Samsung wants AI features in all its devices by 2020

Samsung hasn't been shy about wanting to spread AI features like Bixby beyond its mobile devices. But how far is it willing to go? Very far, actually. The company's Kim Hyun-suk told the Wall Street Journal that he expects AI features to be availa...

The Ez-Bed goes from box to bed in two minutes!

If FPM’s luggage could fit a singe bed inside a solitary suitcase, Ivation’s EZ-Bed wants to out-do them. This easily carriable bag can, when plugged into a socket, transform into a completely elevated bed with an air-mattress big enough for two people!

The EZ-Bed uses a compressor and a pretty beautifully designed framework and layout to fit an entire twin-sized bed into a bag that’s good enough to fit in the boot of your car. Simply unzip the bed, connect the plug to a power source, and run the air compressor and the bed unfolds before your eyes, expanding to its full size in under two minutes. Durable, comfortable, and big enough for two adults, the EZ-Bed may have an aesthetic that’s more ‘NASA Mars Rover’ than ‘Quaint Apartment’, but it’s pretty ideal for those quick moments when guests need to spend the night over and you’re short of beds, or if you want to magically turn a spare room in your flat into an Airbnb homestay without shelling out money for a solid bed and upholstery. What’s more, the bed even compresses on its own back into its original space-saving shape when deflated. Easily one of the coolest pieces of furniture I’ve seen in a long time!

Designer: Ivation

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The best home security system

By Rachel Cericola and Grant Clauser This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read the full article here...

The Koala

The Koala ($80+) is a Hammock & camp chair in one. The design allows you set-up in the normal lie-flat position or configure it for sitting up as well as offering weatherproof protection day or night. To go from laying to seated position requires the use of the 3rd anchor strap and simply pulling the strap to raise into the desired seating position...(Read...)

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Xbox Adaptive Controller first look: A new, necessary gamepad

Microsoft stumbled into the accessibility market about three years ago, with the launch of the Xbox One Elite controller. The Elite wasn't designed to help people with disabilities play video games -- in fact, it was built for hardcore players who wa...

A Modular Twist on Home Monitoring


We go to great measures to secure our homes with all sorts of locks, gates, gadgets and gizmos, so why not take the same security measures for the other places we dwell? That’s the idea behind Convoy. Like the name suggests, this portable security system is a true companion that you can take anywhere with you whether you’re hanging at home or on vacation.

Its modular monitoring units become your personal team dedicated to ensuring wherever you are (or aren’t) is secure. Leave one at home while you’re at work to keep a watchful eye on your property. Take one with you on a trip to check in on your accommodations. Better yet, you can see what’s happening in multiple places at once no matter where you’re at.

Designer: Kenji Kimura