Watch the ‘Forza’ esports championship starting at 1PM Eastern

If you enjoy watching top-tier virtual motorsports, you're about to get your fill. Microsoft and Turn 10 are streaming the season-ending Forza Racing World Championship this weekend, starting with an initial pack of 24 racers on October 20th at 1PM E...

‘Hitman 2’ will let everyone kill Sean Bean

Movie producers have seemingly gone out of their way to kill Sean Bean in whatever role he plays, so it only makes sense that you could off him in a game, right? IO Interactive certainly thinks so -- it has revealed that the first Elusive Target in...

‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ purchases now include earlier add-ons

Destiny 2: Forsaken is a significant improvement to a game that had a rough start, but it also had a rude surprise for newcomers: it didn't include the two expansions from the original game, making you pay twice just to catch up with people who had b...

Facebook’s gaming hub comes to Android in limited beta

Facebook's new gaming hub is now available as a mobile app -- for a handful of people, that is. Sensor Tower and TechCrunch have noticed that has launched on Android in a limited beta test. It's ultimately a phone-optimized version of the por...

Introducing Some Fun Back into The Workplace!


Workplaces have the potential of being dreary, uninspiring and potentially boring environments, but this can quickly be turned around with the introduction of a little fun! And what better way of doing so than with your own, miniature Siege Weapon?!

URSA is a mechanically-simple addition to the workspace; it houses the ability to propel nerf-like darts across the office and start a mini-war! Its playfulness is emphasized through the visually interesting design; a translucent plastic reveals the mechanism that’s contained within the bottle-shaped body. This is mounted upon a futuristic, UFO-like form that looks as if it has come straight out of a Sci-Fi movie!

Red accents have been used to highlight key aspects of the device, from the over-sized key-ring to the tip of the projectile; these strikingly stand out from the muted grey tones of the remaining parts.

Designer: Dmitriy Baltovskiy