This clock tells the time as well as tells a story

Much like a watch can be a time-telling artpiece that showcases mesmeric craftsmanship and handwork, the Goldfish Clock too was made to be a time-telling artpiece. The clock comes with a set of wall-mountable goldfish that can be arranged around it, turning your wall into a fishbowl with its sculptural beauty. Made in white, the clock as well as the fish blend in, while standing out through the play of light and shadow, allowing you to read the time too. The white hands tell the hours and minutes, while a rather alluring red dot on the seconds hand rotates around the clock, adding a drop of dynamism to the timepiece, while making it look like the fish are circling around the clock to eat the red dot.

The point of the Haoshi Goldfish Clock was to tell time but not strictly do just that. Also a piece of decor, the clock is sculptural yet minimal… and undeniably hypnotic!

Designer: Haoshi Design

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Awwww: A Surgeon Removed a Goldfish’s Head Tumor

For a lot of people, paying for a major surgery for their beloved dog or cat is too much. As sad as it is, the animal’s time has come. As an animal gets smaller and less cuddly, the likelihood of major veterinary care also seems to get smaller. Pet mice are way less likely to see a vet regularly than a dog, and goldfish are just straight up screwed, most of the time. People buy them for $0.19 without realizing that it’s going to cost hundreds to keep the things alive. This goldfish owner, who is “quite attached” to her fish, is clearly ready and willing to give his little colorful companion whatever is needed.

george goldfish surgery 1magnify

This Australian goldfish, named “George,” just had a head tumor removed at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. George was under general anesthesia for 45 minutes. Dr. Tristan Rich said of the procedure: “it’s quite fiddly, as you can imagine with an 80-gram fish, and you’ve got to make sure you can control any blood loss. He can only lose about half a mil.” Prior to the operation, George was unable to eat or swim normally, and was starting to “really suffer.”

Dr. Rich said that “George is now doing great; he spent a few days in the tank, and is now swimming happily in the pond.”

[via Sydney Morning Herald]

Goldfish Organize Operation Occupy Phone Booth


The goldfish might have gotten in these Japanese phone booths against their will, so the title is a bit misleading, but this does not mean that these new street aquariums are not stunning.

To us, geeks, phone booths will always have a special place in our hearts. Well, maybe not all ...
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