Audi smart home battery grid creates a ‘virtual power plant’

Audi isn't going to let rival automakers like BMW and Tesla corner the market on home batteries. The German badge is testing a Smart Energy Network where solar-powered batteries not only help your home minimize use of the electrical grid, but talk t...

Eindhoven’s forests defy gravity!


With the Liuzhou Forest City just a few years from completion, Stefano Boeri continues to make this world more habitable not just for humans, but for plants too. The Trudo Vertical Forest in Eindhoven, Netherlands, comes with 125 housing units where each apartment will have a surface area of under 50 sq.m. and the exclusive benefit of 1 tree, 20 shrubs, and over 4 sq.m. of terrace space.

“The high-rise building of Eindhoven confirms that it is possible to combine the great challenges of climate change with those of housing shortages. Urban forestry is not only necessary to improve the environment of the world’s cities but also an opportunity to improve the living conditions of less fortunate city dwellers”, declares Stefano Boeri. Providing homes to over 200 individuals as well as a healthy 5300+ plants, the 75 meter high skyscraper can absorb 50 tons of carbon dioxide every year. While the Trudo Vertical Forest remains in its conceptual stage, it’s interesting to see that something as commonplace as a skyscraper can help solve the earth’s polluted atmospheric crisis, and with people like Stefano Boeri championing that cause, maybe the future doesn’t have to choose between human settlement and natural forest cover anymore.

Designer: Stefano Boeri Architetti for Sint-Trudo




Nearly all new US electricity capacity was renewable in 2017

Renewable energy played an important role in the US last year... although you might not want to cheer too loudly. Data from both the Rhodium Group and the Energy Information Administration shows that solar and wind power represented 94.7 percent of t...

Taking Arcimoto’s three-wheeled EV for a spin

The rise of the electric car promises a cleaner future. Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer believes that we can do more to reduce our footprint by not just removing trash from our air but also using smaller vehicles built using fewer materials. The $11,900...

Dell and Nikki Reed harvest gold from old laptops for jewelry

Dell's no longer just an electronics company -- it now makes jewelry too (sort of). It has teamed up with actor and activist Nikki Reed on The Circular Collection, which comprises pieces made from gold recovered from Dell computer motherboards. These...

Kia unveils its electric and autonomous future

Kia's showed off a new Niro EV along with its plans for an electrified and autonomous future (aka mobility). The electric concept shows that the company is thinking beyond gas and hybrid crossovers, but also showcases a new HMI (Human Machine Interfa...