This Tablet Folds Down To Half Its Size!

The idea of a folding display might sound like a sci-fi fan’s dream, but the flexible future is already here! Following the release of a few bendable displays in recent years, designer Kizuku Kitada takes things to an entirely new level with this tablet notepad that features a complete 180-degree fold. The design, dubbed éf NOTE, is distinguished by its seamless display and ability to fold down to have its size. Reminiscent of the traditional notebook, it’s at once familiar and futuristic.

Designer: Kizuku Kitada











Magic of Mag Cable

If the future of charging cables has to be defined, then the Mag Cable is a good benchmark to begin with. We all have had our fair share of cable snaps, USB connection issues and the works, it’s annoying and destroys a piece of your device. With this piece of innovation, the future foresees magnets and Qi connectivity having more power.

The novel Mag Cable connects via magnets and is designed in a way that the metal terminal is not exposed and sports an intuitive look. The connector simply ‘touches’ your device and juices it up in a jiffy. The super cool part is that it hooks up any angle, making it convenient for you to interact with your device while charging it.

Getting into the specifics, as described by designer Kizuku Kitada, the data is transferred through a coil placed inside the terminal while it charges the device via induction simultaneously. The cable works seamlessly with a keyboard and mouse as well as portable storage devices and smartphones.

Although quite far from being in-market, this unique cable brings in a fresh approach to charging cables.

Designer: Kizuku Kitada of SPECT DESIGN





Life, 5 Minutes at a Time

I realized I was getting old this week when a group of tweenagers asked me how to tell the time using my analog wristwatch. Not even kidding! The unthinkable is happening: hour and minute hands are becoming obsolete! However, if the new style of time-telling looks anything like the “5min Clock”, we’re in for a treat!

The chic design expresses the time not with hands or even digital numbers. Instead, it displays a series of aligned dots, each with a value of 5 minutes. Together, 6 dots in a line represent one hour. Divided into 4 quadrants for morning, noon, evening and night, a total of 12 lines and 144 dots complete a day! After some time, telling the time this way becomes a natural and fun new process!

Designer: Kizuku Kitada








Simple Music Stick

Why fuss over the defunct iPod Classic when we have refreshing new ideas like the Mobile Audio Player Concept to toy with. This music player specialized in streaming services like the iTunes Radio, Spotify, etc. Designed with a simple and intuitive user interface, the player is slick and easy to use.

Designer: Kizuku Kitada – SPECT DESIGN

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