A single-push dog harness that’s easy for you and comfortable for your buddy!

Whilst harnesses provide a comfortable, secure and most importantly, a reliable attachment point for the lead, they can be a struggle for the owner to apply, as well as possibly painful for the dog. This is where the Purina Dog Harness really shines! Using a quick-release system that is reminiscent of harnesses that are used in racing cars, the owner is only required to press a single button to release the harness from the dog, resulting in a quick and fight-free removal process that both the owner and their four-legged friends will appreciate.

In addition to this ease-of-application, what makes it so desirable is its focus on in-car safety. The car tether, which is a piece of nylon webbing that is positioned on the seatbelt, provides a reliable and safe point for the owner to secure their dog, from!

Designer: Sam Weise

This Harness Should Have a Halo


Only the brave take to high heights for a variety of reasons and a good, reliable harness goes a long way to inspire that bravery! While the harness can save a life by preventing a fall, the problem of “suspension trauma” still exists. This form of orthostatic shock occurs when the human body is held upright without any movement for a period of time and it can even lead to death.

The Cintair harness aims to cut down on these risks by positioning the individual in a comfortable upright position in the event of a fall. Even if they faint (a common occurrence), it insures they are positioned in such a way that it’s still easy to breath. Whether you’re a construction worker or trapeze artist, in normal use, it’s also comfortable to wear without restricting movement.

Designer: Joshua Woo




The Answer for Dogs with Arthritis


Besides painful and scary surgery for your pup’s hip and knee problems from arthritis, there’s little you can do to help, right? Think again! Thanks to Panacea, you and your pet don’t ever have to feel helpless or stuck. This modern wearable tech doesn’t just serve as a walking harness, but pulls up and strengthens the knee/hip muscles of dogs (where the contacting ligament has degenerated over time) to relieve pain or even complete immobility. The ergonomic, multi-sized design fits almost any breed! Furthermore, an infrared emitting light panel on the inside of the harness provides near-instantaneous pain relief in the knee/hip area directly where it hurts most.

Designer: Lucy Yip






Happy Hips for Pups

This clever canine creation, appropriately named “Hipster,” is a harness that helps rehabilitate dogs with hip problems such as dysplasia. The design serves not only as a harness for walking, but pulls up and strengthens the hip muscles to keep the femur in position to avoid popping out of its socket. With simple velcro straps, it’s as easy for owners to put on as it is for dogs to maintain mobility while recovering!

Designer: Galia Weiss

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Bitches Be Loving This Harness!

The guys at Chic&DOG are serious dog lovers! Combine that with their expert craftsmanship and discerning fashion taste and you’ve got a harness system that’s unmatched in style and functionality. Crafted from stitched American leather, suede, stainless steel rivets and high strength nylon, it’s built to last and gain character with age. Not only easy to snap on/off, the system was also designed to incorporate a variety of modular accessories including a light, GoPro camera, cone and even exercise weights!

Designer: Chico&DOG

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Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
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(Bitches Be Loving This Harness! was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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Burger King Hands-Free Whopper AKA The Human Feedbag

So it has come to this. You know how hard it is to eat your Whopper while texting, trying to tweet, or driving. If only you had something that could hold your Whopper in front of your huge gob so that you could continue to gorge yourself. Well, now you do. The hands free Whopper will help keep that waistline large and in charge.
Burger King in Puerto Rico celebrated its 50th anniversary by giving away these “Hands-Free Whopper” holders to 50 lucky customers. The video shows folks feeding like horses with a feedbag while their hands are doing other things. Why even bother to burn a few calories lifting it up to your face, when you have this thing?

Eating Whoppers will never be the same again.

[via Adweek]