Automate Your Garden and Garage with These Discounted Smart Home Items

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

It rained. Hard. Just when you watered your plants this morning, This wouldn’t have happened if you had the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. It schedules your watering and does it smartly by checking in on your local weather forecast through the internet. It saves you up to 50% on your watering bill. Get it for only $146 instead of $200 today.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Next is the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener, which is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. It automatically closes your garage door after 1, 5 or 10 minutes. Surely, you’ll never have to drive back if you remembered that you forgot to lock it down. It also operates with a belt drive and a vibration isolation system so it operates quietly. Instead of $230, you can get the set for only $178.

Warmoon E26 LED Light Bulb

We all have heard of smart light bulbs, but the Warmoon E26 LED Light Bulb is quite different. First, it comes with a remote control that you can use to change the color and the brightness. And it remembers your last setting as long as it’s not turned off. If you need a simple colored LED remote-controllable bulb, then this is your bulb. It’s priced at only $10 instead of $60 today.


Toybox One-Touch 3D Toy Printer

Give your kids the chance to pick out their perfect toys with the Toybox One-Touch 3D Toy Printer. This tabletop printer can create beautiful little models at the touch of a button. Via the companion smartphone app, you can browse through a catalog of over 500 toys. When your child sees something they like, you just tap to start printing.

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The Jammy Is Cool Little Pocket Guitar

As a fan of rock music, the Jammy looks like a pretty cool way to jam. It’s a small, pocket sized device that that has the feel and sound of a real guitar. With the Jammy, instead of playing on an electronic surface like some other pocket guitars, it has you strumming with a real guitar pick against strings. And, because there are only 5 frets on the body, the neck can be extended out up to 12 inches to change octaves, which mimics the motion of sliding your hand up and down a real guitar neck.

While I doubt it’ll even come close to the feeling of a real guitar, the Jammy looks like a cool piece that anyone can have fun messing around with. The video shows off a lot of potential, but there’s no way to tell how much black magic is being used to make it look good.

There’s no word on how much it’ll cost, but the company says they plan to begin shipping later in the year.

[ Jammy ] VIA [ TechCrunch ]

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The OneStep 2 Is The First New Polaroid Instant Camera in Over A Decade

Ten years ago, Polaroid made their last instant film camera. An aging product of the times, they had been all but replaced as digital cameras became more affordable. Well now, the iconic instant camera is coming back, kind of.

Since Polaroid abandoned their instant film, the Impossible Project is a company that has emerged to continue producing Polaroid Instant Film in an effort to keep the iconic camera going. However, after their parent company acquired the Polaroid brand, they’ve revealed that they’re making the first new Polaroid Instant Camera since it was scrapped 10 years ago.

The camera, named the OneStep 2, doesn’t have many modern features, touting a flash, timer, a USB port for charging, and that’s about it. Though, if you ask me, a resurrected Polaroid camera should be a very basic piece of tech.

While the OneStep 2 will never match the quality of even most modern phones, it’s not about that. It’s about remembering the simpler days of buying a pack of film, loading the camera, and waiting for your picture to be visible to see if it was any good.

The OneStep 2 will set you back $99 and will be available October 16th. Oh yeah, and film costs $16 for an 8-pack of instant film, because you’ll need that too.

[ OneStep 2 ] VIA [ TheVerge ]

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The Amazon Smart Speaker Trio is On Sale Today

Amazon Echo

Being the most popular smart assistant, the Amazon Echo is loved by many. If you still don’t have one or if you just want to get another Echo for your vacation home, you can score one today for only $80. That’s $85 cheaper than usual. Although a refurb, it looks and works like new. It was tested to function the way that it should be.

Amazon Tap

The Amazon Tap is also on sale today. It’s perfect for you if you’re always traveling as the Tap is more conservative on battery use. It provides up to 9 hours of battery use and plays your music in a crisp sound that’s powered by Dolby. Get it for only $80. The deal is only good for today.

Echo Dot

Lastly, there’s the Echo Dot. This is what you need if you want to expand your Alexa powers to another room in your home and if you’re not really particular about the full-size speakers. This one is also a refurb and you can get it for as low as $38 today.

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Gaming Competitions Are Big Business, And This Infographic Shows You Just How Big

You may have a friend who plays constantly and is fond of saying he’ll “turn pro one day”. You may have laughed at this friend, because hey, it’s just a game, right? How can one make a living off gaming? Well, let’s be real. You knew there was money in gaming, but did you know just how much?

The infographic below gives you a solid breakdown. $10,000,000 for DOTA2? That’s some real money. Sure the odds of ever winning something like that are slim and the competition is stiff, but the dream these players are chasing is real and ridiculously lucrative so who can blame them?

See infographic here(via

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The Most Memorable Marketing Techniques from The Tech Industry

The Tech Industry is a very diverse industry and its varied sectors have an impact on just about every aspect of our modern lives. From our communications to recreation, phones, computers, social media; in fact, just about any facet of modern life that you can make is underpinned by creativity and innovation from tech firms.

In the beginning, technology fields were the sole remain of self-professed nerds and what they were doing appeared to the rest of the world to be essentially magic. It is of little surprise then that the technology industry has set itself apart from other industries in a number of ways, including its approach to marketing products and services. Below are some of the now ubiquitous marketing techniques that, for one reason or another, we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the tech industry.

Viral Marketing
There is much debate as to when the first viral marketing campaign was launched and it is probably fair to say that what we now call vital marketing has always existed in some form. It took the modern technology industry to unleash its full potential, however.

Viral marketing campaigns come in different forms but there are two main variations on the idea. The first is the type of viral marketing campaign that doesn’t reveal itself to be such until the very end. The goal of these campaigns is to utilize mystery and word of mouth buzz to entice a large number of people into following the campaign. They then only realize they are involved in a marketing campaign at the end. The other type of viral marketing is one where fans of a company or product will usually realize that they are taking part in a viral marketing campaign, but because the campaign encourages interaction with other fans and media, it is treated by consumers more like a game. Viral marketing campaigns are effective and, dare we say it, infectious.

Novelty Business Cards
There is some debate as to where this trend began, but now big tech companies such as Apple and Google have a reputation for their unique business cards. Senior staff at Apple famously have business cards printed on iPhone screens, while Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has a solid steel business card, which he is proud to use to cut steak on flights. While companies like Got Print offer business cards which are aesthetically appealing, with a little imagination you can turn them into something even more special.

Augmented Reality
With virtual reality becoming, well, a reality, let us not forget its younger brother. Augmented reality offers virtual reality elements overlaid on the real world either through special glasses or, in some cases, through our cell phones. The technology is in its infancy but its scope as a marketing tool is huge; soon, by just looking at a product, you will see reviews and other information that might sell it to you.

As one of the most creatively demanding and innovative fields in the world, it is no wonder that big names in tech engage in some of the most memorable and effective marketing strategies ever seen.

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4 Features Of A Great PGP Encryption Provider

If you’re comparing PGP encryption providers, it’s probably because you value security and privacy. You don’t want people snooping around your emails, especially not cybercriminals who can use your personal information against you. If you’re a telecommunications user concerned about security, look for a PGP encryption provider with these 4 features.

1. Convenience

PGP encryption is easily accessible in the form of BlackBerry PGP encryption: an encryption provider will tailor a BlackBerry mobile device so that it’s highly secure and easy to use. The most secure way to accomplish this is to strip away non-email functions to prevent malware from infecting the device. Mobile devices are being compromised at never-before-seen rates; nearly 85 percent of global smartphones were infected with some type of malware in 2016.

2. They Own Their Own Data Center

PGP encryption provider Myntex owns its own data center and keeps it at their Canadian headquarters. Why is it important that your provider own their data center and house it onsite? First of all, it gives the provider complete control over their own data, so that they can troubleshoot problems, install critical updates themselves, control the temperature, and implement their own disaster recovery plan. Second of all, because servers and data centers fall under the laws of the country where they are physically located, wherever you or the company happen to be, it’s important that the data center be in a country that protects the privacy of its citizens. Finally, it’s important that a PGP encryption provider not actually host any data – your data, that is. It should arrive encrypted and be deleted after 24 hours, rather than stored unnecessarily.

3. No Blacklisting

The web was built on the freedom to communicate with anyone at any time; you want to be able to send emails to anyone, including your friends, clients, colleagues, and business partners. Unfortunately, not all PGP encryption companies believe in open communications. Some use blacklists that prevent you from communicating with people using competing encryption services. Companies that are committed to open communication like Myntex never block their competitors. They keep extensive whitelists of other well-regarded, reputable encryption companies in order to keep you safe, without trying to “edge out” the competition at your expense. Whether you’re doing business or just using encryption to protect your privacy, you have to be free to communicate with whomever you want, whether or not they share the same encryption service.

4. Local Resellers with Great Customer Service

While you rely on technology from your encrypted email provider, if you’re using a PGP encrypted BlackBerry, you’re paying a local reseller for the service. You want to choose an encryption provider that works closely with its resellers to provide superior customer service. When local resellers use prepaid SIM cards from the encryption provider, they can get your tailored device ready and activated in a matter of minutes. If you don’t use these SIM cards, it can take days to get your device activated. You should also be able to talk to your local reseller if your mobile device is lost or stolen so that they can execute a remote wipe 24/7. Remote wipe is your last line of defense when your privacy has been compromised, and the right provider makes the feature easy and accessible.

The digital world is changing and security is more important than ever before. Tech media has claimed that “hacking has gone mainstream” – increasingly, people see hacking the way they see car accidents, inevitable. But with PGP encryption, it doesn’t have to be; and make no mistake, becoming the victim of cybercrime can quickly prove costlier than any fender bender you’ve been in.

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The Party Cup Eco-Friendly Paper Cup

Bring style to any party and be good to the environment with the Party Cup Eco-Friendly Paper Cup. Whether you’re planning for Hallowe’en or just getting together with friends, these cups will handle the refreshments. On the outside, each cup is decorated with an emoji. This adds some extra fun, and it also means you can tell which drink is yours. There are 25 designs in every pack, so each guest should have their own look.

[ Learn More About Party Cup ]

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