Honda’s compact EV swaps mirrors for side cameras

Not only will Honda's cool little electric vehicle, the Honda E, come with cameras instead of side mirrors, they'll be offered as a standard feature. The compact cameras will sit where their mirror predecessors did, and inside, drivers will find a si...

A motorcycle-compatible bionic arm that lets the disabled ride motorbikes

Combining Honda’s expertise in robotics and in motorbikes, Tom Hylton envisions a solution that helps disabled ride bikes, perhaps even in a professional capacity.

The Honda Prosthetic Arm exists in the capacity of a concept, and allows people without an arm to operate a Honda motorcycle. The arm attached at the shoulder and plugs right into the handlebar, giving you a great grip over the bike. The robotic arm is also built to send commands to the bike, allowing you to accelerate, decelerate, or even brake without the need of a palm or a hand.

“The bike and the prosthetic communicate with each other and the rider to calculate appropriate lean angles and aid body positioning, it will also eject with the rider in the event of an accident. It Is modular to suit trans-humeral and trans-radial amputees and I’m currently designing a leg to go with.” says designer Tom Hylton.

Designer: Tom Hylton

Honda’s big EV push now includes dirt bikes and scooters

Honda has shown an affinity for electric cars as of late, but what about the motorcycle crowd? Don't worry, you'll get your fix soon. The automaker has unveiled prototypes for both the CR Electric dirt bike (above) and the Benly Electric delivery s...

Honda wants all of its European cars to be hybrids or EVs by 2025

Honda is coming to the Geneva Motor Show with more than just a pre-production electric car on its hands. The automaker has announced intentions to make all of its European car sales "electrified" (that is, hybrid or pure EV) by 2025 -- a big step up...

Honda will open pre-orders for its tiny ‘e Prototype’ this year

Honda's adorable e Prototype first appeared two years ago at the Frankfurt motor show. In Geneva, the automaker unveiled a closer-to-production prototype that still has the spirit of the original concept car and announced that in addition to starting...

What to expect from the Geneva Motor Show 2019

The Geneva Motor Show is about to begin and this year the focus will be electrification. From Audi to Volkswagen, the halls of the Palexpo will be filled the future of passenger transportation.