IBM is installing a Watson AI lab at MIT

Both MIT and IBM are leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence and now they're teaming up. IBM announced on Thursday that it had reached a 10-year research partnership agreement with the university worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. T...

Google Genomics Adds MIT and Harvard’s Genome Analysis Toolkit

Today Google announced it has partnered with two schools Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to come up with an online service of GATK. GATK is a Genome Analysis Toolkit software and Google wants to...

The $1,000 Genome Arrives — For Real, This Time

Today, Illumina, the leading maker of DNA sequencers, announced a milestone in biotechnology: it is introducing a new machine that can sequence the genetic code of a human cell for $1,000. The...

10 Gigabit per-second connection between US and China demoed

Internet2You, sir or ma'am, should probably not get too excited. Chances are, this trans-Pacific 10 Gigabit link won't do you any good, personally. On the other hand, researchers working together across the oceanic divide have tons to cheer about. The China Education and Research Network, the National Science Foundation and Indiana University worked together with BGI, one of the largest genomics organizations in the world, to christen the connection by transferring 24 Gigabytes of genomic data from Beijing to UC Davis in under 30 seconds. As a benchmark, the same file was sent between the same locations over the regular ol' Internet and it took over 26 hours. The high-speed link should prove to be a major boon for genetic research and DNA sequencing.

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