This Rube Goldberg Machine Takes 9 Minutes to Pour a Glass of Lemonade

When you could just walk over to the fridge, nine minutes seems like a long time to wait for a glass of lemonade. In this case, it’s totally worth it. What you are looking at is a ridiculously long Rube Goldberg machine that spans the entire house just to pour a few glasses of lemonade. I mean, I would have poured you a glass if you just asked. There’s no need to build a huge machine. Geesh.

This overly-complicated contraption was built by a team of talented machine builders: Sprice MachinesDoodleChaosTheInvention11Hevesh55MadMovieMakersDrComplicated, and SmileyPeaceFun. Needless to say, they really, really like lemonade. This was their first ever house-wide machine project and probably their last if anyone’s wife lives in this house. The machine travels through the kitchen, a kid’s room, bathroom, office, parent’s room, living room, patio, and backyard while using everyday objects to eventually achieve its goal.

This machine is one of the cooler ones I’ve seen in some time and superbly designed, except for, you know, the fact that you have to wait nine minutes to get a drink. This must have taken a long time to set up, and lots of trial and error. But the promise of that sweet and tart lemon drink must have driven them forward. Minute Maid? Meh. We can beat that with Nine-Minute Made lemonade!

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Cat Rides His Own Electric Skateboard

Kim Pimmel is an engineer who also happens to be a filmmaker. He has a cat named “MIDI”, clearly the geekiest cat name ever. His cat does something many don’t – he doesn’t flip out when something unexpected happens, such as giving him a ride on a motorized skateboard.

The cat-customized electric skateboard has a throttle lever on it, and when Kim drops a treat into a hole on the lever, MIDI paws at it. That action not only delivers the om-noms to Mr. Kitty, but it also activates the electric motor, taking tabby for a ride. Check out the video of MIDI cruising around the house on the slick contraption.

Clearly, kitty needs to hit the halfpipe. Our dog hates cats. Say the word “cat” and he has to go patrol the backyard to ensure the sanctity of his domain. I wonder how he would feel about cats tooling around on skateboards.

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Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Halloween Costume

This Halloween, earn that candy by playing on people’s emotions. Once they see you in this amazing Han Solo in Carbonite Halloween Costume, they will be transported back to the moment that Han was frozen by Jabba and they will feel sorry for you and just shower you with candy. Like, they will drop whole bags of candy in your trick or treat bag, because it was sad when Han got stuck in the deep freeze.

You don’t even have to go trick or treating in this thing to have some fun on Halloween night either. You can redecorate a front room and turn it into Jabba’s palace, have someone dress up as Jabba the Hutt, while you dress up in this costume and prop yourself on the wall. Heck, you could put on a full reenactment of the movie scenes if you want… ten let the candy flow.

This costume inflates and the mask and gloves are separate pieces. It also has a battery operated fan to keep inflated. If you do wear this and go trick or treating, it will be fun when them friends complain about how cold it is, because you can tell them that at least they aren’t frozen in carbonite.

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SpongeBob and Patrick Christmas POP! Figures Put the Who in WHOOOOOOOOOOliday

When my kids were smaller I watched SpongeBob SquarePants with them all of the time. I’m not sure if that makes me a bad parent, a good one, or just a weird one. I remember the Christmas episode of the show where Patrick runs all around slurping on a candy cane. Now you can commemorate that moment with a very special Funko POP! collectable toy.

POP! vinyl figure collectors will definitely want to add these SpongeBob and Patrick Christmas characters for their collection. While Patrick is enjoying his candy cane way too much, SpongeBob has a look of wonder in his eyes as he holds a wrapped gift.

Each one can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth for $10.99 (Patrick here and SpongeBob here) with delivery in October, so you’ll have them in plenty of time to add them to your Christmas displays.

Be the Envy of Your Neighborhood with this Giant Inflatable Fortnite Battle Bus

Of course, others who don’t know what this bus is all about will wonder why you have a giant inflatable bus on your lawn. How many senile grandparents will walk their grandchild to this bus thinking that it will take them to school? Also, sadly you can’t go inside and be whisked off to a faraway island to kill other people and build forts for no reason. They really need more plot in that game.

I say you fill this thing with helium so you can be carried into the air just like in the game. Pack a parachute and just jump whenever you see an island. Seriously though, they really missed an opportunity by not making this bus flyable. I believe in authenticity. If it flies in the game, it should fly over your yard. If you’ve got $400 to blow, you can grab this over on Amazon today, and have it in plenty of time for Halloween.

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Adorable Alolan Vulpix Pokémon Build-A-Bear: What’s the Fox Say?

Good news Poké-fans. Build-A-Bear Workshop is getting ready to launch another Pokémon plush character, featuring the wintry white and blue critter Alolan Vulpix.

The $60 set includes a 13-inch Alolan Vulpix plush, a matching fuzzy cape, adorable pajamas, and a sound effect pack. Oh, and they’ll toss in an exclusive Pokémon trading card just for good measure. That’s quite the Poké-bundle, and sure to be popular with serious fans.

The bundle will only be available online here starting on Thursday, September 13th. If for some reason you can’t get the online exclusive, you won’t have to miss out. You can save a bit of money by getting just the Alolan Vulpix plush ($28) and cape ($12.50) separately at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores beginning on the same date.

This is the ninth Pokémon offered by Build-A-Bear Workshop and The Pokémon Company International. The question is, have you caught them all?

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Chain Mail Dice Bag Adds +5 Protection

One of the things that goes along with a spirited game of Dungeons & Dragons is a bunch of dice. Sometimes a DM needs to protect said dice from the minions he is lording his power over during a game. I’ve been involved in some rather “spirited” games before and it wasn’t at all uncommon for a 20-sided die to get hurled at someone’s testes. Be on your guard.

If you want to protect your dice, and thereby protect your parts from hurled objects this chain mail and rubber gaming dice bag is the ticket. The bag is sized to hold 2 to 3 dozen polyhedral dice, depending on their shapes and sizes. It’s made from rubber and aluminum rings, and closes with a fake leather cord. It measures 5″ tall and has an 8″ opening to let your Cheetos stained fingers inside with ease.

ThinkGeek offers the bag for $12.99.

This 1000 Piece Color-changing Jigsaw Puzzle Will Drive You Crazy

This unique jigsaw puzzle is not for those who get frustrated with ordinary puzzles. Designed by artist Clemens Habicht, the 1000-piece Changing Colors jigsaw puzzle is printed with a lenticular lens to create an eye-catching iridescent sheen.

So not only does the puzzle have lots of areas of similar colors, they constantly vary depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. As evil as the concept sounds, it may not be as difficult as it seems.

According to one Redditor who finished the puzzle, “In case anyone is curious, it was definitely challenging but two things made it doable: first, the holo effect is made using lenticular imaging, which uses parallel tiny tubular lenses for lack of a better word so that you see the different colors at different angles, and that gives the entire surface a consistent grain which I could use to orient the pieces. Secondly, every piece was two colors, and along a gradient, so I could sort by the color pairs and find all the green/magenta pieces and separate them from the green/red or blue/yellow, etc. I do not recommend gifting this to anyone who is colorblind unless they’ve wronged you in some extreme manner.”

Cue everyone lining up to buy this for their colorblind friends. You can pre-order this challenging and colorful puzzle from Lamington Drive for $100.

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Mario Meets Léon The Professional

One of my favorite movies of all time is Léon: The Professional. Not only was it the big screen debut of Natalie Portman, but she played a complete badass in the film, which she starred in at age 12, but it was helmed by the wonderfully over-the-top French director Luc Besson. The film is packed with insane amounts of violence and destruction, as Portman’s character Mathilda becomes sidekick to hitman Jean Reno’s Léon.

On a completely unrelated note, I also love Super Mario Bros., which – on the surface – appears to have nothing in common with The Professional other than the large amount of killing that goes on – though in Nintendo’s case, the violence is against Koopas and Piranha Plants. Perhaps seeing those tentative parallels, the toy designers at Fools Paradise decided to combine the two.

The one issue with their stock version of the toys is that Mathilda has been give the blond hair and blue eyes of Princess Peach, so they went ahead fixed that with their “Director’s Cut,” bestowing her with a look much more screen accurate to Portman with her dark hair and brown eyes. The new look is much more serious, and better suits the feel of the film.

There’s also a blacked-out version of Boo, Bullet Bill, and that killer plant along for the ride. This set of custom vinyl figures is something I would thrilled to have in my collection, but sadly it appears the toys are already sold out.

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Disneyland Star Wars Cantina Will Serve Booze, Not Droids

Disney is a family-friendly company. At least they try to be. They don’t tolerate people in Donald Duck costumes cursing at theme park visitors or trying to feel them up. Just like they don’t tolerate their movie directors making nasty “jokes” online. But the company isn’t afraid to get you good and drunk so that you part with your money more easily. That seems to be the plan for Disney’s upcoming Star Wars Cantina.

The Oga Cantina in their Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy park expansion will serve alcoholic cocktails. It opens in 2019 in Disneyland and Disney World. Apparently, they’re going to serve non-alcoholic drinks for kids too. So feel free to take your child to a bar I guess. This is going to be way more overpriced than the movie cantina, but on the upside, it should a hive of scum and villainy with all of that booze flowing.

Disney World has been serving alcoholic drinks inside the park since 2012, so this is nothing new. They also had their failed Pleasure Island project which was getting adults drunk all the way back in 1989.

I hope they have that fat guy behind the bar, and nobody gets their arms chopped off by an old hermit with a lightsaber. Just don’t bring your droid. They don’t serve their kind.

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