Disney reduces the chances of CG hair disasters

Movie studios often want computer-generated hair to have a specific effect, whether it's a seductive toss or a careless flick that knocks something over. But there's a problem: most rough-cut simulations don't realistically simulate hair, leading to...

The incredible way to 3D print hair!

This little nifty technique to print near-realistic hair and fur is by far the most ingenious hack for 3D printing I’ve ever seen! The model is designed so that the machine prints strands of hair as support structures for 3D printing. Once you’re done with the print, all you do is use the supports as individual strands of hair! A hot-air gun or a hairdryer is all you need to fix the hairstyle and you’ve got yourself an amazing print with near-real hair!

First created by Primoz Cepin on Thingiverse (a 3D printing file hosting platform for all sorts of hobby projects), this lion model became absolutely viral for its realistic mane. Using the support structure (that usually gets thrown away or sanded off) as a series of hair strands, the model ends up having a unique look to it with a touch of DIY. Could we have woven items made by 3D printed plastic in the future?? Who knows!

Designer: Primoz Cepin






These Watches Are Made with Cat and Dog Hair

Analog makes watches that are made from natural materials. What could be more natural than cat and dog hair? The animals give it a licking and then these watches keep on ticking. I would think that the furry community would be all over this. In a weird way of course.

You send some cat or dog fur to them, then the company turns the fur into a high quality, water and dirt resistant, felted wool. If it does get dirty, I assume your cat can clean it with their tongue. And then promptly barf it up.

I’m honestly not sure if this is an early April Fools joke or not, because as crazy as the idea sounds, I know that some people would spend the $199.99(USD) on this in a heart beat.

This Hair Dye Changes Color with the Environment

You often have to walk far to see that both men and women of all ages like to dye their hair bright colors today. I’m more of a shave the head so I can wear hats without having to comb my hair type of guy, but this is some of the coolest hair dye I have ever seen.

FIRE dye comes from a company called THEUNSEEN, who says that it was inspired by occult fashion, whatever that means. The hair dye has color changing pigments. They say the dye is responsive to your environment, which is to say that it changes color based on fluctuations in the temperature. The dye is semi-permanent, which means that it will last through a few washes before it must be reapplied. That sounds more like temporary to me.

Colors can run the gamut from black to shades of red, orange, and blonde. It’s very cool and the video is worth watching. Its makers are currently looking for commercial partners so they can produce and market the dye.