Bench Designs reinterpreted for the modern times

Benches are unique, in the sense that they are a quintessential part of our world, we use them more often than we realize, however, rarely does any thought go into the design aspect of the bench. Given their versatile nature, benches are widely used in all public spaces, from a mall, a garden to just any office setting, Our collection of bench designs is created from a range of materials, be it stone, concrete, to even steam-bent wood to inspire you to innovate and design your own bench design!

COMB furniture by Gaudutė Žilytė 

The DRIFT Collection by Fernando Mastrangelo Studio 

HexaSeat by Pouya Hosseinzadeh for Enison Co. 

The High Line NYC walk designed by James Corner Field Operations, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and Piet Oudolf

Twisted Concrete Bench by Badih Rameh 

Urban Shapes re-arrangeable stools and bench by Nort Studio

Steam Bent Bench by Bae Se Hwa 

Timber Bench by Matthias Pliessnig 

Breastfeeding Bench by 52hours

Fallen tree bench by Benjamin Graindorge 

Staircase Designs That Will Uplift Any Space: Part 2

We recently read an article where the staircase of a restaurant was demolished by the local authorities because it was constructed illegally. What this meant was, that the seating area on the first floor was inaccessible. Ingenuity struck the owners, and they hired a de-commissioned Double-decker bus and parked it in such a way that the patrons could climb up the stairs of the bus and reach the top floor seating. The point here is to look at staircases as more than just means of getting up and down between two floors. Designers put in a lot of thought and craft behind their staircase vision. We have curated some iconic staircases for you, so let us know what you think about them.

Modern Staircase Design by Andrii Ortynskyi 

Objet élevé by Studio Mieke Meijer that merges a staircase with a space to work, collect and store.

Modern House with Indoor Wood Slide by Archology 

A minimalist staircase by B(ianchi) Compact Design 

‘Stripcase’ staircase designed by Ofist 

Glowrail by Light LabMAKE Architects 

Sculptural staircase by Francesco Librizzi 

The Itamaraty Palace at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Oscar Niemeyer 

Caroline Place by Amin Taha Architects + GROUPWORK  

Tønsberg House designed by Nyfelt & Strand Architects

Furniture Designs that show why resin is trending on Instagram

Its raining resin, especially on Instagram! The term that you must have heard commonly is epoxy resin. Epoxy resin, a high-quality synthetic resin, was originally developed for the aerospace industry. With its unique mechanical characteristics and fantastic optical properties, it makes an elegant and captivating ingredient when used in modern luxury furniture. The unique, water-like clarity of resin combined with its toughness gives the resin finished furniture a delicate look that helps balance the bulky nature of traditional, wood-based furniture! Whether or not you have worked with resin yet, this collection is sure to inspire you to get your hands dirty, or should we say resin-y!

Wooden Ring by Pasha

Damascus EDC Tanto Knife by Stark Creations

Geode Table Series by Mrs. Colorberry

Ma Lamp by Lignum

Rivertable by Mehmet Cebar

Ocean Resin Skateboard by Cedar Woodworking

Candy-coloured resin tables by Andy Martin

The Earth Table created by putting together 50,000 year old kauri wood from New Zealand and resin by Renzo & Matteo Piano of Riva 1920

The luxury backlit furniture named the Bright Woods Collection by Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Table 04 of Crystal Series by Saerom Yoon

Midnight Tide by James

The 6 styles of coffee table designs

A coffee table is a long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of (or next to) a sofa or upholstered chairs to support beverages, magazines, books, decorative objects, and other small items to be used while sitting, such as beverage coasters. In Europe, the first tables specifically designed as and called coffee tables, appear to have been made in Britain during the late Victorian era. Later coffee tables were designed as low tables and this idea may have come from the Ottoman Empire, based on the tables used in tea gardens. However, as the Anglo-Japanese style was popular in Britain throughout the 1870s and 1880s and low tables were common in Japan, this seems to be an equally likely source for the concept of a long low table.

Coffee Table 63 by Baptiste Ducommun for Klybeck

Modern Coffee Table

It refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through the present that is influenced by modernism.

Up Balloon Coffee Table by Duffy London

Part rug, part table, meet the Stumble Upon Coffee Table by Alessandro Isola

Contemporary Coffee Table

Though contemporary and modern may seem interchangeable, contemporary style refers to what is currently popular. Contemporary designs often feature stark interiors with bold, bright accents. Glass tops and metal bases are common features of contemporary coffee tables.

Abyss Horizon Coffee Table by Duffy London

Cottage Coffee Tables

In some ways, cottage style is as much a frame of mind as it is an approach to decorating. There’s an everyday ease in the way it celebrates imperfections, ordinary treasures and blended families of furniture. Cottages tend to be humble, unpretentious and full of heart — traits most of us would be proud to claim. Both cottage and country styles feature feminine lines and detailing, such as turned legs. Painted and distressed finishes are common features of country and cottage coffee tables.

Mills Table by Stephan Schmitz of adorTable

The Line Coffee Table by Baker Street Boys

Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial style evokes the purposeful look and feel of factory tools, utilising metal and wood in more rough-hewn, sturdy construction. These can pair well with loft-style living rooms, or stand in perfect contrast to softer surroundings.

Arc coffee table designed by Ditte Vad and Julie Begtrup for Woud Design

Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid-century modern refers to the interior design style that was popular between the 1950s and 1960s. Mid-century modern coffee tables are characterised by clean, simple lines and bent wood or molded plastic construction. Most of the time, wood furniture has a simple finish to show off its natural beauty.

The Parsons White Top Coffee Table by Homesense

Parsons Coffee Table

A modern square or rectangular table, a parsons table has four flush, square legs that are equally as thick as the flat top. The parsons table is a modern design created in the 1930s. Though it has a simple shape, a parsons coffee table can be embellished with upholstery or different materials to fit many design schemes.

Height and Width

The best size of your coffee table depends on the size of your sofa. For optimal balance and function, the coffee table should be around two thirds the width of the sofa. The height should be 5–10 cm below the height of the sofa seat. To give ample room for moving around, make sure there are around 45cm of space between the sofa and the table.

The original write up by Anna Samygina published on Medium can be found.

Ditch the power tools. This shelf locks onto the wall with a single push.

Imagine not needing a manual. Not needing hardware. Not needing power tools. Just your bare hands, two seconds, and a simple push. The SHELF was designed around that very idea of autonomy, easy installation, and minimal knowledge of carpentry. Featuring an innovative mechanism (that I’m still trying to figure out) that locks onto drywalls without any machinery, prior drilling, or even leveling.

The SHELF is furniture installation made incredibly easy. With two wooden sleeves that slide against one another, The SHELF can be mounted on any drywall just simply by pushing it in. When you push forward, the outer sleeve slides towards the wall, prompting a mechanism in the inner sleeve to deploy incredibly small but powerful hooks that lock into the wall (I suspect they do this diagonally). When locked, they’re so firm that the shelves can take the weight of two cinder blocks (the largest TheShelf can carry as much as 30 lbs) without breaking a sweat. If you ever want to relocate the shelf, just pulling the outer sleeve with moderate force allows the hooks to disengage, and the shelf to detach from the drywall.

The simplicity, and honestly magical user-experience, lends itself to some pretty great benefits. A. You don’t need any expertise (or hired help) to mount The SHELF. Position it exactly where you want, and it embeds itself into the drywall without any drilling, nailing, or permanent damage. The hooks on The SHELF measure a mere millimeter (1/16th inch) in diameter, resulting in holes that are barely even visible. B. The hooks don’t penetrate through the drywall… they just embed themselves inside it, leaving any wires, conduits, or pipes behind your drywall completely untouched. C. The SHELF even comes with its own outlet for a wire, allowing you to route cables for a smart-speaker or an indoor camera through it without drilling holes into it or in the wall.

The magical, levitating, push-to-fasten shelves come in three sizes, perfect for books, frames, trophies, toys, plants, food, or even home electronics. Their ability to carry weight and pass wires give them every bit of versatility, and with a simple push or pull, the shelves can easily be relocated around the house without busting out any power tools… or damaging your drywall!

Designer: Vasco Cabral

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $35 (30% off). Hurry, limited stock in Early Bird Offer.

The SHELF is the world’s first self-mounting shelf. Effortlessly mount The SHELF on any standard drywall in seconds!

The SHELF is an elegantly simple and versatile solution for home storage, organization and décor. There is no laundry list of installation instructions, no tools or assembly required, and no need to locate studs you simply place The SHELF against any drywall surface and firmly press to mount in one easy motion.

For a fraction of the price of the alternatives here is a better, more customizable and less intrusive solution to home storage that has the power to transform any room in your home, apartment or office.

Inside The Shelf’s low profile structure lies a mechanism which when actuated engages counter apposing hardened steel prongs into the drywall, locking it onto the surface. No brackets, fasteners or tools required. In one simple motion The Shelf does all the work.

Keep it simple, The SHELF doesn’t go past the drywall!

To remove The Shelf, installation is simply reversed. Just slide the two halves apart until prongs are fully retracted.

The shelf is comprised of incredibly high quality materials, combine that with a simple design and you get a piece of furniture that will be with you through all of your moves and redecorations.

Life is increasingly wired. Make it a little easier to keep your phone in arms reach, and make any outlet a convenient place to plug in.

A 3/8″ reveal keeps The Shelf looking like an actual floating shelf.

Installation literally takes one second, with zero compromise to strength. Weight Capacities – Large 30lbs/Medium 25lbs/Small 15lbs.

No looking for the right screwdriver, no poking around for a stud, no worrying about what lurks behind the surface. The Shelf will mount itself anywhere on any drywall surface safely and easily.

The Shelf’s modular design means you can easily expand storage space.

Each Shelf comes with everything you need for the perfect install.

Not only is there no assembly required, you can also save on shipping because all three sizes fit within the confinements of the largest shelf.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $35 (30% off). Hurry, only Limited stock in Early Bird Offer.

Unique coat rack designs that define your design style

Some sayings have been repeated so often, they are almost a cliche, but that does not subtract from the value they depict. One such saying is that the first impression is the last impression. And what better way to create an impact that to have a product that sets the tone of your space as soon as someone enters the space? That’s when this curated collection of coat racks come into place. Use this list to get inspired and innovate or maybe just renovate!

Waltz Modular Coat Rack by GamFratesi for Gebruder Thonet Vienna GmbH

Ugao the minimalist hanging rack by Simon Morasi Piperčić for Ligne Roset

Wardrobe Hexagonal Coat Rack by Studio Rene Siebum

Cactus Coat Rack by Mario Tsai Studio for Naqu Homes

Pin LED Coat Rack by Nils Holger Moormann

89 Wall Hangers by Eduardo Cámara and Patricia Ibáñez

The ‘Hang it all’ Coat Rack was designed by Charles and Ray Eames  

The Splash Coat Rack by Bludot

The Brush Coat Rack by Lu Yu

Wave coat rack by Misewell Furniture

Bookshelf designs as unique as you are

As George R.R. Martin (in his usual morbid style) says “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge” Inspired by the same, we all agree that books deserve their own place of honor and these bookshelves will do justice to every book. Our collection of the best bookshelves brings you designs ranging from bookshelves that break the mundane vertical shelving systems, interactive designs that rearrange to make space for your books as well as shelves that seem to be afloat in space to help you get inspired and innovate.

LoculaMENTUM Bookshelf by Michael Schlütter 

Book Chair by Sou Fujimoto

Star Shelf by Studio Nada Debs 

Chuck wall shelf by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn of Hafriko 

Island Bookshelf by Gallottie & Radice 

TRAP Bookcase by Kambiam 

Rubika bookcase by George Bosnas 

www Bookshelf by Viktor Matic 

Antologia Bookshelf by Studio 14 for Mogg 

YD Design Storm #36: Shelf Designs Trending this week

The YD Design Storm takes a look at products, services, and spaces that are storming the internet. The idea? To turn internet-storming material into brainstorming material! Scroll down for our collection of handpicked works from design websites, portfolios, and social media. Get inspired, save projects, pin images, or share links with fellow design enthusiasts! This edition of Design Storm focuses on the best shelf designs that are trending right now!

Watch this space for your digest of design brain-fodder… and an ever-evolving map of design trends!

Slide Bookcase by Daniele Lago

Wall*nut Hexagons by Think Fabricate

Field Shelves by Dmitri Kozinenko

Cabinets & Shelves by Filip Janssens

LiliLite Shelf & Bedside Lamp by Studio Smeets

Slide Bathroom Towel Shelf by Cory Grosser for Agape

The Deer Shelf by BEdesign

Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Alba L Modular shelf with hidden storage by Woodendot

LINK Shelves by Studio Hausen

YD Design Storm #35: Side Table Designs trending this week

The YD Design Storm takes a look at products, services, and spaces that are storming the internet. The idea? To turn internet-storming material into brainstorming material! Scroll down for our collection of handpicked works from design websites, portfolios, and social media. Get inspired, save projects, pin images, or share links with fellow design enthusiasts! This edition of Design Storm focuses on the best side table designs that are trending right now!

Watch this space for your digest of design brain-fodder… and an ever-evolving map of design trends!

Illusion Table by John Brauer for Essey

Vista Concrete side table by Benton Fusion

Ostrich Side Table by Mario Tsai

Twin Side Table by ByLassen

Cooper Side Table by Nina Mair

Plisago Side Tables by Studio Besau-Marguerre

Daisy Stool & Side Table by Warm Nordic

Drip Side Table by Blackman Cruz

Kroll Sidetable (of the Kroll Collection) by Max Voytenko

The Butler designed to be a stepstool, side table and an impromptu desk by  Shane Schneck of Office for Design

YD JOB ALERT: Philippe Starck is looking to recruit a Junior Interior Architect

It isn’t everyday that one gets the opportunity to meet Philippe Starck, let alone work with him! The Parisian all-round designer is probably one of the best known names in the industry. Having formed his studio ‘Starck’ in 1970, Philippe worked on a massive variety of projects spanning categories like architecture, furniture design, consumer goods, luxury goods, packaging, and even dabbling with occasional transportation design projects. Philippe has also been lauded for factoring in his philosophy of Democratic Design into his work. Starck has been extremely vocal of his avoidance of unethical projects such as arms, alcohol, tobacco, oil and religion. He has also always implements ethical and ecological aspects into all of his creations but he also loves to inject fun into his designs and the combination of these three elements are always poetic, rebellious and definitely beautiful. His studio, Starck Network Agency, is looking to hire a Junior Interior Architect who shares these views along with a passion for design and learning.


The STARCK agency develops projects in France, the Middle East, the USA and Brazil. In the continuity of our development, we are looking for a Junior Interior Designer Hotel Restaurant H / F.


• In collaboration with a senior project manager who will manage and supervise you
• You will be involved in global hotel projects
• You will be in charge of global design projects including hotels and restaurants in France and abroad (Sketches, APS, APD, DCE) as well as the application of architectural and development concepts, in liaison with the architect and external service providers, in terms of coordination / quality and compliance with Starck specifications


Training school of interior architecture (Ecole bleue, ENSAAMA, Ecole Boulle, Camondo ou Ensad,…) or a similar architecture school. You have at least 2 years of experience on similar functions, imperatively in a hotel and restaurant universe. You have a successful experience in space and furniture design.

You are fluent in English (necessary).

You have a real affinity with the hospitality environment, an excellent graphic expression and you master the software such as Autocad LT, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup and the Office Pack. Relational and organizational skills, responsiveness, proven creative sense and good management of priorities are essential to succeed in the job.

As part of your missions, travel will be expected.


Send CV and Portfolio in PDF format by email only (maximum 3MB) to


Paris, France.


Visit the YD Job Board to view similar jobs or to post a Job Opening.