Apple might have disabled bilateral wireless charging on its new iPhones

Apple's new iPhones may include a hidden feature. Citing "reliable sources," frequent Apple leaker Sonny Dickson says all three new iPhone models include the necessary hardware for bilateral charging, a feature that would allow the phones to wireless...

Philip Lück’s imaginative take on everyday objects includes an iPhone 11 with a fidget spinner!

‘Reality leaves a lot to the imagination’, this quote by John Lennon is what I believe must be the inspiration behind this wonderful mix of reality and imagination displayed by designer Philip Lück. Philip, who goes by the username philiplueck on Instagram has been adding a twist of imagination to the mundaneness of our daily lives. What sets him apart is his sense of humor, be it a fidget spinner in place of the 3 cameras on Apple’s latest iPhone 11 Pro that is causing a wave of fear among trypophobe’s across the world to a dose of creativity you wish you could take every morning. There is a healthy mix of reality, imagination, and a subtle suggestion that asks you to take a harder look at the reality of our everyday lives in each of his renders.

Now here’s a version of the iPhone 11 Pro that adds some fun to the 3 camera setup, and keeps the trypophobia at bay! Not to forget, the hours of screen-free analog procrastination it would provide when the phone was not in use.

Addicted to inspiration is a unique take on the struggle every creative person faces – how do you fuel those creative engines on an everyday basis? Well, a pill as such on a daily basis would sure be helpful!

Are you worthy enough to wield the power of those practically indestructible Nokia phones? Inspired by Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, these phones were all the rage when having a mobile phone became commonplace. Oh, the hours we spent playing the game ‘snake’ on those phones!

I have often actually imagined what a cool washing machine the Instagram logo would make, and this render surely proves me right. Now if only someone would actually manufacture this…

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is the name of the book here!

Meet Cokebomb!

Meet the model inspired by OFFF Barcelona. Born as a festival over a decade ago, OFFF showcases three days of electronic music showcases, from some of the most respected names in the world of underground house and techno.

A direct shot of the good stuff for the day’s life has you down.

Moneymaker grates the cash to find you some change!

An ode to morning routines and rituals with a dose of daily updates! With the amount of data thrown at us on a daily basis, we do end up throwing most of it away without consuming it, making this an apt description of our mornings indeed.

Named heavy times, this image is sure to evoke the weight of passing time on our shoulders.

Sipped is for those days when life gives you lemons!

YD Talks: Looking at the new iPhones and why Jony Ive and Apple are better split apart…

Would you rather design the world’s first diamond ring that’s entirely made out of a single diamond stone? Or would you try to design an 8mm slab of a smartphone that practically looks the same as the 8mm slab of a smartphone you designed last year, because it needs to?

This keynote marks the first of many without Jony Ive lending his suave baritone to the background audio as Tim unveils the new iPhone. Jony Ive left Apple earlier this year, moving on to forming his own design studio LoveFrom along with long-time friend and design collaborator Marc Newson.

There’s no room for Apple to innovate in industrial design, as the company isn’t really set to launch new products anymore. They scrapped AirPower and pulled a disappearing act on the entire ‘smart-car’ project. The last product that Ive could really go wild with was the infamous 2019 Mac Pro, and that design isn’t changing at least for the next 5 years.

I remember a time when Ive allegedly expressed intent to leave Apple (a year after Jobs’ passing), and was made to stay by being promoted to the position of Chief Design Officer. Now at a position that is just second to the CEO, there isn’t much room for Jony to move upwards, and the company’s pivot to services like Apple Pay, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade means Ive can finally move out of Apple’s structure, extending and experimenting beyond designing notches on 8mm slabs of metal and glass, putting arguably the most disastrous keyboards on their flagship laptops, and over-designing a $1999 display stand for a $5999 cheese-grater-esque computer.

So onto the new iPhone. The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are, like every iPhone, the greatest iPhones ever made. They showcase design similar to their predecessors, but with major upgrades to the inner hardware and software, including a chip that provides better CPU and GPU capabilities with lesser power consumption, and camera features that are really professional-grade. The merits of the new iPhones aren’t really visual, but rather strictly technological. Remember the visual jump from the iPhone 3G to the 4, from the 5 to the 6, and from the 8 to the X? They were all spaced roughly 2-3 years apart, but the iPhone X is perhaps the last stop for the iPhone’s industrial design journey (I hope to stand corrected). With an aesthetic that’s now sort of in the sweet spot, Apple’s focus is now on making each subsequent phone perform better than the last.

To reiterate, the new iPhones aren’t really NEW LOOKING iPhones. They’re old iPhones with new tricks. There’s no way in hell that Apple’s teasing a folding iPhone yet, or a 5G iPhone before the infrastructure is ready… or even a bezel-less iPhone because that would need a sliding camera module which would make the iPhone thicker, a cardinal sin in Jony’s design playbook. In fact, the iPhone can’t even get much thinner than it already has, thanks to the limitations of Moore’s Law.

Tim’s pivot to services is probably his lasting legacy as CEO, and it doesn’t have much room in it for radical industrial design. Ive stuck around to help complete Jobs’ vision of releasing the best consumer products, but if anything, those products are now Apple’s undoing. iPhone sales have gradually seen a steady decline, in part because it isn’t worth spending over a grand on new phones each year, but also because Apple’s gadgets stand the test of time, with people on an average using their phones for over 3-4 years before finally making the switch (my flatmate still uses a 6S; pretty happily, if I might add). The bendgate debacle was perhaps a blip in Apple’s otherwise long-standing record of making products that last longer than the competition (they’ll last even longer now, ever since Apple’s begun advocating for the Right To Repair Act that allows third-parties to officially fix broken Apple gadgets). Couple that with the fact that each flagship iPhone now costs more than a grand, and you’ve got a product line that’s losing its annual hype.

So, I ask again… would you willingly choose to play second fiddle to engineers, strategists, UI/UX designers, and service designers, condemned to a lifetime of minutely redesigning old products? Probably not for long, right? The new iPhone is remarkable in many ways, but it also marks the perfect departure for Apple’s design legend who deserves to be able to do MUCH more.

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