Lighting With Medieval Roots


Designer Clara del Portillo’s Aura lighting concept is an exploration in using the versatile Kriskadecor chainmail-like material. On or off, the lamps chain ‘tubes’ create an interesting and sculptural statement sure to be the centerpiece of any room. Switched on, however, the chain links are brought to life through shimmering light, reflection, and shadows.

Designer: Clara del Portillo









Constellation Lamp is Perfect for Indoor Astronomers

Do you like stars and constellations, but don’t like being outside at night? Or do you just live in the city, where light pollution makes it impossible to see them? Either way, you need this lamp, which is printed with patterns of well-known constellations.

When you turn on the lamp, the perforated blue shade lets light shine through the constellations, and projects abstract patterns onto your walls. It’s very cool and would be perfect for a geek’s room or a kids room needing a cool nightlight.

The lamp includes a 6W LED bulb and has a pull chain to turn it on and off. The base measures 5″ in diameter, and the shade is 7.25″ in diameter. ThinkGeek has it for $29.99.

DIY Adorable Lighting!


Is there such thing as TOO cute? If so, this might be it. OWL papercraft lamps are an artistic interpretation of the animal kingdom that will light up your room day or night. Owls, elephants, penguins, hippos and more — there’s a family of creatures for everyone. Better yet, the geometric designs arrive flat-packed so you or the person you’re gifting can put them together and bring them to life.

Designers: Hugo Formiga & Teresa Almeida

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The Super-light Superlight


Aptly named for both its barely-there form and superb functionality, the Superlight is a minimalistic take on the task light. Reduced to the essentials, its slim aesthetic is at once stark and playful with its signature loop design and colorful base platform that arrives in a variety of differing hues. With its 3-axis range of motion and unobtrusive footprint, it’s a flexible and versatile choice that’s ideal for tight workspaces.

Designers: Peter Stathis & Matthew Boyko for Pablo Designs



– Voltage: 100/240V 50-60Hz
– Power consumption: 8.5W
– Color temperature: 3000K
– Luminosity: 700 Lumens
– Luminaire efficacy: 81 Lumens/watt
– Colour rendition index: 85+ 50K hour lifespan








Lexon Terrace: A bluetooth speaker, but also so much more!


What do a Bluetooth speaker, a lamp, and a power bank have in common? They’re all items that you’d want to have around you any and everywhere. They’re also the three items that come together to form the Terrace, by Paris-based Lexon.

More than just your average Bluetooth speaker, the Terrace is, in fact, something you’d carry around with you not just because it’s an absolute treat to look at, but also because it’s so useful. The size of an Amazon Echo, the Terrace comes with a Bluetooth speaker at its base, and a lamp at the top that works wonderfully as an ambient light. With two control-knobs at its base, you can toggle the lamp with one dial, and control the volume of the audio from the Bluetooth speaker with the other dial. The Terrace comes with a third, rather indispensable function. It works as a power-bank too. A great way to charge your phone as you listen to music from it, the Terrace comes with two USB ports in its back that connect your phone to its in-built 4000mAh battery that can give your spartphone a day’s worth of juice. On full charge, the Terrace gives 25 hours of illumination/audio playback, and with its four absolutely beautiful matte-metal colors and its Parisian design-aesthetic, Lexon’s Terrace makes a great case for how much potential a Bluetooth speaker has for being so much more than just a plain old Bluetooth Speaker!

Designer: Lexon

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Fallout 76 Glowing Vault Boy Lamp Lights up the Wasteland

Celebrate Fallout 76 the right way by buying this glowing Vault Boy LED lamp and displaying it proudly in your own personal vault. It glows a nice radioactive green like it is powered from 100 radroaches, so it will make you feel like you are right in the game.

The USB-powered lamp doesn’t appear to give off a ton of light so, you probably won’t be able to read with it, but it does set the Fallout mood nicely. It’s perfect for your desk, and is a good reminder to always prepare for the apocalypse. Anyway, it’s always nice to have a Vault Boy around giving you the thumbs up for a job well done.

So kick back, grab yourself a Nuka Cola and fire up the game, while bathed in the warm glow of this awesome lamp. Normally you should stay away from glowing green objects, boys and girls, but in this case I think it’s alright. And if I’m wrong? Well, you’ll probably get awesome superpowers. Or a nasty gross mutation of some sort. Could go either way honestly, but at least you have a chance at leveling up.

This official Fallout 76 lamp will cost you $40 and is available for preorder from Geekstore.

[Geekologie] via [The Awesomer]

Turning Old Tubes to Modern Treasure


Know what a CRT (cathode ray tube) television is? Didn’t think so! These relics have quickly been replaced by modern flat-screen TVs but for many of us, they hold nostalgia as we reflect on shared moments in front of the “tube” and how they introduced many firsts. This light (Afterimage of CRT) by h220430 studio, serves as a nod to these familiar fragments of entertainment history.

The design uses glass masses created when the cathode ray tubes are demolished. It transforms the material into an iridescent filter that creates interesting shapes, shadows, and colors as light shines through. On or off, they make for an interesting decorative element with an inspired past that many will appreciate.

Designer: Satoshi Itasaka of h220430


“In this installment I expressed the afterimage of the CRT, and tried to show my feeling of gratitude towards the CRT TVs. I believe that sense of beauty is nurtured through affection for objects, and mindfulness to value objects lead to kindness towards others and the environment. If such attitude spreads throughout the world, it will become a more beautiful and an attractive place,” designer Itasaka told YD.




A Maker of Morning People


The latest in a history of collaborations between the designers at LAYER and tech brand nolii, the aptly named Rise lamp aims to make each day one you look forward to!

First and foremost, it works wirelessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome cords while giving users the ability to take it from room to room, wherever dimmable LED light is needed. A battery located in the base provides up to 12 hours of light time and it can even supplement power to your smartphone and other devices with an integrated USBC ports. That’ll also come in handy because you’ll be able to use your smartphone to control the light which also works in tandem with your alarm. Speaking of which, the design sports a “sunrise alarm” feature that will gently ease you into the day with a natural light progression that mimics that of the morning sun–which has been shown to improve your mood and overall outlook on life!

Designer: Benjamin Hubert of LAYER for nolii