Jenga might just save our oceans


Yes, there’s a high chance it could! Experts estimate that discarded fishing nets make up for a staggering 10% of the plastic pollution in our oceans and there’s no denying that these things, literally designed to trap marine life, wreak havoc if not disposed of carefully. California based Bureo decided to turn potentially lethal waste into a resource by converting those fishing nets into plastic pellets that they could then use as a raw material. Originally started as a skateboard manufacturing company, Bureo partnered with Jenga to make their popular block-stacking game out of recycled plastic.

As a part of their Net Positiva programme in Chile, Bureo would set up multiple waste collection points to source their raw material, and each box of Jenga Ocean would comprise as much as 25 square feet of recycled netting. The Jenga pieces are made 100% from recycled fishing nets, and they even feature images of the marine life they’ve saved on the blocks! Who knew playing Jenga could be eco-friendly?!

Designer: Bureo for Jenga








Sushi Stacker is Like Jenga, but with Raw Fish and Chopsticks

Do you like to play Jenga? How about spicy tuna and wasabi? Well, have I got something for you! Sushi Stacker is a fun new tabletop stacking game that comes with planks that look like sushi instead of blocks of wood.

While you can play the game just like Jenga, the set comes with ideas for nine different games, including some that include picking up the pieces with chopsticks, playing Shogi, using them as dominoes, and some sort of Russian roulette game that I don’t quite understand. But even if you just use these to play sushi Jenga, they should offer plenty of fun.

The set includes 48 sushi pieces – six pieces each in eight different styles, as well as pair of chopsticks. Sushi Stacker is available exclusively from Firebox at the moment, where you can grab it for $40. You could easily spend that much on a raw fish dinner, and it won’t last nearly as long.

iPhone Jenga Is the Most Expensive Jenga Tower Ever

The folks over at Unbox Therapy got an idea into their heads to play Jenga with a bunch of iPhone SEs. That phone costs at least $399 for each unit and their little Jenga game needed 108 of them. Do the math and that works out to over $43,000. That is one expensive game of Jenga.

For the game they unboxed all of the phones and then stacked them into a rough Jenga tower. I say rough because it lacks the smooth sides you expect in Jenga. To make the iPhones look more like Jenga pieces, they put dbrand bamboo skins on each of them to make them look like wood.

If you’re nervous that 40 grand worth of iPhones are about to land on the ground, you’ll have to watch the video to see how things turn out:

Now that the game is over, Unbox Therapy is giving away all of the phones in a contest. For your chance to win one, just follow the Unbox and dbrand instagram accounts. Winners will be posted here.

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Girl Plays Jenga Using a Whip

I don’t know who YouTuber April Jennifer Choi is, but I know a few things about her. First, she is a total smoke show. Second, she is really into the whips. Third, she makes me a little nervous. Fourth, she plays Jenga better with her whip that most people do with their hands.

hottie-whip-jengazoom in

I definitely wouldn’t want to piss off a girl that has an entire wall filled with whips. I also hope beyond hope that those hula-hoops in the background mean she can whip stuff while hula-hooping. That would be awesome.

Choi says that this was her first time playing Jenga with a whip, but it looks like she is a pro at it already. Check out the videos to see her playing in slow motion and at full speed. All I can say is that her significant other had better stay in line.

[via Nerdist]

Cat Jenga: Feline Tower of Pisa

It’s pretty hard to stack real cats. They won’t stand for it. That’s why we need Cat Jenga. In Cat Jenga, you don’t remove cats one at a time, but instead, you see how many cats you can add to your cat tower before it falls.

cat_jenga_stacking_1zoom in

Basically it is Jenga in reverse. With neat wooden cats. There is one drawback. There are only six cats to a set, and each set selling for $15.99(USD) so building an epic cat tower might get a bit expensive. However, the glory of building the ultimate cat tower is priceless. How much do you want to bet that your real cat will be a jerk and knock it all over. He/she is just jealous.

Oh, and there is one way to stack real cats:

[Lost At E Minor] via [Nerd Approved]

Library Book Style Vintage Board Games Store Vertically

vintage game collection
This is a smart design idea. Hasbro has redesigned the packaging for many of your favorite classic board games so they store in a classy book-style vertical manner. No more stacks of unsightly brightly colored wide game boxes that you have to hide in a basement rec room or closet. These games all match and can be proudly displayed on any bookshelf- they look like a row of classic books. Show them off in your living room, den, library, or even the office.
monopoly book
The games themselves are exactly the same as the original versions you played as a kid (and still do). The only major difference is that the boards fold up more times (looks like in 9ths) instead of in half to fit into the box. There is a WIDE variety of games available: Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, Jenga, Clue, Life, Stratego, Yahtzee. Some are available in a wooden box as well. Would make a great gift or collection.


Library Book Style Vintage Board Games Store Vertically
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Giant Sized Jenga

giant jenga Giant Sized Jenga
Get your giant sized Jenga on with the Towering Toppling Timbers Game. This takes it to a whole new (much larger) level. Each piece is 3 times larger than a standard Jenga game and the tower stands over 2 feet high at the start of the game. As you carefully remove pieces and place them on top it can grow to over 4 feet tall if you’ve got the skills to pay the bills. Great for indoor or outdoor use.
giant jenga bag Giant Sized Jenga
The 54 solid wood blocks all fit inside a large canvas shoulder bag for easy portability. It is 38 pounds so it’s like the weight of a large toddler but more durable and with less crying. Everything’s more fun when it’s bigger (that’s what she said) and this game is no exception. Great for picnics, lawn games, camping trips, rain day fun, and sunny days in the yard. Cloudy days too, why not? Good stuff.
buy now Giant Sized Jenga

Giant Sized Jenga
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