Seetroën Glasses Relieve Motion Sickness, Look Ridiculous

French car maker Citroën is currently working on special glasses designed to help reduce motion sickness for passengers. Apparently, they can eliminate motion sickness while riding in a vehicle. Then you can remove them until your next trip or keep them on because you just can’t get enough ridicule.

Here’s how they supposedly work: They use four liquid-filled rings that simulate an artificial horizon so that the motions of the blue-dyed liquids seen by the wearer’s eyes match what their inner ear is detecting. It’s a fairly simple idea. And you don’t even need to wear the Seetroën glasses for your entire entire trip. Apparently, it takes about 10 to 12 minutes for most users’ brains to cooperate.

Sure, they look silly, but motion sickness is a serious thing for many people. This could help them to function better when in cars and boats and such. It’s unfortunate that these spectacles make people look so silly. If only they had focused more on style.

Citroën say that this approach should cover about 95 percent of the population. The other 5 percent? Guess you need to bring a sick bag.

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Crit Success D20 Beanie and Scarf Has 1-in-20 Chance of Keeping You Warm

It’s only June, but you don’t have to travel very far in Colorado to find snow still on some of the taller mountains. If you head to a higher altitude before noon on any morning and it feels like winter never left. Before you know it, kids will be in school and snow will be blowing in and you need a good chance of keeping yourself warm. Like a 1-in-20 chance.

This Crit Success D20 Beanie and Scarf Set will keep you toasty when the cold weather arrives. It comes with an 84″ long double-sided scarf with eight red D20s on each side and fuzzy tassels at the end. The beanie, or toboggan hat as we call them where I’m from, has a single D20 on its folded-up brim. Sadly, these one-size-fits-all hats rarely cover my ears thanks to my case of cranium enormous.

Dungeon masters, you can get your D20 beanie and hat at ThinkGeek for $29.99.

D20 Hat Gives You 1-in-20 Chance of Not Looking Like a Hipster Doofus

Back in the day, any time the dungeon master whipped out the 20-sided die, you knew you were in some deep crap. This D20 hat is perfect for the D&D geeks out there or your DM in your group, as long as they don’t mind looking a bit trendy.

ThinkGeek calls the hat a Crit Success d20 Banded Trilby, but I call it a hipster hat. It’s made from black straw and the grosgrain band is embellished with tiny dice in varying rolls.

This thing is a one-size-fits-most with a 23 1/2″ interior circumference. In other words, my big melon wouldn’t fit inside it. If your head fits, you can grab one at ThinkGeek for $29.99.

This Original Back to the Future II Sneaker Needs to Go Back to the Past

Time marches on and in the end, it gets us all. Back To The Future II’s sneakers, like the rest of us, are at time’s mercy. Currently offered on eBay is a single shoe (the left one) of one of the pairs of Nike Air Mags used in the production of the classic 1989 sci-fi comedy.

The back heelcup is just crumbs and the outsole completely separates from the rest of the shoe if you try and pick it up. Regardless of its distressed state, the auction has reached over $86,000 so far… for a single shoe… that is disintegrating.

You need to handle this thing like a sacred relic or it may fall apart further. It’s sad, but time gets us all in the end. Are you as depressed as I am?

[via Kotaku]

You Merely Adopted the Garden, I Was Born in It

Bane may have been born in darkness, but his pacifist brother, Fane, was born in the garden. If you want to roll around in his field of flowers, but have allergies, you can use the cool tech in this Allergen Filtration Mask. However, we expect you to talk in a deep and ridiculous accent whenever you wear this.

Yes, the mask looks really stupid, but it promises to let you breathe naturally through the nose and mouth while capturing, neutralizing, and decomposing 99.3% of the bacteria and particles larger than 0.4 microns. That means pollen, dust mites, mold spores, tobacco smoke, and pet dander won’t make it to your nose or mouth.

The mask is made of cloth that is waterproof and has an integrated exhalation valve and elastic ear bands to keep it on your face. It sells for $79.99 and is available on Hammacher Schlemmer. Perhaps once you put on the mask, somebody will care who you are.

Just a Predator Riding a Xenomorph Motorcycle

Well, here’s something that you don’t see every day. Apparently, rather than just kill this Xenomorph and take a trophy, this Predator decided to humiliate his kill and turn it into a kickass motorcycle. Now it will always be his slave on the open road.

Now that’s not really a Predator, but it’s a cosplayer from Thailand riding his awesome custom motorcycle. This person knows how to live. I’ll say that. It’s a great way to get the hell out quickly when you have to activate your nuclear bomb and kill Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even care if this was a scene from the new Predator movie. In fact, it makes me want a Predator motorcycle gang movie, with Predators riding across the country behaving badly. I envision it as a comedy. And it’s all good until they encounter the Xenomorph gang. Then it’s war. Until a brave woman named Ripley brings the two forces together and ushers in peace. Beautiful. I think it might win an Oscar.

Damn, that is a badass bike though. Okay, I’m out of here. I have to get started on this screenplay.

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Build Your Own Cardboard Darth Vader Costume

This Halloween, there’s no need to spend a crazy amount of money on a Darth Vader costume. Anyway, it would just sit in the closet for the rest of the year. Instead, build yourself a cardboard Darth Vader costume. Japanese stationery brand Showa Note has created this inexpensive, do-it-yourself cardboard outfit that looks pretty cool.

You’re going to look awesome in this corrugated black helmet and chest plate. And guess what? It will only cost you about $36. I, this is probably the best last-minute costume you can buy, because it doesn’t look last minute. The Force is strong with this costume, it surrounds us, binds us…

Unfortunately, getting your hands on this outside of Japan will likely increase the cost significantly. Still, it’s totally worth it. This costume looks damn cool, no matter when you wear it.

[via io9]

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Pilot Helmet Replica: Red Five, Standing By!

Star Wars fans looking to add to their collection will want to save up their loot to get hands on this awesome Luke Skywalker rebel pilot helmet prop replica. The helmet is a dead ringer for the one Luke wore during the trench run in Episode IV, and was created based on scans and measurements from an original screen-worn prop.

Priced at $399, this isn’t a cheap kid’s toy. The outer shell is made from ABS plastic, and handpainted to duplicate the look of the real thing. It even has the mic boom sticking in front of the mouth so you can talk to Jek Porkins. The helmet can be adjusted to fit up to a us hat size 8.

Entertainment Earth will have the helmet in stock for shipment come January 2019, but pre-orders are open now.

The Martian mVoice Smart Watch Is the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day may only come around once a year, but hey – fathers are fathers all year, and it’s about time they were rewarded with a little something they can enjoy year-round. Treat the fathers in your life (or yourself, if you’re a father, too) with a Martian mVoice Smart Watch.

The Martian mVoice AE series is a stylish timepiece that’s perfect for encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. While it may look like a traditional analog watch, it’s actually packed with technology, and can provide turn-by-turn navigation, notifications from your most used apps, and compatibility with the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. You can place or accept phone calls with a simple tap, and you can even use the watch as a control for snapping group photos. If you’re about to accidentally leave your phone somewhere, your watch will give you a warning. It works all of this magic via a Bluetooth connection to your Android or iOS smartphone.

So do something nice for Dad this year, and treat him to a Martian mVoice Smart Watch. Get one for only $69.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Minor League Baseball Team to Wear Mister Rogers’ Cardigan Jerseys

As a child of the ’80s, I have watched lots and lots of episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and the thing I always wanted most was one of those little trolley cars to carry stuff around my house for me. The show creeped me out a bit, and did nothing to make cardigans more popular.

That zip-up sweater was the childrens’ show host’s most iconic bit of apparel, and now a minor league baseball team will soon wear jerseys that look like one of his famed cardigans. South Bend, Indiana’s Class-A farm team the South Bend Cubs will wear the jerseys on August 12th.

The fancy jerseys will be trotted out in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the show that taught kids around the world to be good neighbors and to wear house shoes. Clips from the series will be shown on video boards throughout the game as well. There will be no jersey replicas sold to the public, but you can bid on the game-worn shirts in an auction to benefit the local PBS station.

[via Boing Boing]