GoPro Hero 7 Black review: An action camera for the social age

Ever wondered why GoPro's flagship camera is called "the Black" but has always been silver or gray? Well, with the Hero 7, the company has righted that wrong. Cognitive dissonance aside, there are a few other things fixed with this year's update, but...

This Trident literally turns you into Aquaman!


Named after Aquaman’s weapon of choice, the Trident is an underwater scooter that uses two propellers to literally send you waterborne at speeds of up to 4.5mph.

Designed to be handheld (unlike the back-strapped Cuda underwater jetpack), the Trident comes with two handles that you hold on to, right between its two incredibly powerful propellers that are capable of 12 kgs of thrust. The Trident comes with two speed settings, 2.2mph and 4.3mph, and can go down till depths of nearly 50 meters (164 feet). It uses a 24V/6,000 mAh lithium battery that can run for up to an hour on a full charge. Enough to frolick with the creatures of the sea, as if you were the king of Atlantis. Oh, you can mount a GoPro on it too!

Designer: Geneinno







Hot Wheels now makes a zooming mount for your GoPro!

You may be familiar with this video from a year ago when a die-hard fan took his trusty-old GoPro and mounted it on a Hot Wheels car, filming an absolutely epic POV experience of a track that covered everything from asphalt to greens, to even a brief driveby through a gutter.

Mattel took a serious look at that combination and turned it into an official collab, resulting in the most fun mount for the GoPro… and also probably the cheapest.

With a meager $1 price tag, the Zoom In GoPro car is basically a skateboard for your GoPro Hero 5 Session, allowing you to conveniently nest your action camera into the car, securing it with a bar at the back. The weight of the camera lets the car hug the plastic track, stopping it from flying off the rails too easily, plus gives it an extra bit of a push thanks to the momentum.

Easily the cheapest accessory for the GoPro, the Hot Wheels Zoom In GoPro car/mount is also the most exhilirating. Imagine all the high-speed footage you can capture! Besides, isn’t it every little child’s dream come true?? To ride in their miniature car down the track that they built with their own hands??

Designer: Hot Wheels (Mattel)







Hot Wheels Zoom In Car Carries a GoPro Camera Down the Track

I’d wager just about everyone has played with a Hot Wheels car at some point in their life. I know I played with lots of them as a kid, and my son loved them when he was small. We built more tracks than I can count, and I always wondered what going through the tracks in a car would be like. Hot Wheels has a new car called Zoom In that will let you enjoy your tracks from a whole new perspective.

The Zoom In is a rolling mount for your GoPro Session camera. Simply clip your camera into the cradle, and then you can flick it down the track. The first thing that came to mind was whether the top-heavy GoPro would make it hard to get the car to make it through the track, but Hot Wheels says that the camera car will go through the loops, curves, and jumps just fine thanks to a flip-up mounting bracket that maintains a low center of gravity when locked in place.


You can check out some sample footage of the Hot Wheels Zoom In mount in the video below. It looks pretty awesome:

Best of all, the Zoom In will retail for just $1.09 – the same price as other basic Hot Wheels cars. Of course, the Go Pro Session is not included, which will set you back $120 or more, depending on the version you go for.

[via Autoblog]

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