Tweed Chewbacca Blazer: Laugh It up, Fuzzball

I think the best part about being a Wookiee would be that you never have to wear fancy clothes to anything. All you need is a bandolier and maybe an occasional trip to the groomer. On the other hand, we humans do occasionally have to dress up. At least you can do it geekily if you must. This Star Wars Chewbacca Blazer looks like a version of a jacket my dad had back in the ’80s, complete with elbow patches.

The jacket is made from tweed, the itchy fabric of all the formal affairs I can remember growing up. It has a pair of buttons on the front, pockets with a flap and a left chest welt pocket, and the lining is embellished with headshots of Chewie. Its most noticeable nods to Chewbacca are the rebel crest, and the bandolier detailing on the back.

The jacket is 80% polyester, 20% rayon, and has 100% polyester lining. It is dry clean only, and will set you back $119.99 at ThinkGeek.

Glowing Constellation Dress Will Make You a Super Star

This is a very cool dress. It’s varying shades of blue and black and has stars all over it. In fact some of these stars make constellations. What makes it extra cool is that the constellations glow in the dark when the lights are off. It might be bright enough to keep you from getting run over at night, but I wouldn’t risk it. Maybe if you wore a hat with black lights on it, but only then.

It’s an above-the-knee dress, and made from 100% cotton with a zipper in the back and one of those keyholes that produces some really weird tan lines. In other words, you might want to be careful if you try and charge up the glowy bits by standing in the bright sun.

You can get the constellation dress over at ThinkGeek for $49.99.


The Simple Rubiks Cube’s Got Nothing On The X-Cube


Look, there are people solving Rubiks’ Cubes in less than 6 seconds; the world record stands at 5.25s! So as much as the little puzzles do stump the average, casual player, it’s fair to say that an upgrade was needed. That’s where the X-Cube comes in. It’s the next generation of complexity in 3D puzzles:

The X-Cube can take on 594,469,003,618,866,131,911,871,299,584,000,000,000 (5.94*10^38, or 594 novemdecillion ) different permutations. That’s over 13 quintillion times more permutations than the original 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube.

Is it impossible to solve? Well, according to the company if you can solve a 3X3X3 Cubiks, you can solve this. Eventually. Maybe with some help.

It’s $32.


[ Product Page ]

Opposuits Releases Star Wars Suits


A little over a year ago we wrote about Opposuits’ PacMac Suits. We thought back then that these were the bee’s knees, but now that we’ve seen the company’s Star Wars suits, we have to reconsider. They come in two flavours called “Strong Force” and “Stormtrooper” and will definitely make… some kind of statement wherever you wear them. What’s even better is you’ll be able to own either one without breaking the bank, since they asking price is $110, with up to a 10% discount if you buy 10 of them at once.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ LaughingSquid ]

DIY Burning Psylocke Psionic Blade: Telepyrokinesis

Last year, we checked out a lightsaber replica that used a stream of flammable liquid as a substitute for the blade. The Hacksmith had a similar idea for a real life version of Psylocke’s psi-blade. But because Betsy’s blade is wider and wilder than the Jedi weapon, its maker opted to engulf a katana in flames.

burning_psylocke_psionic_blade_by_the_hacksmith_1zoom in

The Hacksmith made a flammable mixture that results in a long-lasting purplish fire. Then he drilled holes in the katana’s blade and threaded a wick around the blade. He then soaked the blade in his secret fiery sauce. He embedded a plasma lighter into the katana’s handle so he can light up the weapon on demand.

Do it with wrist-mounted blades and you have a Protoss variant.

[via Laughing Squid]

DIY Mechanical PONG Table: Mag Hockey

YouTuber Daniel Perdomo and his friends made one of the coolest video game replicas of the year so far. It’s a physical replica of the classic game PONG. It’s basically a magnetic, mechanical version of air hockey.

diy_pong_table_by_daniel_perdomo_1zoom in

The ball moves back and forth not due to the force from the paddles but because of a magnet below the glass surface. An arm moves the magnet along the x and y axis. A couple of Arduino microcontrollers handle how the ball behaves when it’s “hit.” It even seems like you can play against the table, or have it control both paddles for an ancient Let’s Play session. A pair of hard drive platters  were turned into rotary encoders to mimic the Atari knob controllers. The scoreboard, interactive LEDs around the playing field and graphics on the side of the table complete the homage. You can skip to 4:03 in the video below to see the finished table, or watch the whole thing to see how it all came together.

I hope it has the table makes PONG‘s blip and buzz sound effects too. Hack A Day says Daniel and his co-creators are looking for investors and business partners so they can start an arcade machine business to sell more units.

[via Hack A Day]

Hyper Light Drifter Collector’s Edition Comes with SNES Cartridge: 2016-Bit

Heart Machine’s critically-acclaimed action RPG Hyper Light Drifter wears its 16-bit influence on its sleeve, from its graphics to its gameplay and now to its Collector’s Edition, which comes with a decorative – i.e. empty – SNES cartridge.

hyper_light_snes_collectors_edition_1zoom in

Actually, everything in the bundle looks like it’s for an SNES game – the box, the cart and yes, the physical manual. It also comes with a 24″x 18″ world map poster. The telltale sign that it’s a modern game is that the game itself isn’t included, only a download code for a Steam, PS4 or Xbox One copy of the game.

hyper_light_snes_collectors_edition_2zoom in

hyper_light_snes_collectors_edition_4 hyper_light_snes_collectors_edition_3 hyper_light_snes_collectors_edition_8 hyper_light_snes_collectors_edition_7 hyper_light_snes_collectors_edition_6 hyper_light_snes_collectors_edition_5

Blow on your browser and pre-order the Hyper Light Drifter Collector’s Edition from iam8bit for $65 (USD).

ELLO 2M DIY Laptop: A BASIC Computer

Today, even single board computers are locked in an arms race of size and power. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but Konstantin Dimitrov thinks that for budding programmers and electronic engineers, simplicity and soul will go a long way. That’s why he designed the ELLO 2M, a DIY laptop that’s mostly made of stacked circuit boards.

ello_2m_diy_basic_laptop_1zoom in

The ELLO 2M’s body consists of six PCBs, while the keyboard’s keys are simply punched on a metal sheet. The computer is controlled by Geoff Graham’s Micromite, a 32-bit PIC microcontroller based on his version of BASIC called MMbasic. It also has a 7″ 800×480 LCD touchscreen, three microSD cards (two are removable), an RF module, a speaker, a 4500mAh battery and an optional prototyping board with 1156 holes.

ello_2m_diy_basic_laptop_2zoom in

ello_2m_diy_basic_laptop_3zoom in

ello_2m_diy_basic_laptop_4zoom in

ello_2m_diy_basic_laptop_7zoom in

ello_2m_diy_basic_laptop_6zoom in

Konstantin hopes that the ELLO 2M is simple enough that the people who use it will learn to maximize the hardware’s capabilities and be focused on honing the fundamentals of programming or electronics.

Pledge at least $65 (USD) on Crowd Supply to receive just the ELLO 2M’s boards in return; pledge at least $180 to receive a fully built computer as a reward. Check out Konstantin’s GitHub page for the ELLO 2M’s documentation.

[via Gadgetify]