Android P introduces iPhone X-like navigation swipes and gestures

First it was the notch, but now Google is taking a more useful cue from Apple's iPhone X: a navigation system that's very similar to Cupertino's swipe-based interface. (Which, naturally has its roots elsewhere, long before last year.) As rumored, t...

Android Wear’s latest preview opens gestures to other apps

Are you the sort to treat your wrist as a test bed for Google software? If so, today's a grand day. Google has released its second developer preview of Android Wear 2.0, and it packs more than just some extra spit and polish. It now supports wrist...

Deal: Save 45% on the Bastron B9 Glass Smart Keyboard

If you’re thinking about buying a new keyboard, why not consider something a little different? The Bastron B9 Smart Keyboard is a sleek, futuristic USB keyboard made from glass.


Its keys appear to float inside a layer of glass, with a blue glowing backlight. You’ll never get Cheetos dust stuck between these keys either, since they’re nice and smooth.


In addition to its touch-sensitive key surface, it also doubles as a pointing device, and supports 14 different gesture controls.

The Bastron Glass Smart Keyboard lists at $239(USD), but we’ve got it on sale in the Technabob Shop today for just $129.99.

Knocki Gesture Remote Control: Clapper 2.0

Last year, we checked out a light switch that let you toggle lights just by waving your hand. Knocki lets you do that and more but by knocking or tapping on a surface.

knocki_gesture_remote_control_1zoom in

Unlike the Clapper, Knocki doesn’t use microphones to detect knocks. Instead, it senses the vibration on the surface that it’s mounted on. That reduces false positives as well as multiple activations in case you have multiple Knocki units near each other.

knocki_gesture_remote_control_2zoom in

So what can you do with Knocki? For starters, it lets you trigger and talk with your smartphone. For instance, it can text you if someone’s knocking at the door or left mail at your mailbox. Or you can call someone with just a knock.

knocki_gesture_remote_control_3zoom in

But you’ll get the most out of Knocki by integrating it with smart appliances and automation systems such as IFTTT, Nest and even Apple’s new home automation platform Home Kit. Then you’ll be able to control and monitor your home with just a few knocks.

Pre-order a Knocki for $59 (USD). You can program different functions into a single unit, so you don’t have to go all in with a house full of Knockis like the family in the video.

[via OhGizmo!]