The three categories of lighting designs to light up your day

Did you know that there are 3 major categories of lighting designs – ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting! Ambient or general lighting is the most commonly used form of lighting that brightens up the general area and its main purpose is to guide you and show you all the elements present in the room. Task lighting, on the other hand, is a light dedicated to helping you fulfill a particular task, be it reading, writing, cooking or anything else within your home or workspace. That brings us to the third one, accent lighting! Accent lighting is what adds a touch of drama to your home. Usually, a bright and focused light, the job of an accent light is to draw the viewers attention to the part it is highlighting. So whatever type of light matches your needs, our collection of light designs will be sure to inspire you to innovate and create your own lighting solutions to light up your space!

Doolight by Doosan Baek

Helios Touch by James Vanderpant

Contour lighting by Pablo Designs

Memory Ceiling Lamp by Brokis

Nebula Ellipse Kinetic Light Sculpture by Ivan Black

Mobius floor lamp by Ovuud

The Luciole floor lamp by Pauline Plus Luis 

Cubo Lamp by Joeny with Linteloo

Lykke Lamp by Ronny Buaroy

Portable Accordian Lamp by Paer Design

Wall Light Formation by Sulkin Askenazi

Cerine Lamp by Trueing Studio

Versatile Interior Vibes


Simply called “This House”, the point of this interior/spatial design project by Taipei Base Design Center isn’t about style at all. Rather, it’s been thoughtfully designed to check and allocate resources with consideration of the possibilities of this house in the future.

The living room, dining room, kitchen and office are all open, but they can also be used independently. Each can be connected or separated depending on necessity and situational requirements. Many of the spaces can be transformed for different uses in the future such as the office into a bedroom. Other spaces like the dining room double as a second working area, or the main closet which houses video/audio equipment on one side while the reverse side serves as dining room storage. In keeping with this ultra-versatile vibe, you won’t find any frill or over-decoration in any single space, making it easy to envision and execute an easy spatial switch if needed.

Designer: Taipei Base Design Center

























An Office to Sing About


Be forewarned – checking out Opera Software’s new office might make going to work a little harder today! The headquarters are located in Wroclaw, Poland known as “the city of one hundred bridges” and it was this theme that dictated the direction of the interior design which includes constructions in the shape of arch, grates as well as familiar colors.

The arrangement of the kitchenette is an abstract, but recognizable reference to the architectural icons of the city, such as the construction of Market Hall, Central Railway Station hall or Szczytnicki’s Park. Alternatively, meeting rooms are directly associated with computers and all things IT: there is an integrated circuit, fans and decor, which are made out of nearly one thousand old foppy disks and over two hundred keyboards!

Designer: mode:lina













The Workplace of the Future

Or now if you’re one of the 550 members of McCann Worldgroup! Studio Banana’s given their workspace a unique facelift centered around collaboration and inspiration. Within the space are cozy moveable boxes for everything from meetings to intense brainstorming sessions and throughout a mix of bespoke furniture mixed with eclectic accents like vintage kilim rugs, mosaic tile mashups, fresh greenery and much, much more! With each twist and turn there’s creative inspiration everywhere! Check out the vid for the full process and tour!

Designer: Studio Banana











Within architect Igor Sirotov’s bare concrete and glass Cube is a world just waiting to be brought to life by people, food, wine, and entertainment. The restaurant’s sexy interior is defined by tables and lounges that are at once sectioned and separate, yet open and visible to giving the atmosphere an elite, club-like vibe. At the center of the design are living water features and trees that contrast the otherwise stark interior.

Designer: Igor Sirotov

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Room Division Done Right

As urban living faces space challenges, this design team has a good solution to make most of the limited carpet area that your home may have. Cook&Bath is a clever construction and room division that allows you to make the most of the space restrictions. In a way, it eliminates an entire wall and uses a centralized bathroom-shower space as the room division. An interesting way to demark the kitchen, living and bedroom space!


  • The toilet and shower’s air is evacuated by the VMC on the top.
  • The waster from the sink is used to flush the toilet.
  • All water flux lead to water discharge in the shower.

Designers: Roy Benjamin, Verdu Pierre & Denat Alexandra

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(Room Division Done Right was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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SONTE Film Lets You Frost Your Windows on Demand

If you’re looking for a way to create a sense of privacy in your house – but don’t like the look of traditional window shades – there’s a new technology on the scene which creates instant privacy while still letting light in your windows.

sonte film

SONTE is a special UV protective film you can apply to your windows that provides complete privacy. What’s really nifty about SONTE film is that it can be turned from semi-opaque to transparent with the push of a button – or using an app on your mobile device.

When electrical current is applied to the film, its transparency changes. When switched off (semi-opaque), only 5% of light is transmitted, and when on, it allows 70% of light through. When in its semi-opaque state, the film can even be used as a projection screen. Neat.

sonte film dr

To install the film, simply cut it to fit your window, peel off the electrostatic cling adhesive backing, and position it on your window. A tiny conducting clip is attached to each sheet of film, and then connects to either a Wi-Fi transceiver or a direct switch.

SONTE is currently seeking to raise $200,000 over on Kickstarter to fund production of its film. You can get a 1-meter square piece of the film, including a non Wi-Fi switch for as little as $184 (USD). Prices start at $219 for the Wi-Fi version and go up from there, depending on the amount of film you want. The largest kit being offered is an 8-square-meter “daisy chain” kit, which lets you wire together multiple windows, and is going for just under $1500. If you just want to play with the tech before investing heavily, there’s also a Kickstarter exclusive sample sheet (non Wi-Fi) for just $65.

Floor Plan Drawings of Popular TV and Film Homes


Some people define themselves as fans of a pop culture phenomenon by purchasing merchandise and obtaining every possible object related to their favorite show/movie/character. Now, thanks to the awesome works of interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde, you can have their homes as well.

If you feel like it’s time for a change ...
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Hand-Woven Room Dividers: Now You Can See Through Walls–Well, Sort Of

Hand Woven Walls

When you think of walls, you think of concrete or wood-paneled structures that divide a certain space into different rooms. I guess you could say that those are walls of the conventional kind, because there’s a different kind on the rise, although I wouldn’t go so far to say that they’re “new”, given that, well, they’re not.

These hand-woven walls by Dutch designer Wies Preijde are walls in every sense of the word–except for the solid part.

Hand Woven Walls1

Wies’s walls are hand-woven from fiber, featuring patterns and designs that will give your apartment or any room in your house, actually, some new perspective. You won’t learn stuff like this at interior design schools, although you’ll obviously have to find a pretty good one to go to so you can learn the basics and glean the essentials from you’re taught to eventually come up with unique concepts and designs like this.

Put together, the woven walls give off a 3D effect when you view it as a whole. The combination of lines, patterns, and colors on the walls will give people walking along the passageways the impression that they’re walking through a transparent home, which they almost are.

VIA [ Pop Up City ]

Stunning Achromatic Studio

This modern studio is all about openness and transparency from one section to the next- so much so that anyone with privacy issues might find themselves feeling vulnerable. Corner to corner, the viewer’s perspective shifts from light to dark, inside to out. The minimal aesthetic is contrasted by dark grey tones and raw textures of concrete, wood, marble and steel. A single colorful object, designer Igor Sirotov’s signature rubber duck, is hiding somewhere – see if you can find it.

Designer: Igor Sirotov

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