This foldable strainer turns into a majestic peacock when not in use!

Sukwoo Lee’s strainer/colander possesses a quality that elevates and anthropomorphizes it to something beautiful that you’d surely not want to stash in your kitchen drawer. The collapsing strainer takes the shape and form of a peacock when its handle is folded inwards. It surely takes a great deal of creativity to be able to look at a product and see the potential to redesign it with the character of something else, but Sukwoo Lee manages to pull it off wonderfully!

The strainer’s handle serves as the body and slender neck of the peacock, complete with a minimalist beak, while the strainer itself resembles the fanned plumage of a peacock, with the strainer’s holes laid out in a beautiful pattern that definitely reminds one of the majestic bird.

Designer: Sukwoo Lee (SWNA) for Nongshim

A more social way to cook with this double sided cooking station

Cooking has become less of a task and more of a chore; whilst it was once a daily gathering, it has evolved into anything but sociable. We stand over a hot stove with our face to the wall and our backs to our friends and family, but does this have to be the case? COCOOK challenges this behavior by encouraging people to communicate once more, and it has achieved this by bringing campsite cooking, into the home!

The double-sided cooking station allows two users to use the same stove simultaneously, whilst also ensuring they can carry a healthy conversation with each other! But it goes without saying, simply bringing the camping stove inside, utilitarian aesthetic and all, wouldn’t be appropriate for the domestic environment. So, instead, COCOOK carries a beautifully clean design that has been designed to complement the existing products found within the home!

Designer: Junku Jung

The Tipi snack dish is a playful way to serve up your finger-foods!

Bringing a bit of rustic and indigenous to your next dinner party, the Tipi is OTOTO’s take on a toothpick holding finger-foods plate. The plate resembles a plot of land, with a teepee tent right in its center, and the toothpicks sit right inside the tent’s open top, looking like the exposed wooden pieces that you’d often see at the top of a traditional teepee tent. The toothpicks are fanned out in a way that makes them easy to grab onto, and pick up the food around the tent with.

Designed by the ever-playful OTOTO, the Tipi snack dish is a part of their new collection, and can be pre-ordered from their website.

Designers: OTOTO & Lilach Eytan

This futuristic kitchen appliance uses plasma-jets to purify your fruits and veggies

Sitting on your kitchen table much like an Echo or a Google Home would, the Fruit WashingMachine is a rather unique way of cleaning your fruits and vegetables before eating or preparing them. The slick, pink device uses tap-water to cleanse your fruit without any extra additive (like a food-grade soap or cleanser). The appliance, rather, uses an innovative technology that goes by the name ‘water hydroxyl food purification’. Now I’m no expert, but a simple look at some articles online shows that the technology involves pulsing voltage to ionize a gas at atmospheric pressure, helping in releasing hydroxyl radicals that help purify the water as well as the fruits and veggies inside it. In short, the Fruit WashingMachine uses a plasma jet to create a string of reactions that purify water in literally a split second, without affecting the water’s temperature or composition. In fact, the plasma jets are so safe, you can literally touch them with your hands.

The revolutionary technology helps release radicals like hydroxyl that help instantly cleanse your fruits and vegetables without using purifiers, minerals, filters, or disinfectants. In fact, the technology was originally studied by researchers at the University of Alabama as a way of instantly purifying water. It’s nearly 2020 and the kitchens of the future literally will be using plasma-jets to clean their fruits and veggies… Exciting!

The Fruit WashingMachine is a winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Hangzhou Enjoywater Technology Co.,Ltd

Someone finally had the sense to build a spoon right into the jar’s lid!

Splid. A simple combination of spoon and lid, the Splid is a remarkably sensible idea that ensures you never have to own five separate spoons (or repeatedly rinse the same spoon) if you want to dip into five separate jars! The metric teaspoon is built right into the Splid’s upper cover, hanging off the side. Built for dry-ingredients (I wouldn’t recommend storing jams and honey in the Splid), the jars are perfect for seasonings, herbs, coffee powder, tea-leaves, or even Parmesan cheese… basically dry-ingredients that need to be measured while cooking/preparation. That’s where the teaspoon comes handy, with its calculated dimensions.

“To use, simply lift or twist off SPLID & in one continuous motion – scoop up what you need, use it, & then replace back over the jar. No need for a fresh teaspoon each time”, says the designer behind the Splid. It’s a simple product that solves a simple problem that everyone’s probably secretly thought of but never tried to solve.

Designer: Paul Mathis for Future Projects Trust

This jolly old, back-scratching Grizzly bear will grate your veggies, herbs, and cheeses!

They say bears usually have a favorite tree to scratch their backs on. Not Barry though, because this lovable grizzly will scratch his back against any of your vegetables, aromatics, herbs, or cheeses! The uniquely playful grater comes from OTOTO, one of our favorite design houses, as a part of their new kitchen and home items catalog.

Barry’s back-scratching abilities work best with carrots and cheeses, as its metallic back grates your produce to a fine pile that gathers right inside Barry’s chubby old body. Lift Barry up and your grated cheese or carrot is collected in a nice pile, ready for you to use in your cooking or garnishing!

Designers: OTOTO in collaboration with Bar Davidovich.

Click Here to Pre-Order

Click Here to Pre-Order

The kitchen sink gets revamped to let you prep food, wash and dry

The reality of life is that not all of us can afford to have very spacious kitchens, so an ample sink is just a distant dream for many. However, there is a workaround that gives us the illusion of a spacious kitchen – and it’s something that comes up when designers stretch their imagination and give us functional options. Falling under this category is the Romesco Kitchen Sink, a series of six sinks that help us make the most of the limited kitchen space that we may have.

Offering multi-functionality in a compact format, the sink integrates accessories that facilitate key tasks like food preparation, washing and drying. It converts the basin into a workstation, thanks to the worktop accessory. While the design of the Romesco range reduces the overall footprint of the sink, it however increases the functional space, so that you can get the most out of it.

Crafted from composite quartz and stainless-steel, this affordable range features areas for food prep, washing of utensils, drying the washed dishes and propping them. The accessories can be placed either vertical or horizontal on the basin, giving you the freedom to use them the way you want to.

The drainer and dish rack are designed in a way that they can be reversed and placed inside the sink, so that you can increase the drying surface area. When you don’t need them, simply nestle the accessories inside the big unit and stow them away.

Designer: David Needham

Insights & Research

The average kitchen size in Europe is less than 12m2, the kitchen should be an efficient and functional area which utilises all available space. The kitchen sink is a key functional area and is an important element of daily workflow. We conducted research to review the type of sinks across different homes, many sinks adopted small bowls with large drainers using a significant amount of worktop space.

Concept Development

As a result of our customer insights we explored how a sink could utilise space more efficiently. We identified an opportunity to use accessories within the bowl for key functional tasks. This allowed us to reduce the overall footprint of the sink, saving valuable worktop space.

Throughout the development we had to be conscious of manufacturing constraints to achieve a commercially viable solution whilst maintaining a consistent and coordinated design language that adhered to the Goodhome brand.

Prototype & Refinement

We tested and evaluated a variety of prototypes at different stages of the design process. We continually refined and improved the design to ensure we achieved high performance at an affordable price.

Design Proposal

The Romesco range consists of 6 sinks with a selection of integrated accessories. The sinks are manufactured from composite quartz and stainless-steel offering different price points to a wide range of consumers.

Integrated Accessories

Ledges within the bowl allow for different accessory combinations, whether that be for food preparation or washing up. The accessories can be orientated in a vertical or horizontal position to create a flexible space.

Large Fucntional Bowl

Many sinks don’t offer a functional bowl size and can be difficult for users to wash bigger items that can’t fit in the dishwasher. Romescos large bowl ensures there’s enough space to conveniently access and wash larger items.

Drainer & Dish Rack

The dish rack offers efficient storage and can be reversed and placed inside the bowl to increase the drying surface area. The integrated cutlery drainer allows the user to separate cutlery for drying and storage.

Compact Storage

When the accessories aren’t in use they can efficiently nest for compact storage.

Below: Sink with Drainer & Accessories

Hourglass-inspired salt and pepper shaker lets you flip to switch seasonings

Classy and space-conscious, Volto is a dual-container spicer that takes inspiration from an hourglass. With a glass diaphragm separating the two volumes, the Volto’s transparent body clearly lets you see your condiments as you shake them over your food, so you’re never doing a test-shake to see whether you’ve got the salt shaker or the pepper shaker. The transparent body is also a great way to remind yourself to refill the containers when they’re running empty.

The containers come with their own cork-stops with an angular cut along the base that allows you to ‘open or close’ the containers. Just rotate the cork to expose or cover the shaker’s holes and you’re good to go! Volto’s flip-to-season shaker works with everything from the classic salt and pepper to more diverse spices like nutmeg, paprika, cumin, or even dried herbs, giving you the best of all worlds in a neat, minimal product.

Designer: Mireia Rius

Meet Steasy, the smart lunchbox that heats your food up with steam

Anyone who’s worked with chocolate knows that you don’t melt chocolate by throwing it into a pan over a flame. You’ll burn the chocolate by causing it to cook. What you want to do is heat the chocolate without cooking it, which is why you use a double boiler. Heating chocolate, or any food for that matter, with steam is tonnes more effective. Heat distributes uniformly, rather than being concentrated to one area, and more importantly, you can warm your food up without altering its taste… and that’s precisely what the Steasy does.

The Steasy is an electric lunchbox that uses steam to heat your food up. Designed to be incredibly sleek and streamlined, Steasy occupies the same footprint as your regular tiffinbox would, but it does something your food-holding piece of Tupperware cannot. Steasy has primarily three parts. A base for holding water, a metal container for holding (and heating up) your food that nests right into the base, and a lid that seals the box shut.

With an integrated battery that can heat your food up for 15 minutes, Steasy gives you the satisfaction of steaming hot lunch that tastes fresh and great. The steam heats the content of your lunchbox evenly (without cooking it), allowing it to taste as good as it did when you prepared it. The box comes with the ability to fast-charge, and even has its own mobile-app that you can use to activate the Steasy’s heating function 15 minutes before your lunch break, so you can skip the queue for the office microwave and literally open your tiffin-box to some incredibly tasty, hot, home-cooked food!

Designer: Steasy

Oddly shaped teaspoons that are perfect for hanging on the rim of your coffee-cups

These spoons come with a weird hairpin bend for a good reason. If you’ve ever tried stirring sugar into your coffee or tea and then wondered where to put the spoon, never you mind! The spoons can either rest right inside your coffee cup, casually hanging off the rim, or can even rest on a table, with the scoop levitating in the air so you don’t leave a small pool of tea or coffee on your table’s surface. Just good old-fashioned clever thinking! The spoon comes in a set of 5 and can easily be hung off the rim of your crockery instead of being kept in your kitchen cabinets, or worse still, descending right to the bottom of your jar of honey.

Designer: Xstore

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