Cryptocurrency Ugly Sweaters Are Already Worth Double What You Paid for Them

One of the biggest buzzwords in finance and investing these days is “cryptocurrency.” These tiny packets of computer-signed, highly-secure, and highly-elusive data represent value, and are trading at ever more insane rates of exchange due to their rarity. Think of it as a modern-day gold rush, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin surging to more than 17 times their value 12 months ago. Of course, their value could drop just as rapidly as they increase, and the process of selling and trading can take days, so it’s a risky game to play with money you can’t afford to lose. That said, these cryptocurrency sweaters shouldn’t have the same type of insane valuation shifts.

The guys at HODLMOON are making a series of ugly holiday sweaters, inspired by well-known cryptocurrencies, and they’re actually pretty awesome. They’re showing off their knit sweaters in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin designs, as well as some of the lesser-known monetary units like Monero, Neo, and Polymath. Each one features the currency’s logo, along with its financial symbol stitched in like snowflakes.

They’re available in sizes Small through 3XL, and made from 100% acrylic. Best of all, they’re just $59.99 US Dollars each, which is like 0.003509 of a Bitcoin at today’s exchange rate. So how can you afford not to buy one?!?!? It’s a sure thing!

[via @TaylorLorenz via Laughing Squid]

Light-up Bow Tie: Bringing on the Glitz

The holidays are nearly upon us and it’s party time! Whether you’re going to a classy affair or partying hard at the club, these light up bow ties are sure to be a conversation starter at any event.

The tie can be turned to on, off, or blink modes, so it can go from ordinary to extraordinary with the flick of a switch. The mini battery pack has velcro and an adhesive back to stick to the inside of your shirt, which means it stays concealed while you’re wearing it. Wear it to concerts, clubs, bars, parties, and more. This deal is the perfect office white elephant gift, or holiday party outfit accent piece, and it’s just $15.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Space Invaders Holiday Sweater: Pew Pew Pew!

Destroy the brigade of rapidly moving aliens before they mow down your bases! With this festive Space Invaders sweater, you’ll be equipped to blast blocky 8-bit invaders with your laser cannon everywhere you go.

An army of little invaders is here to celebrate the season, while the giant alien in the middle is ready to stomp a bunch of pine trees, which also happens to be the easiest way to chop them down for Christmas trees. The brightly colored acrylic sweater eschews traditional colors and goes with eye-popping near-fluorescent shades of pink, green, and aqua. There, I finally got to use the word “eschews” in a sentence. It was that or “What rhymes with cashews?…”

So increase speed, drop down, and reverse direction over to ThinkGeek now, where you can grab the Space Invaders holiday sweater for $49.99.

Mario and Zelda Holiday Sweaters: Merry Nintendomas!

Who said ugly sweaters had to be ugly? This year, why not celebrate the holiday season with some of your favorite Nintendo characters? With these festive Mario and Zelda sweaters, you’ll be ready to enter the world of classic 8-bit gaming just by getting dressed in the morning.

The first officially-licensed design features images of Mario jumping over a warp pipe with a piranha plant sticking out of it. Instead of sugar plums, visions of gold coins, 1up mushrooms, and power stars will dance in your head. It’s done up in a festive pale blue, red, and peach color scheme, and will look great paired with a pair of jeans.

The Legend of Zelda sweater features our green-tuniced, pointy-hatted hero Link, as he sets off on a journey to find power, courage, and wisdom in the land of Hyrule. Its decorated with images of a wooden sword, Triforce bits, and some 8-bit snowflakes to put you in the holiday spirit.

Both sweaters are made from 100% acrylic and are machine washable in cold water. They’re available over at ThinkGeek now for $49.99 each.

TokyoFlash Blade Carbon Fiber Watch Is a Super Slick Way to Tell Time

If you look back at Technabob over the years, you’ll notice that we’ve featured a number of cool watches from TokyoFlash Japan. In recent years, they haven’t been as prolific as back in the day, but they’re still coming up with some really neat and unusual timepieces, like this awesome looking design shown here.

The new Blade watch is their first watch to feature real carbon fiber components, and has a neat, sculpted display which looks a lot like a turbine fan. It’s got a matching black leather band with a carbon fiber surface effect to complete the look.

The watch is available with red, blue, or green LED tubes to display time, which appear as a set of lines which can either blink in position to indicate the current time, or can also replicate the hands on a traditional analog dial. The watch also has an alarm mode, and is rechargeable via a USB cable.

Best of all, the Blade carbon fiber watch is reasonably priced, at just $169. You can order one now over on the TokyoFlash website.

These Book Bags Really Look Like Books

Do you or someone you know love to read books? Then check out these sweet book bags which are inspired by popular books. Each bag features artwork from a famous literary work, and is sure to be a great conversation starter.

Moscow-based Krukru Studio recently launched their new Book Bags shop, which is loaded with cool designs based on everything from The Little Prince, to Harry Potter, to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Because of their boxy design, the bags are spacious inside too, and each one features the title of the book on its spine as well.

The bags are available in a variety of colors of faux and real leather depending on the book. Krukru can also embellish the inside of your bag with the first page from the book for a small additional cost.

Krukru’s Book Bags range from $90 to $245, depending on size and material, and it’s another $20 if you want the interior page art. There are more than 100 book designs available in their shop, so head over to Etsy now and check them all out.

Thor and Captain America Winter Hats Are MARVELously Warm

If there’s one thing I learned from my mother, it’s that 250% of my body heat leaves through my head and I need to put a hat on or I’ll catch a death of cold. That said, I still don’t wear hats in the winter as much as I really should. Maybe I’d wear a hat more often if it looked like one of these.

Avenge the cold this winter with these cozy looking and officially-licensed Thor and Captain America hats. While they’re both likely to keep your head warm, Thor design is definitely the better of the two with its helmet-inspired shape and mighty Mjolnir icon.

Captain America fans will have to settle for a more traditional hunter’s cap, just decked out with the Cap’s shield/logo on their dome. But those ear flaps do sure look warm and fuzzy at least, and if you’re going to be frozen in the ice for 70 years, your head shouldn’t be cold, should it?

Both hats are available exclusively from ThinkGeek, and sell for $24.99(USD) each.

These Back to the Future Air Mag Booties Won’t Lace Themselves

Do you have a toddler in your house? Are you a Back to the Future fan? Then you’ve gotta get your kid a pair of these amusing baby booties made to look like Marty McFly’s famed Nike Air Mag shoes.

These handmade Air Mag booties are available from FifthAvenue5, and crocheted from organic yarn. They don’t offer the self-lacing feature of the ones seen in Back to the Future II, but they still look awesome, and they look easy enough for you to put on your kid’s feet.

While they’re probably best as baby booties, they can be made in sizes from US 0.5 baby up to size 7 youth, so if you’ve got small enough feet, you can grab a pair for yourself too. Prices range from $25.90 up to $53 (USD), depending on size, and they’re available from FifthAvenue5’s Etsy shop.

Show Them What You Got with This Rick Sanchez Costume Head

If you and your pal are thinking of dressing up as Rick and Morty this Halloween, the guys at GearProps have got one of you covered. You’ll be the life of any party with this handmade Rick Sanchez costume head.

The full head mask offers up a 3-dimensional version of everyone’s favorite alcoholic granddad, complete with a little bit of green vomit dripping from his mouth, and spiky blue hair. It’s sculpted from polyurethane plastic, along with a foam interior for comfort and fit, and then hand-painted to complete the look.

According to the image, it’s a pre-order, plus it has to ship all the way from Russia, so I’m not sure if you can have it in time for this Halloween, but at least you’ll be ready for 2018. Of course, if you had a portal gun, you could just head over to GearProps’ HQ and grab this one right now.

Rugrats Inflatable Reptar Costume Ready for Halloween Antics

Did you love watching Rugrats back in the ’90s? The series was one of those great Nickelodeon cartoons that proved that animation wasn’t just for kids, and packed the show with humor that adults could enjoy too.

One of the recurring characters that turned up occasionally on the show was Reptar – a city-stomping dinosaur who not only was the brand mascot for a breakfast cereal that turned milk green, he had his own candy bars, and starred in a musical on ice. If you love Reptar as much as I do, then you’ll want to pick up this awesome inflatable Reptar costume.

I suggest wearing this for Halloween, and getting some of your pals to dress up as as the Rugrats themselves. There’s a good Chuckie costume available over on Amazon for less than 30 bucks. I think I’d toss some toy cars on the ground that I could smash too.

You can grab the Reptar inflatable costume over at ThinkGeek for $79.99(USD).