Niantic revives ‘Ingress’ for the post–’Pokémon Go’ world

Niantic has a problem. It's the king of GPS/AR/Maps–based "exergaming," but it's leasing its empire. Pokémon Go is built on IP it doesn't own or control, and a portion of the profits are sent back to Japan. A chunk of the proceeds from i...

Turn your Apple Watch into a dedicated Satnav for your car


The Apple Watch is literally almost a phone. With a virtual sim card of its own, and a whole lot of other features that make it quite an independently capable device, the Apple Watch is capable of being much more than a smartwatch, and Satechi’s Grip Mount gives it another purpose, other than that of a smartwatch, and another home, other than your wrist.

Satechi’s Grip Mount for the Apple Watch allows you to attach the device (sans the wristbands) to your car, cycle, or motorbike, allowing it to work in conjunction with the vehicle, serving the purpose of a navigational device that also lets you answer and reject calls, or even control music. The fact that the Watch comes with Bluetooth makes it perfect for your car, allowing you to connect it to the car’s audio system for on-board calls, navigational guidance, or for controlling music playback. You can also use it on a bicycle, letting it run the Cyclemeter app to capture the amount of exercise you’re getting too! The Apple Watch, chock-a-block with cutting edge technology, is capable of being much more than a wrist-mounted smart-device. The Satechi Grip Mount does it a fair bit of justice.

Designer: Satechi

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How Google’s location-tracking issue affects you

Watching Twitter and Facebook commit reputational suicide over the past 20 months has been as painful as it has been entertaining -- entertaining in the sense that all anyone had to do was let the companies be themselves. The cost has been terrible,...

The LynQ gets right what the GPS has been getting wrong for years

You’re staring at the map on your phone, searching for the restaurant your friend’s waiting for you at. You see the blip on your phone, and you’re supposed to be right in front of it, but you can’t spot the restaurant as you look around for a signboard with a familiar name on it. The Global Positioning System is incredibly useful, but has some inherent flaws… one of them being that the GPS works on a bird’s eye view, and we don’t… causing a gap in the user experience, as we try to create a bridge between what the map shows us and what we see. The GPS also relies heavily on WiFi, Bluetooth, and cell-phone networks for pin-point accuracy, which means it doesn’t work underground or in areas with no cellular network, where it just might be needed the most.

The interface of the LynQ, designed specifically for tracking and locating, surpasses the hurdles that traditional GPS tracking can’t. A tracking device that pairs with other LynQ devices, the hand-held tracker works anywhere and everywhere, regardless of the availability of cellular service, and more importantly, relooks the interface, making it incredibly intuitive and potentially groundbreaking.

The LynQ’s UI may just be the simplest and most effective one yet. Rather than displaying you and your target as two blips on a bird’s eye view of a map, the LynQ just shows you two variables. Direction, and distance. A circular screen displays the name of the person you’re trying to locate, while a dot on the periphery points at the direction in which they are. The circle expands into an arc as you go closer, visually making the LynQ easy to understand and use, regardless of how tech savvy you are, and even eliminating the risk of a miscommunication. The lack of arrows, logos, messages/notifications allows just about anyone to use the LynQ, while the only pieces of text on the screen are A. the name of the person you’re tracking, and B. the distance in feet/inches.

Using the LynQ involves simply pairing two or more LynQ devices together (with an upper limit of 12 devices). No phones, no maps, no connectivity problems, and more importantly, no subscriptions. Simple and hassle-free, the LynQ devices pair together and a single button allows you to operate the device while the screen displays information in the most straightforward manner. Its design is rugged, allowing it to be used outdoors in harsh conditions, and its battery comes with a life of 3 days until needing a recharge. The LynQ pairs with multiple devices, allowing you to track people as well as set up a safe zone, alerting you when another LynQ device leaves the zone. With a range of up to 3 miles (5 kilometers), the LynQ is perfect for using at music festivals or crowded events, where cellular service is usually iffy and tracking people is near impossible. Its easy to use interface makes it great for parents wanting to keep a check on their children outdoors, and the fact that it comes with a rugged build, a clip for easy fastening, and the ability to work globally, makes it perfect for extreme sports and outdoor adventure traveling.

Smart, safe, and simple, the LynQ reinvents tracking as we know it, by plugging the holes in the GPS experience, and giving us an interface that makes tracking incredibly intuitive and easy.

Designer: Team LynQ

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Garmin’s Fenix 5 Plus watches help you survive mountain climbing

Garmin is no stranger to catering to fans of specific sports with its GPS watches. Its latest wristwear, however, takes that devotion to another level. It's upgrading its Fenix 5 outdoor watches with the Fenix 5 Plus series, whose star attraction i...