Gift cards and subscriptions to give as last-minute gifts

Sometimes it's better to pick out a gift for someone yourself and other times it's a good idea to let that picky loved one choose their own. (And if you've waited this long to buy gifts, that might be your easiest course of action.) This is where gif...

The Google Titan is a physical key that’s more secure than passwords

Passwords are pretty much the vanguards of internet security. Your phone may have facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, but ultimately, to log into a secure account, you need a password, or a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, known only by you. The Password is the most widely accepted form of security, but it isn’t entirely the most foolproof. People can guess your passwords, crack them, or gain access to them by breaching the servers that host your data. By adding a second layer of security (two-factor authentication) to your profiles, you make them secure, but you make logging in a much more arduous process, where the price of privacy is time and patience. Google’s Titan security key, however, makes 2FA (2-factor auth) easy by literally being a singular, physical key that unlocks your profiles. Within the Titan lies Google’s state-of-the-art firmware that allows only you, with your Titan Key, to log into your accounts. The firmware is so secure that Google’s 85,000 employees rely on them too.

The Titan comes in two device formats. A USB Key that works with laptops, and a Bluetooth-powered key module that lets you use Titan on your phone or tablet. The process is simple. Just enable 2FA and opt into the Titan security program. Then plug your Titan key in and you’re good to go. Every time you want to log into your G-Suite account (the Titan works with other major services like Facebook and Dropbox too), type your password in and tap the button on the Titan for that extra bit of verification.

Google envisions the Titan being perfect for IT professionals, politicians, journalists, and anyone who takes security seriously. The Titan adds that crucial, physical layer of security to your accounts so someone with your password can’t access your data without the physical Titan key. The Titan comes with a small size and a hole to let you attach it to your keyring with your other keys. Just maybe don’t lose the Titan!

Designer: Google

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‘Shattered State’ is a VR political thriller designed for the Netflix crowd

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YouTube removed 58 million videos last quarter for violating policies

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Hiding in plain sight: The YouTubers crowdfunding piracy

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Google adds screen time management to Chromebooks

When Google brought its Family Link parental controls to Chromebook, they weren't all that useful because there were limited options available. Now, Google is offering parents more tools to supervise how their offspring use their laptops.

YouTube Music offers charts for the hottest songs and videos

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