Produce Fresh Vegetables in The Comfort of Your Home!

When we think of growing plants, phrases such as ‘High maintenance’, ‘Unreliable’ and ‘Time consuming’ spring to mind. But this doesn’t always have to be the case… and Aspara proves this!

Aspara is a smart indoor garden that encourages the growth and consumption of fresh, healthy vegetables and herbs! Remembering to water the plants is a thing of the past; a scaled-down hydroponics farm system has been neatly integrated into the design, allowing for a reduced amount of wasted water, a faster plant growth, and perhaps most importantly, the elimination of the need for regular watering!

It’s not just watering that Aspara simplifies… it removes complexity from the start with its dedicated seed kits; the organic and/or non-GMO capsules plug straight into tray, removing the need for getting your hands dirty! The conditions of the plant’s environment can be monitored remotely from the mobile app, where you can also enter into a community of fellow gardeners, and share tips, tricks and advice on how to get the most out of your indoor garden!

Designer: Julian Bowerman

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The aspara™ smart indoor grow box is a miniaturized hydroponics farm system. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.


aspara™’s smart built-in sensors monitor, detect, report and record growth conditions based on nutrient concentration, air temperature, humidity, water temperature and overall water content in the system.


The sensors will adjust lighting, water flow and planting modes based on your plant’s needs. Precise monitoring of the growth conditions provides accurate instruction on the amount of water and nutrients required to be refilled into the system.

The adjustable grow light provides a full spectrum of intensity that caters to the needs of different plants at different growth stages, as well as your personal preference. Control growth through specific programs and replicate nature with sunrise and sunset scenery.

The reservoir water system automatically waters your seeds and plants based on their nutrient levels and stage of life. The automatic ebb-and-flow-design circulates the water so that nothing is wasted.


The aspara™ seed kits start with 15+ different organic and/or non-GMO seed capsules (selected) with nutrients that guarantee a 100% germination rate by just plugging the capsules into the specialty grow tray. It’s that simple!

The aspara™ IoT-connected app provides necessities, such as your plant’s light, water, temperature, and nutrient information, and it tracks your plant’s activities and conditions, but it does so much more…

The aspara™ app is a community platform for support, as well as a space to share your plants’ growth with people who share a similar passion. You can even share your progress through photos and videos on social media!

Click Here to Buy Now: $328 $499 (34% off)

Hydroponic gardens could end Arctic food shortages

You don't have a wide variety of food choices if you live in remote parts of the Arctic. Some consumables can take so long to arrive that they're already past their "best before" dates, and that's assuming they arrive in the first place -- shortages...

The SproutsIO smart microgarden nurtures your inner botanist

I'm not good at remembering to water my one houseplant. I know I'm not alone -- the phrase "black thumb" exists for a reason. And if some of us can't even manage something as basic as adding a little H2O regularly, asking those same people to worry a...

PlanTree – The Plant Tree

The award winning PlanTree is exactly as it sounds- a tree of plants! This hydroponic plant cultivator system was designed for compact urban spaces where full-fledged gardens aren’t possible. The vertical system allows nutrients and water to circulate through each plant-containing pod as they trickle down. Users can have fresh, organic veggies no matter where they live.

Seeds or seedlings are placed in pot-like cups that are filled with soil substitutes such as rockwool or coco fibre. A simple interface lets the user control and monitor pH, moisture, light and more. Plants are grown in a cultivated and controlled microenvironment with water, nutrients and humidity.

Designer: Nur Yıldırım

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Home Lohas brings hydroponic gardening into your room, rabbit guard not included

Home Lohas brings hydroponic plantation to your living room

While running between booths at Computex earlier this month, we were momentarily distracted by these vegetable boxes (maybe it was lunch time as well). As it turned out, this product was launched by Taiwan-based Home Lohas around the same time as when the expo started. The company pitches its hydroponic gardening appliance -- so the vegetables rely on nutritious water instead of soil -- as a hassle-free, low-power solution for growing your own greens, plus it's apparently the only solution in the market that doesn't need water circulation. With its full spectrum LED light, air pump and timers, harvest time can apparently be reduced by about 30 percent. It's simply a matter of filling up the water tank, adding the necessary nutrients and placing the seeded sponge on the tray (the package includes three types of organic fertilizers and some seeds).

The only downside is that this system costs NT$15,800 (about US$530) in Taiwan, and for some reason, it'll eventually be priced at US$680 in other markets. If that's too much, then stay tuned for a half-size model that's due Q4 this year.

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Source: Home Lohas (Chinese)

Bitponics personal gardening assistant eyes-on (video)


Plants need TLC just like any other living thing, but sadly, they're not really great at telling you what they want. Bitponics is looking to take a bit of that guess work out of hydroponic and aquaponic gardens with a WiFi base station that monitors your plant life and connects to automated accessories that help you care for them. The device ships with monitors for pH, water temperature, air temperature, humidity and light, connecting to the company's Bitponics Cloud system, so you can monitor things remotely via web browser. The system's not cheap -- it's set to run $499 when it ships, fittingly, this spring. Check out a video walkthrough of the setup just after the break.

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