TableTop Tokens Takes D&D to the Next Level

Back in the day, a D&D session required nothing but a big bag of dice, a few geeks, and a surface to roll those dice on. That’s still how most people probably play the game, but a Kickstarter campaign has turned up for something called TableTop Tokens. These are flat plastic items that you can use to give more visual appeal to your made up quests and battles.

There are four sets of illustrated, two-sized tokens available including rooftops, dungeons, graveyard, and a town market. Combined with a playing mat and your character figurines, the pieces help make your tabletop RPGs more immersive.

You can pick up a single set or the tokens in any style you want for $15, $30 for two sets, $45 for three sets, and $52 for all four sets. You can also order them in digital form for personal use. The sets are expected to ship in April 2019.

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Figure Is Ready to Take on The Rat King

Growing up, I was famous in my neighborhood for my pickle concoctions. Essentially I did what my dad did when he cooked a steak, simply opened the spice cabinet and put some of everything on the pickles. They were good, and I ate lots of pickles to the point where my dad had 5-year-old me 75% convinced I would wake up one morning and have turned into a pickle. I’d probably turn out like Pickle Rick, only I’d be Pickle Shane.

Check out this amazing Pickle Rick action figure from Funko. It comes with our deranged pal Pickle Rick, and he has a disgusting suit that looks to be made from a rat carcass. The armor is complete with rib cage, rat head helmet, video camera, and wrist drills.

The action figure stands 5-inches tall and comes in a window box for those of you who don’t actually play with your toys. It’s awesomely gross and up for pre-order now for $19.99 at Entertainment Earth with shipping starting this December.

Star Trek Starfleet Dish Set: Food… The Final Frontier

Fire up the replicator this Thanksgiving and invite all of your friends and family to eat from this classy Star Trek Dinner Set. Of course, you should get several sets so everyone can eat off them. These pieces have a gold Starfleet insignia on them and would look at home both in a starship mess hall and in your very own home.

The set includes one dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl, and a mug for your Earl Grey tea or Romulan ale. Speaking of Star Trek and Thanksgiving, where the hell is my replicator technology? The damn turkey takes hours and hours to make. When do I get a turkey that appears out of thin air? I’m waiting. That would make things a whole lot easier.

Anyway, This is the classy way for geeks to eat their meals. Remember the wise words of Khan. “Revenge is a dish best served cold, but it doesn’t have to be. Just heat the damn thing up and serve it on a Star Trek plate!” Okay, I may have added that last part, but it’s true.

Kirk and Spock used these or something similar in Star Trek VI, I believe – or maybe they’re the plates they used when they opened that restaurant on the Enterprise…

Star Trek V: The Restaurant Enterprise

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Super Mario 3 Holiday Wreath: The 8-Bit Days of Christmas

Celebrate the holidays in classic video game style. This Nintendo Light-Up Wreath has a Super Mario Bros 3 theme that combines one of the coolest video games ever with our favorite holiday. The pixel art wreath has power-ups and five green LEDs that blink intermittently in the center of the donut blocks. I

It looks awesome and very festive. Sadly, it doesn’t play any music, but what are you gonna do? Some 8-bit holiday songs would have sweet. At least it looks amazing. It lets those on the outside of your house know that there’s a Mario fan inside. Santa will see this from a mile away as he flies by in his sleigh, and he’ll make a special stop at your place with extra gifts because he’s a big Mario fan too.

This is perfect for the kind of person that leaves a powered-up NES on for Santa instead of milk and cookies. And you know what cartridge is inserted. If Santa gets distracted from all of his other stops, that’s on him. You gotta complete those levels. Hey, if he can’t deliver, maybe you get to keep all of the gifts. Sweet!

Corgi Butt Heated Pillow Warms Your Buns with Dog Buns

Corgis are very cool dogs. They are super short, have big fluffy butts, and can run really fast. If you are a fan of the corgi and ever thought what you really need to keep warm in the office is a toasty corgi butt to sit on, here is your chance.

This is a Corgi Butt Heated Pillow that you can plug into your USB port to keep your back or butt warm. It’s a great way to warm yourself in the office without turning up the heat, making your co-workers want you dead.

The heating element doesn’t run directly from the USB port, it runs from a battery that charges via USB. A full 2 hour charge is good for 4-6 hours of toasty corgi sitting. ThinkGeek has the Corgi Butt Heated Pillow for $24.99.

The Turkey Stuffer Makes Thanksgiving Easi… Er?

You know how it is during the holidays. Everything is super busy – especially for Thanksgiving, because you have to clean the house, prepare all of the food, eat and then clean it all up again. You barely have the time or energy for it all. Well, here’s an idea that will make roasting your turkey that much easier.

Joseph from Joseph’s Machines, along with his dog Matthew, will show you his easy method of preparing a Thanksgiving turkey. It just requires a few Rube Goldberg tricks. Like having your dog jump on a platform to chop the vegetables with an ax, which then sets off a chain of events that flings a container of stuffing into your waiting bird.

Now when it comes to buttering your bird (I know that sounds wrong) you should always set your butter under your dog to soften it, then use a massage tool to work it into the bird’s soft skin, relieving its stress at the same time. Then cook your turkey and have your dog pull it out of the oven with a special harness. Your Thanksgiving turkey is now ready and you didn’t have to work as hard. Yeah, right. But it’s a fun way to cook a turkey.

[via Neatorama]

Deadpool vs The World Card Game is Perfect for Adult Game Night

There are plenty of card games out there that have players caption what you see on the cards or complete sentences for humor and fun. Deadpool fans wanting a new game to add to their game night shenanigans will want to check out Deadpool vs The World Card Game.

The game comes with 400 cards total. 100 of those cards have custom illustrations of Deadpool in strange and inappropriate situations, while the 300 remaining cards include partial captions with a dry-erase surface. The idea is to finish the captions to come up with the most offensive and outrageous explanations of why Deadpool is in those compromising positions.

Amazon has the game for $24, and it would be an excellent Christmas gift for fans of Deadpool and card games.

SpaceX’s Starman and Tesla Roadster Have Gone Beyond Mars

Nine months is a long time; it’s long enough to have a baby. It’s also long enough for the Tesla Roadster and its Starman passenger to have traveled from the Earth orbit it was initially placed in, to beyond the orbit of Mars. SpaceX tweeted the milestone along with an orbit map showing where Starman and his ride were on Friday.

The car and passenger are now making their way back towards Earth and will continue to make the rounds for millions of years to come. Those continued orbits for all eternity assumes the Roadster isn’t picked up by aliens and doesn’t smash into a planet. You see, there is a chance that the Roadster will smash into Earth or Venus in the next few million years.

The Roadster was put into orbit as a publicity stunt during the maiden voyage of the Falcon Heavy rocket. The next Falcon Heavy payload put into space will be something a bit more useful – communications satellite called Arabsat-6A. It’s expected to launch in January 2019.


Official Sony PlayStation Furniture: Live in Your World, Play in Yours Too

Pottery Barn recently debuted a new line of furniture featuring the Sony PlayStation brand.The collection includes a media console, a coffee table, a beanbag chair, acrylic wall cubbies for game and controller storage, and a sweet wall light with the iconic button shapes from the PlayStation controller. The entire collection can be found on the PBTeen website.

If you consider yourself the ultimate Playstation fan, now you can deck your home or your game room out with these pieces and feel at home. But before you run out and redesign your room, this stuff doesn’t come cheap. The whole set will cost you over $2,000. You could buy a PS4 Pro, a 4K TV, and a lot of games for that price.

Your home will feel like Sony HQ with this furniture. Or at least a Sony store. Now all you need are some store shelves and a cashier. People can come in and buy stuff while you are playing games. That’s living the dream.

[via Comic Book]

Pokémon Poke Ball Waffle Maker: Breakfast, I Choose You!

Pokémon fans, or people who just love the slightly crunchy and sweet taste of waffles in weird shapes, check this out. This Pokémon waffle maker will cook you up a big round breakfast that looks like a Poke Ball.

It won’t hold all your captured Pokémon, but it will totally capture a bunch of Belgian waffle batter and turn it into a breakfast treat that will catch all your syrup. The waffles this thing produces are about 7-inches in diameter, and like all good waffle irons, this one has indicator lights to tell you when the iron is on and ready to cook.

Preorders are underway right now for $34.99 at ThinkGeek, with shipping starting in late November. That should mean you have it in time for a fancy Christmas Day breakfast of Pokémon champions.