FIFA 18’s story mode has become the franchise’s best feature

When FIFA 17 came out last year, its standout feature was something called "The Journey." For the first time in the franchise's 24-year history, EA Sports added a story mode where you can pretend to live the life of a professional soccer (er, footbal...

For the Virtual Athelete


In probably the ultimate real-life virtual-life sports cross-over, JoyTops creates actual sports equipment based control buttons for joypads! The buttons feature real pieces of basketball/baseball/football cut into the shape of the joypad button. Imagine the endless hours gone into perfecting the skin of a baseball for optimal grip and throwing, or the vinyl of the basketball for grip and bounce. JoyTops allows gamers to get that very feel and comfort while gaming on their joypads.

The JoyTop traps the sports material between a molded ABS ring and a silicon base that allows the JoyTop to retrofit onto any joystick (irrespective of brand). The result is a much better gripping experience that was built by athletes for athletes.

Designer: DesignStein Studios for JoyTops







YouTube’s Twitch-like subscriptions are available to any channel

YouTube just stepped up its efforts to compete with the likes of Twitch and Mixer. As of today, YouTube Gaming's sponsorships (read: paid subscriptions) are open to any eligible creator. So long as you run a gaming channel that's enabled for livest...

‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ smashes Steam’s peak user record

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has broken another Steam record, and this time it might stick. The battle royale shooter just surpassed Valve's Dota 2 to claim the all-time record for peak player count, with 1.34 million gamers fighting for survival v...

‘Battleborn’ is winding down months after going free-to-play

Battleborn's move to a free-to-play model doesn't appear to have helped its chances. Gearbox has revealed that it's winding down work on the hero-based team shooter as the studio shifts its focus to a "highly anticipated" (but unnamed) project. The...

‘Adventure Time’ role-playing battles come to your smartphone

There are more than a few Adventure Time mobile games out there, but deep games? Not as many. However, YouGnome and Cartoon Network want to improve this state of affairs. They've just launched Champions and Challengers, a tactical game for Android...