The newest addition to your brainstorming team!

Everyone loves a good brainstorming session; it’s what forms the foundations of a project and all worries about neatness go out of the window! So, it’s only appropriate that the equipment we use is up to the job… Flipchart by Gumpo certainly is! It carries a laidback yet confident design that is composed of three panels; the horizontal panel not only secures the structure of the device, but also provides a location for pens and other writing utensils to reside when they are not in use!

Like the rest of the members of the Gumpo family, Flipchart does not demand attention within the workplace, but instead seamlessly compliments the furnishings around it and is considerate of the fuss-free environment.

Designers: Gerhardt Kellermann & Ana Relvao for Gumpo

A Modular Conference Table for the Modern Workplace!


A conference table can say a lot about the office, meeting room or studio that it is placed within, and for that reason it must be selected carefully… however, DITO may have just made that decision slightly easier!

DITO is a modern conference table that has the user’s and workplace’s needs firmly in mind; understanding that each establishment requires different uses from the table, the table top can be configured to cater to their needs. The center split not only adds to the strikingly simplistic design style, but also allows for cables to pass through the mesh that lies beneath it… after all, there are often more communication devices than people around the table nowadays!

Contrasting against the white expanse of the product is a central tray and power brick, both elevating the usability of the table to allow for it to meet the demanding needs of a modern-day workplace!

Designer: Gerhardt Kellermann for Gumpo