Overwatch Doomfist Made Real: Metal Hulk Smash

In a recent episode of Make It Real from YouTube channel The Hacksmith, the crew built something pretty epic – a real-life version of Doomfist’s gauntlet from Overwatch. This thing is no joke. It weighs in at 45 pounds and packs approximately 2,600 pounds of pneumatic punching force.

Naturally, this power is used to destroy a bunch of random stuff. Stuff like mannequin heads, concrete blocks, a bicycle helmet, computers, speakers, ceramics, doors, even a 70″ plasma TV. The TV puts up the best fight. If you want to skip straight to the punching, it starts at 8:15.

Not to get too nerdy, but if you watch closely, it looks like it’s destructive power is mostly due to its weight, and not because of its pneumatic punch. You likely would get similar results without the pneumatics and just started smashing things with a 45 pound metal fist.

It’s still a pretty cool working prop though and its a fun project for Overwatch fans if you want to attempt to make one for yourself. But if you do, you better work out first, because this thing is super heavy. You’ll need a very strong arm to wield this heavy weapon.

[via Geekologie]

Inventor makes a real-world ‘Assassin’s Creed’ rope launcher

One of the centerpieces of Assassin's Creed Syndicate is Jacob Frye's wrist-mounted rope launcher -- he can scale buildings like a Victorian-era Batman. But would such a thing be possible in real life? If you ask Colin Furze, the answer is yes......

Classic Arcade Game Gauntlet Is Returning #NeedFoodBadly

1985′s Gauntlet was an amazing game that I spent way too many hours (and quarters) playing in the arcade. So I’m excited for its return so I can add even more hours to my record. Gauntlet fans have been waiting for this for some time.

gauntlet new 2014 620x351magnify

Arrowhead Game Studios is developing the game and it will be a top-down co-op action RPG for PCs (with Steam integration). All of your favorite characters will be back. Which will you play?

Each character will have its own strengths and weaknesses. The Warrior does the most damage in melee combat; the Wizard has the most powerful magic; the Valkyrie has the most armor, and the Elf is the fastest. Pretty much what you would expect. Check out the trailer for some gameplay footage:

It looks pretty awesome to me. The dungeons look a bit too much like Diablo III, but I can live with that, given that Diablo quite possibly wouldn’t exist if not for the original Gauntlet.

[via The Mary Sue]

+10 Electronic Dice Barbarian Gauntlet: -$70 to Budget

Last year we featured SparkFun’s guide for making an electronic dice gauntlet. The instructions are still available online, but if you have more money than electronics know-how, check out this very similar product from ThinkGeek, which was probably inspired by SparkFun’s DIY project.

10 electronic dice barbarian gauntlet from thinkgeek

Just like the DIY gauntlet, this one can also roll a variety of dice when you flick your arm while wearing it. It can simulate a 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-, 20- or 100-sided die and even roll two dice at once.

dice gauntlet 2

Aside from being furrier than SparkFun’s gauntlet, this version can also be used as a clock, a stopwatch and a timer.

The downside to this gadget is its price. ThinkGeek is selling it for $70 (USD), which might make it unappealing to all but the high rollers.