The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

Designed by IKEA, and Powered by Sonos, you’re looking at the Symfonisk, a range of offerings by the two collaborating companies. Designed as a table-lamp-speaker and a bookshelf-speaker, the Symfonisk aim at merging home-decor with smart-technology, and powerful audio to create products that simply enrich houses. The table-lamp comes with a lamp and lampshade at the top and a speaker at the bottom, while the bookshelf speaker is designed to occupy the spatial footprint of an encyclopedia (something that’s sorely missed from today’s bookshelves).

Designed in signature IKEA fashion, the lamp and speaker sport a home-friendly design, and can be customized. The lamp comes with a detachable lampshade and the ability to put a bulb of your choice in it, while the bookshelf speaker can be placed horizontally, vertically, or even be hacked to be used as a wall-mounted shelf! Both products use a combination of plastic and fabric, and IKEA’s designed them to be easy to pull apart and clean (IKEA even experimented with chucking parts in the dishwasher!)

As far as the audio hardware is concerned, Sonos told The Verge that both products have two class-D digital amplifiers, one tweeter, and one mid-woofer. Given their size and their relatively starting-range price, the speakers won’t quite match up to the standard set by Sonos’ other products, but the idea was to partner with IKEA to build truly uplifting home-decor, which I can’t help but agree with! The lamp and speaker are both controlled by Sonos’ mobile app (and they support Apple AirPlay 2 too), with support for IKEA’s own smart-home app coming soon.

Designers: IKEA & Sonos

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

The SETTO lamp uses a rotating lampshade to adjust its lighting

The Setto comes with a usual design and an unusual user experience. The lamp’s spherical design is courtesy a rotating lampshade that lets you adjust the intensity of the lighting. The sphere is divided into two hemispheres… one smooth, and the other with a folded origami-styled design. Rotate the shade to face the smooth surface downwards and you get a much more focused beam of light that’s great to read or write under. Swivel to make the patterned side face downwards and you get a scattered aura that bathes the room in ambient an lighting that’s great for movies, conversation, or a casual dinner!

Designers: Ida Bonnerup, Jeppe Jensen & Sara Brixen.

The SETTO lamp uses a rotating lampshade to adjust its lighting

The SETTO lamp uses a rotating lampshade to adjust its lighting

The SETTO lamp uses a rotating lampshade to adjust its lighting

The SETTO lamp uses a rotating lampshade to adjust its lighting

The SETTO lamp uses a rotating lampshade to adjust its lighting

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An ambient-lamp is built right into the switch that controls it!

Unlike most switches that have an ON and an OFF, Pasque Mawalla’s Switch behaves slightly differently. Designed to be a lamp in itself, the switch rocks upwards, downwards, and rests in a neutral position. While in neutral, the light stays off, but the minute you rock it either upwards or downwards, it turns into an ambient lamp, casting light in the direction it’s been angled.

What’s remarkable about the Switch is that it’s a different product with the same UX as its predecessor. Designed to be switched on and off just like a normal switch, the lamp explores new ideas, making it rather innovative. Plus, it only seems natural that the lamp should go off when the switch is in its neutral position, flush against the wall!

Designer: Pasque D. Mawalla

A Lamp with a Post Box Motif

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring, and the Post Lamp is an excellent example of this. Its simplistic aesthetic references the iconic form of a traditional mailbox, where instead of holding a letter, it holds a light. A thin metal pole leads the viewer’s attention on a journey up towards the focal point at the top, the lampshade. It’s this that carries the distinctive form of the post box, as the shape is replicated by a thin sheet of curved metal.

Subtle, muted colors separate it from the product that it is inspired by, making it suited for the welcoming environment of the modern home, and completing a beautiful design.

Designer: Joyce (Yeon-Soo) Kang

Dyson’s latest lamp uses algorithms to exactly reproduce sunlight

Known for creating some of the most technically sound products in the world, Dyson has extended their signature level of engineering to lighting too with the LightCycle, a lamp that A. is designed to near perfectly mimic natural sunlight, B. has the ability to automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on ambient light or time of day, and C. last for as long as 60 years, which is practically a decade shorter than the human average life expectancy! This is Dyson’s LightCycle, and it was unveiled at Dyson’s global event today.

Research has shown that your body clock and your circadian rhythm, which help regulate your sleep, are tied to the cycles of natural light. The Dyson helps recreate that light cycle indoors. The lamp is powered by Dyson’s proprietary algorithm that mixes three cool LED lights and three warm LED lights to replicate the natural light of any GPS location on the planet during a specific time of day and year. Operated using Dyson’s LightCycle app, the lamp analyzes your GPS location and the time of the day to create a light that is unique to your exact region. The algorithm will even account for your latitude, giving you the exact frequency and color-temperature of sunlight based on the time of the year and whether you’re closer to the equator or to the poles.

The lamp can be activated using a touch-sensitive control panel right above the bulb, and even allows you to slide to dim or brighten the light (when not used in the ambient mode). A button along the bottom allows you to enter ambient mode that allows the LightCycle to change lighting temperatures based on the natural light it finds in the room. But wait, there’s more! Dyson’s lamp even comes with the ability to adjust lighting according to your age! With a function available in the app, you can get the LightCycle to adjust brightness based on your age, letting the light shine brighter for older people, and dimmer for younger people.

The lamp, with a lifespan of 60 years, features a level of engineering (or over-engineering as some may say) that is usually expected of Dyson. Designed with an ingenious heat sink mechanism to pull heat away from the LEDs so they don’t degrade, the lamp can practically last you your entire life, which means you can use the Dyson LightCycle all the way from your childhood till you’re a senior citizen… I suppose that age-based brightness feature would come in handy now.

Designer: Dyson

Floating Astronaut Light: I Want My MTV

Who says your desk lamp has to be boring? You could get an old school brass lamp that says “I’m lame,” or you could get this lamp that has a moon base and a floating astronaut that glows. The design reminds me of the old MTV segues back when the network was about music.

The astronaut is attached to a flexible metal arm that allows you to position the glowing space traveler wherever you want it. Since it just runs on 3 AAA batteries, it doesn’t appear to glow very brightly, but it still looks awesome.

While it might not be good for people actually trying to work, the muted glow will be perfect for anyone trying to decorate a kids room with a soft light to keep the monsters at bay. ThinkGeek will sell you an Astronaut Light for $29.99.

A Beautifully Minimalistic Rock Lamp

Sometimes it’s the strikingly beautiful properties of natural, raw materials that makes a product as desirable as it is, and this can certainly be said for the COTE Lamp. This minimal desk lamp takes jagged fragments of rocks, and encapsulates them within a cylindrical form that sits at the base of the lamp. The concave top makes for a useful dish for holding loose change and keys!

The natural, uneven aesthetic of the base is juxtaposed with the clean, uniform lines of the rest of the metal lamp. This creates an attention-stealing sense of imbalance that brings an element of visual interest to this wonderfully unique, sculpture-like desk accessory!

Designer: Sasha Hamolin

A lamp with a herb-garden? Yes please!

Providing a lovely dim light to your space as well as photons for a tiny kitchen-garden, the Brot is a lamp and planter combined into one slick, terracotta package. The lamp provides nourishment to a tiny kitchen-garden that you can literally pick from and use in your meals. The upper half of the Brot lamp houses the light, while the lower half acts as a torus-shaped vessel for growing plants. A stainless steel tray sits inside the lower half, acting as a holder for the plant. You can sow a variety of seeds in the Brot, and the process is pretty standard. The seeds need to be soaked in advance before being planted, and can then be placed in the Brot’s lower half. They need to be moistened (probably using a spray/spritzer) 2-3 times a day, and within a week you’ve got yourself a perfectly healthy, homegrown set of herbs or sprouts to use in your meals. Oh, and let’s not forget, the Brot can be used for ambient dim lighting too, because after all, it’s also a lamp!

The dual functioning lamp and garden made its inaugural appearance at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February in the “Greenhouse” category. The Brot is not yet for sale, but the company hopes to find a production facility soon.

Designer: Benditas Studio

Lighting That Won’t Ever Forget You


Not only beautiful to look at, the Lumia lamp mimics the user’s preference with each activation. The elegant design, rendered in brass and black, features a unique “illumination memory” system that readjusts to the setting used the previous time. Users can not only move the angle of illumination at the neck, but also the narrowness or width of the beam by adjusting its integrated handle. Usable in a variety of spaces — and available in floor and desk sizes — its adaptable light effect makes it ideal for anywhere from the office to the home.

Designer: DEFRONT


“LUMIA is a luminaire based on experience design that reconstructs the relationship between people and objects, allowing users to experience the influence of light on space under different usage requirements, and exploring the relationship between space and objects,” DEFRONT explained.


The distinctive LUMIA has three usage patterns, which can be used as three common modes for desk lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps, respectively. This function breaks through the shortcomings of the relatively fixed use space of traditional lamps. LUMIA is easy to move. It can meet the need for functional differences in various use scenarios by replacing the brackets.


Users can accurately define their personalized indoor lighting, so that It creates more light and a richer sense of human experience, and it has unlimited possibilities in work and life.


LUMIA can record the final state before each turn off. When there is no next touch switch to turn on the light, the lever will slowly rotate to the memory position, and the light will change evenly and soothingly to achieve the best use of the user. Customary brightness.


For the technology behind the design piece, LUMIA uses Fresnel lenses in particular so that it can evenly spread or transmit light in an even soft manner. The user can adjust the illumination range of the LED light to meet the sensory requirements for adjusting the comfort of light. In addition, the appearance of LUMIA will change accordingly when the fixture is adjusted. The simple and regular geometry changes along with the light and diversified and subtle forms.


lumia_adjustable_lighting_02 lumia_adjustable_lighting_03