Panasonic Wear Space Are Horse Blinders for Humans

If you have ever worked in a large, open office you know how hard it can be to concentrate. You have probably also thought that management treated the lot of you like livestock. Now Panasonic’s design house Future Life Factory has confirmed that office drones are nothing but livestock with horse blinders for people.

This ridiculous looking contraption is called Wear Space and is meant to create “psychological personal space” for office workers. This is created by using sides that stick out and block the weirdo sitting next to you from your peripheral vision. So, you don’t have to hear your fellow drones breathe or talk about what they did after work yesterday, Wear Space also includes noise cancellation tech, and bluetooth audio playback to help drown out the world.

In case you are thinking Wear Space is a joke, it’s not. In fact, it’s available for preorder via a Japanese crowdfunding campaign, and has already raised more than half of its 15 million yen (~$133,000 USD) goal. It will set office drones back at least ¥29,000, which is about $259 (USD). And no, your company won’t let you expense one. Your coworkers will make fun of you for wearing this thing, and rightly so.

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Fortnite Holiday Sweaters Bring a Battle Royale to Your Office Xmas Party

It seems like Fortnite is taking over the universe. The game is the most popular shooter on the planet, and now Epic Games is pushing Fortnite into the real world. It’s not going to make you kill everyone for a chicken dinner mind you. However, just in time for Christmas and that holiday work party, they’re putting out a series of Fortnite sweaters.

The collection includes knit sweaters inspired by the game, with cheeky names like “Merry Marauder,”Flossin’ Around the Xmas Tree,” “And A Llama In A Pear Tree,” and “Have A Bear-y, Merry Xmas Brite Gunner.”

The Fortnite knit sweaters sell for $54.99 each. For a sweater you’ll probably only wear once a year, that’s not exactly cheap. They will ship in November, just in time for your office party. These things are limited in numbers so pre-order yours now via Merchoid – they’re about midway down the page, as you scroll past a variety of other ugly and geeky sweaters.


Game Boy Air Jordans: Nintenshoes

Take note, sneaker collectors. Game Boy Air Jordans are here. They may not have a cartridge slot, but these kicks look great. Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks produces super-small runs of custom sneakers and fans can’t get enough of them. Their retro Air Jordans IV’s include NES versions and now there’s a Game Boy pair that looks amazing.

The shoe backs have the handheld’s d-pad and two face buttons embedded on them, while the front flaps have Super Mario Land’s box art and an image from the Game Boy’s green-tinted LCD screen.

One nice bonus is that the buttons are press-able and they include a Game Boy cartridge as a hang tag. So sneaker fans who are also Game Boy fans can only drool over these bad boys. One interesting fact that collectors should know is that both the Air Jordan IVs and the handheld were released in 1989, making this a perfect pop culture mashup.

Just be prepared to pay up. They’re $1,350 a pair, and only 10 pairs will be made. Sadly, that means that most of us mere mortals will never hold them in our hands, let alone put them on our feet. I’m jealous, but congrats to those lucky 10 buyers. Now you’re playing with power.

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Crocheted Predator Halloween Costume Is Cute and Creepy

Let me introduce you to the world’s cutest Predator costume; an all-crocheted kid’s Predator costume to be precise. Thankfully instead of trophies like spines, armor and other bones, this predator is happy to walk away with a bag of Halloween candy and call it a night.

This awesome costume was made by Crochetverse for her six-year-old son. Forget wearing one of those cheap plastic Ninja Turtle masks or Optimus Prime, this costume wins Halloween. In a sea of Black Panthers and Wonder Women, this bad boy stands out. As a bonus, this will be the warmest costume out there on Halloween night.

Crochetverse only recently allowed her son to see the movie and apparently, he loved it. So she crocheted this. Now that’s a good mom. She could have just put some aluminum foil over a cardboard box and told him to be a robot. She actually has a history of making her son cool costumes. In the past she has made E.T., Pennywise the clown, and more. I hope that my mom is paying attention to this.

Will you look this awesome on Halloween night? No, you will not.

[via Nerdist via Geekologie]

DivvyUp Will Put Your Dog’s Face on Your Socks

Our dog has a plethora of toys, yet he always goes for the socks. Why is that? DivvyUp socks might have been around for a while, but I just ran across it while looking for something cool to get my daughter for her birthday. She loves her dog basically more than anything, so I thought these were perfect.

Simply upload a picture of your dog, and then DivvyUp will take his or her fuzzy face and print it onto a pair of colorful socks. They aren’t exactly cheap at $24 per pair plus $3 shipping, but they are awesome, and make a perfect, personalized gift for any pet lover.

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You can also choose to put your own face on your socks, your cat on socks, or get multiple animal faces on the same sock. Multiple sizes and color options are available. Order yours direct at DivvyUp.

Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Halloween Costume

This Halloween, earn that candy by playing on people’s emotions. Once they see you in this amazing Han Solo in Carbonite Halloween Costume, they will be transported back to the moment that Han was frozen by Jabba and they will feel sorry for you and just shower you with candy. Like, they will drop whole bags of candy in your trick or treat bag, because it was sad when Han got stuck in the deep freeze.

You don’t even have to go trick or treating in this thing to have some fun on Halloween night either. You can redecorate a front room and turn it into Jabba’s palace, have someone dress up as Jabba the Hutt, while you dress up in this costume and prop yourself on the wall. Heck, you could put on a full reenactment of the movie scenes if you want… ten let the candy flow.

This costume inflates and the mask and gloves are separate pieces. It also has a battery operated fan to keep inflated. If you do wear this and go trick or treating, it will be fun when them friends complain about how cold it is, because you can tell them that at least they aren’t frozen in carbonite.

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Star Trek TNG Uniform Lounge Pants Are Perfect for Comfort in Your Quarters

Before you know it, ice cold temperatures will be here, and you will want some nice, warm pants to lounge around in. These Star Trek TNG Uniform Lounge Pants look geeky and warm. These are perfect for hanging out over the coming holidays thanks to an elastic stretch drawstring waist, perfect for eating big meals.

There are pockets on the front for your stuff, and they are offered in Security Blue, Command Gold, or Engineering Red,  color schemes. Though if you buy the red pants and go on an away mission you will probably be disintegrated in the transporter on the way back. Each pair also has pips on the right side showing your rank with red offering captain pips, blue commander pips, and gold Lt. Commander.

Each pair sells for $24.99 at ThinkGeek and they come in sizes from Small to Extra Large. Like most pants of this sort, they are very long with small offering a 42″ outseam, so expect them to be baggy and casual.

I’ve Got Pac-Man Fever, And The Only Cure Is These Boxer Briefs

Do you have Pac-Man fever? Is it driving you crazy? Well, calm down my arcade loving friend. Wear these Pac-Man Boxer Briefs. They’re perfect for when things get too hot and you just have to play Pac-Man for hours in your shorts. The rest of us will just enjoy them under our pants.

Even though I’m not aware of any actual documented cases of Pac-Man Fever, it’s obviously a withdrawal symptom from not playing the game. I can only assume that the victim runs a fever and starts burning up. So they take off all of their clothes, stripping down to their skivvies while making WAKKA-WAKKA-WAKKA noises. So now you have something appropriate to wear when it hits you.

You get three pairs of button fly boxer briefs with contrasting buttons and a stretchy elastic waistband. They come packed in a tin because it’s the future.

Man, we are living the dream in 2018. Best timeline. You’re telling me I can buy 3 pairs of boxers in a damn tin? With Pac-Man all over them? Sweet. The set of three will set you back $39.99 from ThinkGeek. I’m waiting for a Galaga set myself. Or maybe Space Invaders.

Infinity Gauntlet Slippers: The Power to Rule the Floor

Feel just like Thanos with these officially-licensed Avengers: No Infinity Stone Unturned Slippers.They will be warm and cozy and give you that fuzzy feeling that only Thanos can deliver.

Let’s face it, gauntlets are heavy and get in the way. Plus it’s just hard to do stuff with your hand when you are wearing heavy metal gauntlets. Wearing slippers is a much better option. I can see Stan Lee wearing these around the house, snapping his fingers, and making people disappear. I can also picture Thanos wearing these with a robe, like the Big Lebowski and having a white russian.

These gold slippers have faux infinity gems, but real comfort. You might say they are MARVEL-ous and that they’ll give you INFINITY comfort. These are perfect for anyone who likes to lounge around the house, but also wants to rule the universe, while being too lazy to actually do it, so they just watch Netflix instead. In other words, me. Yeah, that sounds like me. Just ordered two pairs.

They are available for preorder from Merchoid for just $17 and ship in December. You better get these slippers while you can. They won’t be around for very long.

LED Space Fleece Blanket Keeps You Warm and Blinky

It’s starting to get cooler here in Colorado already. Mornings at altitude already require a jacket. That means that before you know it I’ll be channeling my dad and yelling at people about turning the furnace up too high and urging them to use blankets instead. Maybe if our blankets weren’t the itchy crap my wife tends to buy, people would actually use them. I’d definitely use this blinky space blanket.

It’s not the silver reflective sort mind you. This is a plush fleece throw that has an astronaut on it, along with 18 LEDs around it that flash intermittently. The LEDs are supposed to make it seem as if you are looking at a night sky.

The LEDs glow and flash tanks to a trio of AA batteries, and you must remove the battery compartment if you plan to wash it. It measures in at 45″ x 60″, so it should cover most of you. ThinkGeek has this blinky blanket for $39.99 right now.