Ambi Climate AI Air Conditioner

Take control of the air in your home with the 2nd Edition Ambi Climate AI Air Conditioner. This smart system uses six factors to help your home’s climate always remain perfect. These metrics include the temperature, humidity, weather, sunlight, and more. Using these factors, Ambi Climate automatically adjusts the flow of air in your home.

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The Dyetonator Is A Purse Snatcher Deterrent

The Handbag Dyetonator is a small device that attaches to the side of a purse and, when activated, releases a cloud flare as well as a splash of permanent dye. This way, anyone who grabs your purse will be permanently marked for easier police identification, while the flare will attract attention and make it more likely for them to drop your belongings and run. It’s masked as a stylish accessory, so you can leave it on your purse at all times. And it’s activated through a text, so the range is limitless. That’s right: if your purse is snatched, but you happen to have your phone in your pocket, you can immediately text your Handbag Dyetonator to activate it. This is not currently a product that you can buy, but the company is accepting email signups for possible testing.

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Why Dating Chat Rooms Have Never Went Away

Is the chat room scene not dead? It was a staple of the geek lifestyle especially back in the days when we had dial up internet and had to listen to the modem load up. Surely these days with superfast broadband and the world at our fingertips chat rooms especially for dating aren’t that popular?

Well, chat rooms have never went away. Even though dating apps like Tinder and sites such as Plenty of Fish are highly popular there is still room for chat rooms to find other singles. Dating online can be hard however for many geeks and those fascinated by technology there is a buzzing chat room dating scene that flies under the radar of the traditional online dating methods.

This is why chat rooms such as asian chat room and countless others are still very popular.

You Get Responses Right Away
OK, so you message someone on Tinder. How long do you normally wait for a message back? 30 minutes? 2 hours? A day?
With chat rooms you get a response pretty much immediately. In a chat room everyone is online at the same time. They are interacting with one another and generally set aside a set amount of time to stay in the room. This makes it a lot different than apps and other dating websites where it can be days before you get a reply. Many people don’t even get notifications on their phone when you send a message so it can take a long time for someone to get back to you and by then you have probably moved on.

You Can Speak To A Variety Of People
This is true with dating apps as well however you tend to get a wider selection of people on a dating chat room. In fact, as there are many people in the room at the one time you get a greater sense of diversity as well. You can speak to a whole load of people at once without having to juggle various message groups on your phone.

Even if you get bored of the main chat after a while you can speak to other singles one on one as well as in a private conversation. In fact, a dating chat room gives you the best of both worlds where you can have a group conversation with lots of different people while chatting privately with one person too.

You Don’t Even Need To Leave Home
You can take part in chat rooms from the comfort of your own home as well and for people with social anxiety and difficulty meeting new people in person it can be a great way to get on the dating scene. There are a lot of dating chat rooms out there and you can talk to someone frequently online before you even need to exchange any contact numbers or add them on Facebook.

For a lot of people this is much better than giving out personal information or even meeting someone else face to face. Being shy, anxious or panicky can make dating difficult in the traditional sense however using chat rooms can give you more confidence and allow you to get to know the other person before you even meet them. Many apps and dating sites attract a certain type of outgoing person whereas chat rooms are more suited to geeks and those don’t always come across well in social situations.

Chat Rooms Are Still Popular
Chat rooms definitely have not gone away. They have simply emerged again as a dating subculture that still exists for many people. The key is finding the right one to suit your tastes, needs and personality.
You actually stand a better chance of meeting someone in a dating chat room that you do on any dating apps. You get to speak to a variety of people at once and you are more likely to get a quicker response in addition to having the option to speak privately too.

While chat rooms might not have the same popularity as they once did this is not a bad thing. For geeks and those that don’t want to take part in the more popular methods of dating, chat rooms still offer an important way to meet new people and find a partner online.

New MMO Strategy Game Throne: Kingdom at War by Plarium

A new battle to conquer with MMO strategy humdinger: Throne: Kingdom at War

Plarium are very popular and well known for their massively multiplayer online games. Their games provide the best gaming experience on both a social and a technical level, which allow players around the world to play together through their platform.

Having so many gamers playing Plarium browser games is possible thanks to the massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) format which is capable of supporting large numbers of players, at the same time and in the same digital world. MMOs usually feature a very big and persistent open world. These games can be found on network-capable platforms, including PC’s, video game console, or smartphones and other mobile devices on the market today.

Plarium’s new game Throne: Kingdom at War
As we can expect from a brand such as Plarium, they have created an exciting experience through its new game, Throne: Kingdom at War. Like all MMOs, Throne: Kingdom at War is set in a fictional medieval world where combatants are laying claim to the throne of the Kingdom of Armania, where the reigning monarch King Gerhard has passed away.

The Gameplay
As with Sparta: War of Empires, players are required to create their own army, build towns, get resources, and go to war as one of those fighting for the right to be king. Players use the avatar of a warlord and city builder and are constantly required to be ready for battle or to defend what they have built. Armies consist of faithful knights, fearless spearmen, cavalry, siege units, scouts, and other medieval style characters that keep the players engaged in both the player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) experience. Sounds familiar? For all the MMO’s lovers this is good news since it is the core of all strategy games.

The layout of the game is based on high-grade graphics and sound and has a pleasant medieval kind of theme, which offers lots of various options that allows the players to get a hold of the game. The layout allows the players to feel thrown back in time.

To begin the game, players need to construct new buildings (barracks, academy and others). For this they need to collect and spend multiple resources, such as food, lumber, iron and stone. These resources are automatically generated by buildings like farms and mines, and the players can upgrade these buildings or train more troops as they play on. The way to get extra resources is by sending troops to capture or attack computer and player-controlled bases on the world map. Players can also spend their resources on “Studies,” or research upgrades that can improve their towns, armies and more.

The game PvP allows players to fight battles with those around the world in order to expand or defend their kingdom in a dynamic and strategic fashion thanks to their own strategy, planning, and abilities. Depending on the player’s personal playing style, one can join an already existing Order or create their own, and carry out wars and battles against the opponents.

It is important for players to also participate in quests and accomplish errands to get more points and resources. For this aim they can register in global tournaments that can help them increase or decrease their combat and wealth, and the right to collect tribute in Silver. There are two options of gameplay to choose from: PvP or PvE gameplay.

Strategy games are not really just about fighting, as much as it is a fun feature of these games, they are mainly about planning and thinking about the next step, this requires strategic instincts in order to win the game.

We can say that Throne: Kingdom at War is a success it provides entertainment and it is free to play online. It is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play on which the game is rated very high – these stars are a sign that the game is very well received by gamers all around the world.

Wal-Mart vs Amazon: Shipping is the New Battleground

One of the greatest advantages of online shopping is free delivery. A 2016 Future of Retail study shows that 9 out of 10 consumers admit that free shipping motivates them to purchase more online.

Some smaller retailers choose not to provide free delivery, since it causes additional business expenses. However huge shipping costs will soon vanish into oblivion thanks to retail giants like Wal-Mart or Amazon and their subscription services. Such programs allow members to pay a fixed annual fee to guarantee free shipping on all qualified goods.

Amazon was the first grand retailer that came up with such an idea and offered a subscription service called Amazon Prime. The program offers free two-day shipping for an annual fee. Membership package also includes additional perks such as Sunday delivery, connection to the company’s streaming video and music platforms, early access to the most appealing deals and even unlimited photo storage. All these benefits cost only $99 per year or $10.99. The offer was super successful from day one; now over 65 million people in the U.S. are Prime users.

As a response Wal-Mart launched ShippingPass – their own paid subscription. For $49 a year members have received free two-day shipping on any purchase from their webstore and free returns, both online and in-store. The deal seemed cheaper than Prime at first glance, but Amazon has included so many bonuses in their program that providing a simple free shipping option was not enough to win the customers.

Earlier this year Wall-Mart dropped the membership program putting an end to the competition for paid subscribers. Does it mean that the retailer admitted that the ShippingPass can’t compete with Prime and gave up? Of course not, the company is simply changing the winning strategy. ShippingPass is now replaced with free two-day shipping for consumers spending $35 or more.

The new plan of Wall-Mart business team looks pretty clear: they are aiming to attract non-Prime shoppers who purchase on Amazon and a share of Prime-subscribers who use membership mostly because of free shipping and don’t care about the other bonuses.

Comparing Amazon and Wal-Mart shipping policies
Of course, Wal-Mart gained extra points in the customers’ eyes by cancelling membership fee while Prime costs $99, defining which program is the best for consumers is not so easy.

The major difference is in the amount of eligible products. According to the companies’ websites, Prime includes more than 50 million items while Wal-Mart’s two-day shipping covers only about 2 million goods. Also Amazon offers perks.

On the other hand, Wal-Mart’s new program is customer-oriented and focused on the items people buy the most such as beauty products, baby necessities, food, cleaning supplies and pet products as well as top notch gadgets and toys. So basically the retailer makes a step towards the consumers and provides the best possible deals on the highly demanded items.

The minimum spending requirements motivate customers to build bigger baskets, so the acceleration of Wal-Mart’s online sales was even bigger than expected after the launch of two-day shipping.

In the end of the day Wal-Mart has good chances to achieve the goal and attract customers who don’t buy online too often as well as consumers who joined Prime because of free shipping and don’t use the other benefits.

Amazon or Wal-Mart: Who Will Dominate the Market?
With the new two-day shipping policy the physical seller starts a new battle with Amazon and slows the growth of Prime. Wal-Mart is also serious about becoming a bigger online player, while Amazon strives to enhance physical presence and grow the number of brick-and-mortar stores. The million-dollar question is: will Amazon be able to create a massive distribution network offline earlier Wal-Mart would add more digital capabilities? This is yet to be seen.

How the retail giants influence e-commerce?
The main goal for all e-commerce retailers – no matter how big or small they are – is providing seamless shopping experience. Big market players have already conditioned customers to expect inexpensive and speedy delivery; it becomes a new norm in the e-commerce world.

Online merchants should view fast and convenient delivery as a competitive differentiator. Now is the time to review your shipping policy to see which extra benefits can be offered. A lot of smaller sellers are also investing in the newest technologies, such as drones, which would take the very idea of delivery to a new level.

Modern e-commerce is all about minimizing the time between an online order and the product at the customer’s doorstep. There are plenty of shipping tactics and logistic tricks aimed to speed up the delivery. Whatever shipping policy you choose, make sure it’s convenient for consumers and absolutely reliable. Remember that meeting customers’ expectations means winning their love!

Rigiet Advanced Camera Stabilizer

Take the perfect shot every time when you use the Rigiet Advanced Camera Stabilizer. Compatible with your smartphone as well as your GoPro, this mounting system keeps your device steady. Whether you’re creating panorama captures or time-lapse videos, the Rigiet makes it easy. Because the Rigiet is hand-held, you have the freedom to move and capture any angle.

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The Overboard Classic Backpack Will Keep Your Things Dry While You Have Fun

Your love for water is greatly challenged by the travel gadgets that you bring.

How can you fully enjoy the splashy adventures when you’re constantly thinking about your smartphone in your pocket? Or keeping your last pair of underwear dry?

We’ve all been here and we would have had peace of mind when we had a waterproof bag that will take care of all these. Like the Overboard Waterproof Classic Backpack. See how this bag will save your day:

– Roll-top 100% waterproof backpack

– Floats if accidentally dropped in water

– Waterproof and protects content from dirt, sand, and dust

– Comfortable and lightweight straps

– Good ventilation system

Now, you’ll never have to worry about your gadgets and clothes from being wet. Normally, the Overboard Backpack is sold for $89.99, but you can save $25 if you buy here before the deal expires.

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Deal Of The Day: 50% Off On Aluminum Fidget Spinner

Look, for some reason fidget spinners are having their moment. It’ll be done in a few weeks, but until then, maybe you want to save some money while getting yours. This Aluminum Fidget Spinner is seeing a 50% rebate.

Can’t seem to sit still or focus on the task at hand? Keep your over-active hands or mind occupied with the aluminum fidget spinner, ideal for those who need a little extra help sticking to the grind. Hold it in one hand and use the other to spin, and watch and feel the stress spin away.

Normally $25.99, it’s $12.99 with today’s deal.

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These Chanel Tennis Balls Cost $450

First of all, why is Chanel even making, or rather, selling tennis balls? And ok, let’s just overlook that for a minute. What about the fact that they’re selling these for an eye watering, mind-melting, sanity-defying $450? That’s for 4 of them. They come in a leather bag, because of course how else will anyone know you’re a rich idiot unless you carry your tennis balls in a leather bag?

It turns out that if you want to compound the idiocy, you can buy an $1,800 Chanel tennis racket to go along with your ridiculous balls. It isn’t particularly a great racket, at least that’s not why it’s that expensive, but rather it’s just that it bears the name Chanel. Isn’t the world grand?

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The Juno Power 13,000mAh Power Bank Will Give You Power for Days

Hey, I know you can’t live without your smartphone and probably your tablet. So, I’m guessing that you have a power bank with you at all times.

But does it give you power that lasts for days?

If it doesn’t, then it’s probably time to switch to this Juno 13,000 mAh Power Bank. It can charge your iPhone 6s for more than 5 times! This will last you a couple of days, making it the ultimate choice when you’re traveling. You don’t want to wrestle your way to an AC outlet in cafes and airports, do you? What makes it even more awesome? Let’s see.

– Aluminum surface in 3 tints to match your smartphone’s sophistications

– Constructed with TI (Texas Instrument) chipset and Panasonic Polymer cells for superior battery performance

– Dual USB output (Simultaneous charging FTW!)

– Lightweight at only 1 pound

– Can charge your smartphones, cameras, tablets, GPS devices, and other USB-powered devices

Why look for other sub-par battery chargers when the Super Nova Juno is here? And it’s here for a 46% discount! It originally sells for $64.99, listed on Amazon for $49.99, but you can get it for $34.99 here. It’s the lowest price anywhere!