How to Earn CompTIA Certifications Without Breaking the Bank

CompTIA is the leading body for IT certifications in the world, and earning these can be a prerequisite for some of the highest paying jobs in the tech industry. Study materials for these certification exams, however, can be expensive. If you want to take any of the exams but aren’t ready to shell out hundreds on books, check out The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle and build your skills for just $59.

This 12-course bundle includes online training for CompTIA A+, CompTIA Cloud Essentials, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Cloud+, CompTIA CSA+, CompTIA Network+, and many more crucial certification exams. Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to all materials so you can take your time getting through them and focus on one exam at a time. Pick up the whole bundle for just $59 – that’s 98% off list price in the Technabob Shop.

Creepy IT Pennywise Statue Will Haunt Your Sewers

The recent IT movie was very creepy if not outright scary. If you don’t like clowns, you probably will want to look away. After all, Pennywise the clown is simply horrifying. But if you like your circus folk with cracked foreheads and bloody faces, keep on reading.

Iron Studios‘ detailed 1/10th scale polystone statue of Pennywise is is 9.8-inches tall and 5.3-inches wide on the base. Despite being a statue and not an action figure, it still offers swappable heads and hands. It comes with two heads and three arms. Each one is hand-painted and based on 3D reference scans from the movie provided by Warner Bros.

The statue is available for pre-order right now at Sideshow Toys for $104.99, with an estimated launch window of April to June 2019. You’re sure to float too if you buy one of these.

The Ultimate IT Bundle Packs Over 200 Hours of Courses for $39

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it: the IT industry is booming. If you’re looking for a career change, there’s virtually no more secure avenue to pursue. If you’re already working in tech, but looking to go down a more lucrative path, well, take your pick of specializations from cloud computing to cybersecurity. Either way, The Ultimate IT Certification Training Bundle isa comprehensive training package for budding IT professionals.

One of the keys to success in IT is getting one of the many valued certifications, which is exactly what these courses will prepare you to earn. The bundle divides the courses into prep work for the main certification providers: CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft, and there are lessons in Windows Server administration, networking, security, and more.

For just $39, you’ll get $3,389 worth of individual courses, which amounts to over 200 hours of instruction. To cash in on this treasure trove of IT training, be sure to pick up The Ultimate IT Certification Training Bundle in the Technabob Shop before the sale ends.

Launch Your IT Career with This Extensive Cisco Training Bundle – Less Than $6 Per Course

Cisco networking systems are virtually everywhere, powering a huge chunk of online corporate operations and logistics. Cisco certifications are necessary to work with Cisco systems and just by getting certified you can raise your earning potential by thousands of dollars. The Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle will help you earn the most popular Cisco certifications fast.

This training includes prep materials for nine vaunted Cisco certification exams so when it comes time to sit the exam, you’ll be totally prepared. From installing Cisco networking systems, securing networks, implementing Cisco IP Routing, and more, this nine-course bundle will put you on track for a lucrative new career.

Bought separately, all these study materials would cost more than $3,000. Technabob usually has the whole bundle on sale for $59 but right now you can get it at a special $49 price and save 98% today.

British warships will soon have Siri-like voice controls

British warships will soon integrate Siri-like voice systems into their controls, according to the head of the UK's Royal Navy. Speaking at the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition -- one the biggest arms fairs in the world -- Firs...

Pennywise Living Dead Doll Makes: Float On

I don’t expect to see the new Stephen King IT movie any time soon, because I don’t go watch scary movies at the theater. It’s not that I am afraid of the movie, I’m just afraid my wife will scream and dump an entire ocean of soda on the person next to us like she did when we saw House on Haunted Hill back in the ’90s.

I did watch the IT miniseries back in the day and it was scary. If you like that classic Pennywise, you will want this Mezco Living Dead Doll based on the ’90s version of the creepy clown. The figure measures 10″ tall, has five points of articulation, and of course, it includes a red balloon.

The Pennywise Doll is available for pre-order for $39.99(USD) at Entertainment Earth, and ships starting this December. If you buy it, you’ll float too… or at least your wallet will be lighter.