Moviepass Announces $6.95 Annual Plan For People Who Like Going To The Movies

If you haven’t heard of Moviepass yet, you should change that. It’s a subscription service that allows users to head to their local theater and see a movie once per day, everyday. They made headlines earlier this year when they announced a huge price drop from $30 per month to $10 month. And now they’re making headlines again by announcing a one year plan for $90 which works out to $7 a month.

The service is crazy simple, you subscribe and get sent a card in the mail, then check into a movie when you arrive at the theater and use the card to pay. It’s an incredible deal for anyone that goes to the movies even semi-regularly, and even if you use the card once per month, you’re still usually saving a couple bucks.

Infact, it’s such a good value that analysts are wondering how their business model works, as Moviepass actually pays for your ticket, and with the average movie tickets costing $8.84, they supposedly start losing money after you’ve seen 2 movies in a month.

Oh well, let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, we’re not sponsored by them (It’s just a good service), so to prove it, I’ll say something bad about them. The Moviepass App isn’t that easy to navigate. See, we don’t have sponsors here, and even if we did, I promise I’d ruin that partnership real fast.

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This Borg Computer Fits On Your Desk/Can Probably Destroy Alderaan

The Borg Cube is one of the most recognizable ships in all of science fiction. It’s so iconic that even I know what it looks like, and I’ve never even Star Trek. Well, now you can go out and buy your very own functional Borg Ship Computer. Neat.

It’s an officially licensed computer and comes in at a tiny 6x6x6 size, so it’s perfect for keeping on your desk, right next to Darth Vader. The computer itself even has pretty decent specs, with the base model including an i-3 7100 and can be optioned up to an i-7 7700K.

No word yet on whether this computer can be used to destroy Alderaan, but if I’m correct, than it can certainly bring unbalance to the force. Again, never seen Star Trek, but I’m sure there’s an Alderaan in there somewhere. Heck, there’s probably a Han Solo too, I mean who else is going to captain the main ship? Some bald British actor? Be serious.

Prices start at $599, so if you’re a fan of the show, pick one up and this thing will have your friends saying “That’s no moon!”.

“Hey writer, have you seen anything besides Star Wars?”


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Pre-Black Friday Sale: Get Up to $200 Off on Amazon Golden Deals

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Cook like a pro with the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker, which is just $95 today. Get perfectly cooked meats of restaurant-quality. It’s super easy to use. Just attach it to any pot, add water, and drop in your ingredients in a sealed bag. Super straightforward.

SagaPlay Pro Self-Balancing Scooter

For your kid this Christmas (or for any adult who would like a convenient mode of transport). Here’s the SagaPlay Pro Self-Balancing Scooter that can climb slopes and handle any terrain. It lasts for over an hour and can travel a 9-mile range.

Eufy Genie Smart Speaker

If you want a more affordable smart speaker that is also Alexa-compatible, try this Eufy Genie Smart Speaker. It’s a voice-controlled speaker that can play your music, answer your questions, set schedules, report the weather, and more. It’s only $20 today.

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Milo Wi-Fi System: Adding Reliability to an Unreliable Network

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Milo Wifi for SponsoredTweets. All opinions are 100% mine.

Internet speeds have been held back for several years, and setting up and connecting to the internet at home has become increasingly difficult. That’s where Milo wants to make a difference. The Milo Wifi System is able to add coverage, reliability and flexibility to any existing Wi-Fi setup, and its simple setup process makes it a breeze to get it up and running.

Milo can be configured as its own Wi-Fi network, without the need of a router; or it can be configured as an addition to your existing router and network. Adding Milo to your existing network will allow your Wi-Fi network to reach farther and faster. It does this using a feature called SmartSeek which constantly checks your connections and adjusts them to give improved performance.

When I setup Milo, I used the recommended configuration of adding it onto my additional router. I saw increased speeds from areas in my house that normally take long to load webpages. Using Milo I’ve seen about a 20-30% improvement from both uploading and downloading speeds.

While the increased speeds have been nice, the biggest benefit of adding Milo into my network has been the increased reliability. Before, my internet while playing Overwatch would suffer with small dips and random lagging every so often. It was enough that I’d have to reset my router every few days. This problem affects many gamers, whose unreliable connections to the internet have caused countless losses and have resulted in thousands of online casualties. But once I connected Milo, my internet has become significantly more reliable, and my lagging and disconnects have essentially ceased fully.

Along with the increased reliability, I love the improvement in range I’ve begun to see. My living room had been a very weak area for my network to reach, causing our Smart TV to stop and buffer several times while watching Netflix, but by putting the additional unit in the kitchen between the living room and the computer room (with the router), Netflix has been loading movies significantly faster and without breaks to buffer. By having Milo extend my network, I’m able to use my fast Wi-Fi throughout my house, instead of hitting dead spots where my internet feels like it came from 1996.

Milo comes with one base unit as well as, either 1 or 2 additional units depending on the size of your home and the needs of its users. A 2-pack will work well for Wi-Fi networks up to 2,000 sq. ft., and a 3-pack will work well on Wi-Fi networks up to 4,000 sq. ft. And setting up Milo is incredibly easy, simply connect the base unit to either your modem, or existing router (depending on which way you chose to use Milo) power up the additional unit(s) and configure the network using the Milo Wi-Fi app.

It’s available for $129 and $189 for the 2-pack or 3-pack respectively. Overall, adding Milo to your existing network is a good solution for anyone who feels like their network has been a little too unreliable, or could stand to have better range.

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Get Up to $100 Savings on Garmin Sports Watches and Trackers Today

Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire

Love the outdoors? This Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire will make you love it even more. The multisport GPS watch equipped with navigation features gives you your training stats and the capability to track challenging environments like mountainous terrains. The rugged design can keep track with your active lifestyle. Get $100 off it today.

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch

If golf is your sport, then it’s best to get this Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch instead. The elegant watch makes it easy to track your performance by recording and analyzing your shot distances. The CourseView feature updates your frequently played courses for no additional charges and it pairs with Garmin TruSwing sensor for metrics that could evaluate your swing consistency. Get it for only $130 today.

Lastly, there’s the Garmin Vivosmart Tracker. The tracker monitors your steps, calories, floors climbed, activity intensity, and heart rate. Know how you’re doing with your fitness stats by just glancing at it. It has an always-on display which shows your stats, even in sunlight. It also alerts you of calls, emails, calendar events, and important social media notifications. Save 49% today at its sale price of only $77.

Yeehaw Wand AR 3D Design & Printing Device

Introducing the Yeehaw Wand AR 3D Design & Printing Device. It’s a new digital brush that makes it easy to use AR technology to create, play, and print 3D designs. And, there’s no experience needed. You can see your designs come to life on your phone or tablet and play with your 3D creations as if they’re floating in front of you.

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The Key Armory Has Keys Modeled After Famous Swords

If you’ve ever dreamed about owning your own house so that you could get a house key in the shape of the Legend of Zelda’s Master Sword or Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade than…maybe you should aim higher. But, I suppose you’re in luck as now as that oddly-easily fulfilled dream can become an reality.

The Key Armory sells blank keys that look like you’re favorite video game swords. You have the ‘Hero’s Sword’ or the ‘Kingdom Key’ *wink wink*, as well as plenty of other great designs that will have you hiding your keys in embarrassment everytime you visit your family.

Some of the designs are great and they’re super cheap at only about $12 per blank key. Check them out.

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Nonda Zus Car Key Finder

Never be without your keys again with the Nonda Zus Car Key Finder. Delightfully simple, this fob attaches to your set of keys with ease. Then, if you ever misplace them, simply open the app on your smartphone and tap. The app instantly sends an alert to the Key Finder. Impressively, it disperses an alert at a whopping 85dB so you can find them no matter where they may be.

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Get Up to 63% Off on Amazon Best Sellers: Anker Wireless Headphones, TaoTronics Soundbar, and VTech Kids Smartwatch

Anker Wireless Headphones

Work out with your favorite playlist with this Anker Wireless Headphones. It has a superior sound quality with a noise cancellation feature so you can focus on your routine. It’s water-resistant so there’s no worry about sweating with this one on. It lasts for 12.5 hours.

TaoTronics Soundbar

Chill while streaming your favorite movies or listening to your music at home with this TaoTronics Soundbar. This Amazon Best Seller features 4 full-range speakers and 2 passive radiators. It also facilitates wireless connection for an easy and clean set up.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Equip your kids with this VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch and engage their imagination. The watch has fun games and activities for your kids and has a memory that can store your little one’s photos that he can capture using this very watch. It also has a calendar, calculator feature, and its display can be customized according to your liking.