Cutlery that defies gravity?!

Have you ever felt that your meals required just a little more suspense? If yes, then Flyde is for you! The name Flyde, meaning ‘To flow’ in Danish hints towards the unique selling point of this rather beautiful cutlery set, as it introduces an element of drama to the table top by precariously balancing on its sculpture-like handle.

The elegant set of cutlery is composed of two materials that strikingly contrast one another; the imperfection-free quality of brushed stainless-steel creates a beautiful juxtaposition against the rough, sporadic aesthetic of Ebonite, a traditional bioplastic that is commonly used for this application. The intriguing selling-point of Flyde also has a practical benefit; the functional parts do not touch the table, therefore allowing them to remain hygienic!

Designer: Felix Marx

An object-holding tray that looks like wood, behaves like fabric

With a fractured wooden surface held together by a layer of flexible silicon rubber, the Stretch Board remains deceptively flat when there’s nothing placed on it… but the second you put an object with weight down on the surface, it begins dipping, displaying a property that feels almost like a taut fabric, and not like wood. This is the Stretch Board, a special material-type designed for a rather fun interaction with its share of benefits.

The Stretch Board can warp to the weight and shape of the objects you place on it. It adds an element of dynamism, turning any flat surface into a vessel, preventing items from rolling off. Place a couple of fruits or a tennis ball on it and they stay put, rather than rolling off. You can even use the Stretch Board’s unique properties in a tray, that may prevent things from sliding off or collapsing. Works best with items like saucers instead of wine glasses (given their higher CG). The interaction could even extend to furniture, turning a hard wooden chair into a comfortable cushion-like experience!

The Stretch Board is a winner of the Design Intelligence Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Taijiro Ishiko

These grooved cork discs act as coasters as well as air-tight container-lids

Nominated as a finalist for the prestigious James Dyson Award, the Montados are a set of lid/coaster hybrids made from recycled cork. Its unusual grooved design (with differently spaced grooves on the front as well as back) serves a pretty neat purpose. Not only do the grooves act as a collecting rim for any liquid that spills on it, making the Montados a great set of coasters, but when placed on the top of any cylindrical container, the Montados can securely fasten around the rim with a nice, air-tight seal.

The key to this unique, useful interaction is the spacing of the ridges on the cork surface. The ridges on either side of the lids are contrary to each other, so if the lid doesn’t fit on side A, just flip the lid over, and the ridge on side B should fit just fine.

The cleverness of the Montados is also in its choice of material. These lids could easily be made out of a thermoplastic polymer or silicone, but Marlene Bruch’s choice of cork is ideal, given its flexibility, eco-friendly nature, has the ability to withstand moisture, and most importantly, is an insulator, making it perfect for hot vessels. The Montados also offers an alternative to single use plastic foil and aluminum wraps, giving it the advantage of being reusable, recyclable, and green. And oh, the lids can nest within each other too, making them lock together for convenient storage and easy shipping!

Designer: Marlene Bruch

Razer’s April Fool gaming-toaster prank got so much support, they’re building it for real!

Not sure what a gaming toaster is? You’re not the only one!

This is the BreadWinner. It started out as an April Fool’s Day prank for gaming-equipment behemoth Razer, but the amount of overwhelming support it got after the company launched this parody video sort of made Razer wonder if their die-hard fans would actually follow through. So yes, Razer is building this hardcore toaster-for-gamers. It comes with all the features you’d want from your toaster and some more. It sports the signature green backlight (or underlight in this case) found on post Razer products, and packs USB ports to charge your phones as you supercharge your day with some toasted bread. Moreover, the toaster even etches the Razer logo onto your bread. What more could a die-hard gaming fan possibly want? Multicolored butter? Yeah, the toaster doesn’t do that quite yet, but I’d give it a few years!

Designer: Razer

Kitchen hoods on the hob!

We are very used to seeing the kitchen hoods being placed right above the cooking hob, given that hot air rises… and easier for the hood to flush it out of the kitchen. The Supreme Worktop Range Hood is designed to be flushed on the countertop – right in-between the cooking hobs. The countertop hood is space-saving and pulls in air from the cooking utensils and sucks it out of the room, in a jiffy. The air extraction cone is high performance and is only 18 cm deep. According to the designers, “Supreme offers A++ Energy class and 620 m3/h flow rate.”

While I really like the design and idea of integrating the hood into the cooking hob, my only concern is the accidental spills of gravy or boiling pasta water! Hopefully it can withstand such spills.

The Supreme Worktop Range Hood is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Engin Akbaba & Kaan Semih Savk for Silverline

Supreme is a hybrid product that combines air extraction with the induction hob, so all the components of the product are designed to provide the comfort of the end-user.

The motor component is placed to the inner panel of the countertop, which provides ease of assembly, so the height of induction hob is lowered to 18cm. This thinness offers usable space for the drawers of the countertop. Additionally, the separated motor unit has a water draining unit, which provides easy evacuate. Induction cooking technology provides a high level of safety.

All of the control panels are on the seamless surface of the hob. The functions like bridge cooking, which two cooking zones can be merged for bigger pots and pans improve the flexibility of cooking experience.

The separated air extraction motor unit has a water draining unit, which provides easy evacuate. Inside of the air extraction cone can be cleaned easily and the components like the air-extraction grill or the carbon filter can be easily removed, washed in the dishwasher.

We should have been using this bamboo-based cutlery all along

As someone who does his fair share of takeout, perhaps the one thing I hate with a vengeance is the flimsy, horribly designed plastic cutlery I get with my food. The spoons sometimes come with these plastic flares that get left behind from the cheap injection molding process, the knives are more flexible than the food I’m cutting, and the forks don’t possess enough structural integrity to pierce my food. All that’s aside from the fact that this cutlery eventually reaches either a landfill or the ocean by the tonne, not having served any purpose whatsoever. The sad reality is that we’re far from democratizing a solution that actually works… but with projects like the Knork Eco, we’re getting a few steps closer to conscientiously designing single-use (or even multiple-use) plastic cutlery that has little to no impact on the environment.

The Knork Eco has a pretty transparent objective. To A. remove non-biodegradable single-use plastics from our life-cycle, and to B. replace them with cutlery that’s eco-friendly, biodegradable, and more importantly, much more robust and comfortable to use than those horrible disposable forks and spoons. The Knorks are made from a specialized material called Astrik, which combines sugarcane starch along with bamboo fibers. The result is a moldable polymer that’s sturdy, looks and feels like glossy plastic, is food-safe, dishwasher safe, and can biodegrade in 2 years. Most importantly, sugarcane and bamboo are two of the fastest growing plants in the world, allowing Astrik as a material to cater to the incredibly high demand of disposable cutlery without any hassle.

The Knork Eco is a spoon+fork set made from Astrik. It looks and feels exactly like plastic, and can do everything plastic can. The Knork cutlery comes in its own chic case made from the bamboo-polymer too, allowing you to easily carry it around with you wherever you go, because the Knorks are much more reliable and robust than most plastic spoons and forks. They come with a larger cross-section, making them thicker and stiffer, and even integrate a broader handle with a finger-rest, allowing you to use them with the dexterity of metal cutlery.

The Knorks can cleaned either manually or in a dishwasher, and can be infinitely reused until you dispose them. When introduced to the soil, the Astrik material biodegrades completely in just 2 years, turning into compost that can then be used to grow more plants, making it perhaps the best example of nature-conscious cradle-to-grave designing with zero negative impact. Yes I said it, we should have been using this bamboo-based cutlery all along!

Designer: KNORK Flatware

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The KNORK Eco is a plant-based bamboo utensils that are dishwasher safe, compost in 2 years, and sustainably made. Genius design meets epic functionality.

KNORK Eco uses Astrik: Made from PLA (poly lactic acid – sugar cane starch 90%) and bamboo fiber (10%), this eco-friendly and responsibly sourced material provides a workable, multi-functional + sustainable alternative to harmful one-use plastic utensils.

The designers have thinned and improved the tines, and added a platform right where your index finger typically rests when doing the aforementioned side-tipping action. These help the user to rock through and cut most foods without reaching for a knife, and the contoured handle fits comfortably in most hands and creates an ergonomic balance.

Eco pieces will fit many specific niche market opportunities where the functionality encourages creative freedom for chefs in environments where use of a knife isn’t feasible.

The combination of clever design and a dishwasher-safe, durable, and 2 year compost-able material was exactly what we had been looking for, and the Eco line was born.

If you love food and eating as much as we do, you’ll totally get that the one constant of American style eating is the natural born habit of people to tip forks on their sides to cut through foods that it’s not necessarily normal to reach for a knife to eat. Think waffles, pancakes, chicken, burritos, coney dogs, etc.

KNORK is perfect for multi-tasking, on the go eating-think desk lunches or cocktail parties where the ultimate challenge is to hold your drink in one hand while trying to eat with the other.

The stainless steel fork and spoon that fit into the new carrying case will feature a limited edition “Eco” stamp, so you know just which pieces to reach for when packing your lunch!

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The Flaworld prepares spice-mixes instead of having you rely on store-bought mixes

From country to country, kitchen to kitchen, and even person to person, the taste of a single dish can vastly differ, simply because of the quality and choice of ingredients, and their ratios. You can totally transform and elevate a recipe by introducing a new dimension to it by virtue of a spice, or even a secret mix of spices. Saffron absolutely changes the aroma of a dish. Paprika can completely alter its taste. And even Jerry Seinfeld agrees that whenever a dish tastes amazing, the secret to it is always Cinnamon.

Flaworld encourages that addition of a new layer to your food. Designed to create bespoke spice blends, the Flaworld lets you put spices into it and create carefully calibrated bespoke spice mixes. From meat rubs, to curry powders, to even spice mixes for just a simple stir-fry, the Flaworld’s digital interface allows you to play with spice combinations in a visual format. Once you’ve designed a mix that has exactly the level of saltiness, sweetness, spiciness, umami, etc., the Flaworld takes the spices you put onto its upper surface, and creates a mix that you can easily sprinkle/layer over your food, adding a completely new dimension to it, and making it taste far better, fresher, and more nuanced than your food would with a regular, store-bought spice-mix.

Designers: Oliver Haller & Yannick Sommerrock.

This colander balances your time by washing and serving with the same design

How often have you picked off grapes from the sink, because when you were washing them, a couple of them fell in. Annoying, right? Addressing this and two other important issues (which I will get into later), the Equilibric colander makes itself a prized possession in your kitchen.

The science behind this rotating colander is simple. It is designed to keep the inner bowl always upright. And because of this, when you drain off water, the outer bowl discharged the water, while the inner bowl keeps everything upright and safe. Another big advantage of this design is that it is very helpful when you want to defrost food. The outer bowl collects the defrost water, and saves your countertop from stains.

Lastly, the colander can be used as a serving dish, thanks to the food-safe materials it has been crafted from. My style of cooking requires a lot of cleaning of veggies and fruits, so I completely resonate with the solution this colander provides. It saves you water (by 60%), removes contamination efficiently (90% of the dirt and bacteria from your foods) and looks neat. Three thumbs-up from us!

Designer: Equilibric

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The Equilibric serves on your kitchen as a colander, defrosting bowl and a serving dish.

The Equilibric colander reduces the amount of water needed to wash your fruits and vegetables by 60% – all while removing twice as many contaminants!

Its ergonomic design keeps the vegetables upright and safe as the water bowl drains the dirty water away, cleaning your foods and keeping your clean items safe from spillage.

The colander also serves as a serving dish for you. You don’t have to worry about using more dishes than necessary just because you need something to put them in afterwards. Drain the excess water from your vegetables – and serve your fruits or salads in the same dish.

Trying to defrost something at room temperature turns into a huge problem for most cooks. Water often winds up all over the counter creating an even bigger mess, and more work for you. But with the Equilibric colander, its washing machine motion helps remove 90% of the dirt and bacteria from your foods.

Equilibric has a very well considered hole slots pattern that allows draining the excess water fast and simple. Equilibric Bowl is made from a high-quality polypropylene which is an unharmful material to dine from. Equilibric Bowl design has a special spin system which uses the force of gravity to speed up all kitchen tasks.

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