Alien Facehugger Figure Gives Free Hugs

Hugs are always a nice thing unless they come from some odd, gigantic, hairy, sweaty guy you don’t know. I’d not want a free hug from an Alien facehugger either. It may well be the last hug you ever get unless you find someone to do the deed before your chest bursts.

Entertainment Earth has a cool Alien inspired Q-Fig diorama, featuring a xenomorph egg and a facehugger bursting forth with an offer of “free hugs.” Definitely don’t take him up on it unless you want a really bad stomach ache.

The 3.5″ tall statue is available for pre-order now for $19.99, and expected to ship in October 2018 making it perfect for your Halloween décor.

Rick and Morty, Gremlins, and Golden Girls Chia Pets Growing for Geeky Green Thumbs

Did you hear that collectibles company NECA bought the company that makes Chia Pets? Me either. Apparently, it happened back in February. Well, now we know the reason for that purchase. It’s because they want to apply their mad sculpting skills to unleash a bunch of geek-themed Chia Pets on us. So if you like plants that look like other things, you are going to love what NECA has in store for you.

You can expect to see Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Golden Girls, Gremlins, Predator, and Rick and Morty Chia Pets coming your way soon. We don’t know when these topiaries are arriving or how much they will cost, but you’ll want to clear some room on your shelves for these.

Among the new designs of Chia Pet that NECA has teased, the mockups of The Golden Girls – including clay versions of Sophia, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche sporting green afros – will undoubtedly be some of its most popular sellers.

The only problem with NECA’s plans? The fact that you have to get Gizmo wet. It’s like they’ve never seen the movies. I won’t be buying that one.

[via Nerdist via Gizmodo]

LEGO Sushi Conveyor Model: Everything Is Awesome with Wasabi

The only thing better than a good piece of sushi is one that comes delivered right to your face on a train, ready to eat. The sushi train is quite popular in Japan, but has also popped up in cities around the world in recent years. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s basically a conveyor belt that makes a loop from the kitchen into the restaurant, and in front of the sushi bar.

Patrons then grab as much food as they want from the conveyor – or send their order back for something they don’t see on the sushi train. At the end of the meal, the server tallies up the total of pieces you ate based on the color and number of plates in front of you, and you check out. Well a fan of both sushi trains and LEGO decided to make a brick-built tribute to this entertaining dining experience.

Beyond the Brick’s Joshua Hanlon was fortunate enough to stop by Japan Brickfest 2018 where he came across Dr. Peisan’s wonderful motorized creation, which doles out LEGO sushi dishes to tiny LEGO patrons. Check it out in action:

What a lovely little scene, with all the people sitting around enjoying some delicious fish, eggs, rice, seaweed, and wasabi as they go round and round. I appreciate that the builder used BrickHeadz style figures for each patron instead of Minifigs too. I think that gives them so much more character.

I love this adorable little construction. It makes me want to build one for myself – and it makes me hungry for sushi tonight. Seriously though, why can’t more meals be served this way?

The Original Macintosh Finder Control Panel, Cross-stitched

I once tried cross-stitching in an art class in school once. I stabbed myself repeatedly in the finger making my DNA part of the project. But if you can avoid the bloody bits, it turns out that cross-stitching is a wonderful way to recreate pixel art. If you worked on an original Macintosh back in your school days, you may recognize this image.

This is the Finder Control Panel from the 1980’s Mac, recreated lovingly in cross-stitch by artist Glenda Adams. This pixel-perfect recreation looks like it was incredibly tedious to make, but it looks amazing. It makes me want to click on all of the little 1-bit icons with my single-button ADB mouse. Check out more pics of Glenda’s amazing Apple creation below:

[via Laughing Squid]

Death Star Beanbag: That’s No Chair!

I once bought my son a bean bag chair. ONCE. He and his friends jumped off the top bunk bed onto it and it exploded. I knew something was wrong when I heard the massive boom on the upstairs floor. It was like the voices of millions of parents cried out in terror. It took FOREVER to get those damned electrostatically-charged foam beans off of everything. They cling to surfaces worse than the stickiest of boogers. So I have mixed feelings about this Death Star bean bag.

I know it won’t blow up Alderaan, but give a kid enough alone time with it, and a bunk bed and it will explode like that time Luke took aim on that exhaust port. It’s cool mind you, looking all squishy and cute and Death Star-y. Plus, its cover is machine washable so you can get all those Doritos fingerprints off of it.

The beanbag measures 31-inches in diameter, and can be yours for $149 from Pottery Barn Kids. If you already have an appropriately-sized beanbag, you can buy just the slip cover for $79. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you are on all fours with a shop vac trying to get foam beans off the cat.

[via GeekAlerts]

Toilet Papering a House with a Drone

Sure, you can use drones to capture some cool aerial footage or to spy on your enemies, but this may be the best use of drones yet – toilet papering someone else’s house. Teal Drones CEO George Matus used a custom drone to do just that – in broad daylight.

He used the drone to toilet paper his company’s chief operating officer Billy McGuire’s house. This was to celebrate his two year work anniversary. Do kids still do Mischief Night? That’s the night before Halloween when kids toilet paper houses, throw eggs at your door and write bad stuff on your car with a bar of soap. I really hope people start deploying drones that night to toilet paper houses across the country. That is now my dream.

If I have one gripe about George’s tactics, it’s that this drone needs to hold more than two rolls of toilet paper. You’ll get better coverage if it holds like 4 or 5. Because right now you have to reload and fly it back toward the house. That makes it more likely that the cops will come, or the owner will come outside with a shotgun.

[via Laughing Squid]

Be The Mother of Dragon Kites

I’m glad that dragons don’t exist; not only because they breathe fire and eat men either. There’s the bit no one thinks about. What if a dragon shat on your car? Bird poo is bad enough, but a giant dragon would certainly crush your ride with its enormous poops. I’m not even sure insurance would cover that.

If you want a giant flying dragon that won’t poo on your car, this is the ticket.

It’s a 10-foot wingspan dragon kite made from ripstop polyester and printed in very bright colors. It has string anchored to legs, chest, and abdomen that ends in a 50-pound test polyester control line. The tips of the wings and tail have purple streamers for stability, and to look cool while flying.

You can fly said dragon to 500-feet high whilst wearing your favorite blond wig. Sadly, you can’t ride it. The 10-foot Dragon Kite will set you back $129.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer, home to all things unnecessary.

The Force Is Strong with This AT-AT Bunk Bed

We’ve seen our share of AT-AT beds around here and they are all very cool. This one is no exception. As Star Wars fans we have dreamed of sleeping in one of these bad boys, but most of them are just for rich kids or kids with really crafty parents. Well, Rooms to Go can help you make this dream a reality with this simple, but fun AT-AT Walker Twin Bunk Bed.

It isn’t a fully detailed AT-AT build of course. But this fabric covered tented bunk bed is the next best thing for your own child. This heavy gauge steel twin bunk bed has a huge 1:15 scale print of an AT-AT covering one side, making it a perfect Star Wars fort type bed.

Your kid will sleep like a sloth on Hoth. This All Terrain Armored Transport will fire your kid’s imagination and give them some great memories to relive when they are older. It’s one of the Empires coolest weapons and now it is in the hands of your child. I hope they use their power wisely.

Best of all the bed is available at a discounted price of $499.99 – $100 off the regular price. We aren’t sure how long this discount is going to last, so you better grab one while you can.

[via GeekAlerts]

Han Solo in Carbonite Battery Pack Won’t Freeze Your Devices

Do you need more power? Of course, you do. A power bank is a good idea to keep your phone charged up while on the go. And as far as portable battery packs go, this officially-licensed Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite power bank is one of the coolest. No pun intended.

This 8000 mAh power bank is a mini replica of Han frozen in a block of carbonite. If only we could have frozen “Solo” before it hit theaters. Am I right? Never be without power again while always having a piece of the real Star Wars saga with you.

It’s got enough power to charge most smartphones up to 2.5 times, along with dual USB outputs and you can charge two devices (Android, iOS, or both) simultaneously. It recharges via micro USB which is included. This is a great gift for any Star Wars fan, and it’s available now from The Fowndry for just $40.

Poor Han. First, he gets hit with a carbonite freeze, and now he has to charge your smartphone. Jabba really should have thought of that, instead of simply hanging him on a wall. Jabba wasn’t the brightest slug in the garden. I mean, don’t have your prisoner tied to you with a chain if you are fat with tiny T-Rex arms. I’m surprised he didn’t get choked years before Leia did it.

Funko Twinkie the Kid POP! Figure Isn’t the Last Twinkie on Earth

One of my all-time favorite movies is Zombieland. It taught me that in a zombie apocalypse, cardio will be very important and Twinkies will be used as currency. Growing up I ate my share of Twinkies. And while I was more of a Ding Dong sort, I do remember Hostess’ lasso-twirling Twinkie the Kid, the snack cake’s anthropomorphic mascot.

If you want to relive a bit of your youth and have a spot on your shelf for another Funko POP! collectible, Twinkie the Kid is the ticket.

Depending on your luck, you’ll either get Twinkie the Kid with a brown hat, brown gloves, a Hostess blue bandana, and brown boots, or a rare chase edition with white hat, white gloves, polkadot bandana, and star-embellished red boots.

Each Twinkie will set you back $10.99 and they’ll be shipping starting this October. You can pre-order the Twinkie the Kid POP! figure from Entertainment Earth now.