome work guys! Now get back to work! And by work, I mean to build something else cool using office supplies.

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Game of Thrones House Sigil OREOs: Diabetes Is Coming

Whether you are a Lannister, a Stark or any of the others fighting for the Iron Throne, can’t we just stop the bickering and all agree that Oreos are delicious? We all have that in common, right? So let’s just get along. Good. Now let’s just all enjoy these limited-edition Game of Thrones OREOs. There’s plenty for everyone. Well, yeah it’s a limited edition. Hey, stop fighting! I know they will sell out quick but- put that mace away! What do you mean you need an army to raid the grocery store? Damn you guys really love your cookies.

Like just about everyone else, OREO is taking advantage of the hype for the final season of Game of Thrones, but they are doing it how they do it best: by giving us cool cookies… and then taking them away. Bastards. Each cookie has either a sigil for House Lannister, House Targaryen or House Stark, or a Night King head embossed onto one side.

To celebrate the release of said cookies, Nabisco worked with Elastic – the same guys who created the actual Game of Thrones opening sequence, to make a version entirely out of OREO cookies:

Try not to go war over these Game of Thrones cookies to win your place on the throne.

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Game Of Thrones Monopoly: I Play and I Know Things

If you have been waiting for a Game Of Thrones edition of Monopoly to go with your other 100 Monopoly variants, check this out. There was an earlier version of Game of Thrones Monopoly, but the latest one is way cooler. It even comes with a musical iron throne card holder, house sigil take tokens, GOT-themed money, and holdfasts and castles instead of houses and hotels. This is the board game that Game Of Thrones fans have been waiting for.

In the Monopoly Game of Thrones edition, the packaging, tokens, money, chance cards, and game pieces are all inspired by the popular HBO series. You have to buy as many iconic Westeros properties as you can, so you can collect rent and get Lannister rich while bankrupting your enemies.

Or you know, you can all pick up swords and fight each other to the death for the Iron Throne, but it’s probably better to just enjoy this board game. It’s less bloody and won’t require a visit to the emergency room. Usually. I guess it depends on how heated your Monopoly sessions get.

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A Game of Thrones Catan: Boardgames are Coming

One of the most popular board games is Settlers of Catan. If you are a fan of Catan style games, and also love Game of Thrones, get your credit cards out. The game is called Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch and asks you to protect the wall and rise to the title of Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

It has essentially the same play mechanics as normal Catan, but with characters, locations, and themes inspired by George R.R. Martin’s universe. That means dice rolling, managing hands, building defenses, and trading supplies. Each play takes 60 to 90 minutes.

The game is for three to four people, and recommended for ages ten and up.  You can the Game of Thrones Catan game over on Amazon for $63.96. There’s a 5 to 6 player expansion pack available for another $44.99.

When did board games get more expensive than video games?