Tumblr, Sonos among those backing another net neutrality day of action

A number of organizations and websites are planning an online day of action meant to garner more support for a Senate vote that would reverse the FCC's removal of net neutrality protections. The Senate is currently one vote away from overturning the...

Imgur launches Video to GIF, their GIF creation tool


Finally, an easy way to create GIFs straight from the image hosting kings of the Internet, imgur. This is their latest & newest tool, Video to GIF.

The all-encompassing image hosting website Imgur, famous for being the host to most of reddit’s content, has grown a lot to the point of almost becoming an independent social network itself, with its own separate identity and everything. This is all thanks to their high standards of service and sharing capabilities which are a huge improvement upon most other social sites.

In an attempt to keep improving on their offerings, Imgur had released a tool that converted GIFs into MP4 videos, which are lighter and better, but there is something about the GIFs that is just irreplaceable, and if you don’t believe us, just check any Tumblr blog. That is why the site is also offering Video to GIF, a new tool that does the opposite, and turns videos from any format to GIFs instead. The tool can be accessed at imgur.com/vidgif, and once there users only have to paste the URL of the video and choose the fragment they want to turn into a GIF. Furthermore, users can make simple additions such as text or legends.

Video to GIF is ridiculously easy to use, and because everything is done straight from your browser, you don’t need to install anything. All you need is an Imgur account and you can start creating GIFs like nothing. Be warned, though, the system is quite new and a few bugs might pop here and there so expect having to retry every so often.

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Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Nude Pics also Leaked Online

Kate Upton has had a solid dose of reality run chillingly up her spine. And it has quite literally given her a case of Montezuma’s Revenge. Among the naked pics of celebs that got leaked online...