A Stunning Handcrafted Laser Cut Map of the United States With All Its Waterways Beautifully Illuminated

Maker AlexT9 created an absolutely stunning and highly detailed laser cut map of the United States that features all of the country’s waterways illuminated. Alex generously detailed the process for crafting this map on Instructables.The multi-part project combined several types of crafts. One of the first steps had AlexT9 illustrating the waterways. "This part probably took 8 hours in total," he wrote, and it involved him creating a vector file that the laser cutter followed and etched into plywood. Due to scale, some of the smaller rivers were only "fractions of a millimeter wide." He later explained, "Lots of planning went into making sure that the cut regions wouldn't cause sections to break off." After experimenting with different techniques, the final product was done in about two hours...(Read...)

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